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Old 2005-07-11, 05:10
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A (Very) Brief History of Principle Island

Something I put together a while ago, and I thought I'd share. Naturally, it's totally unrelated to "A History of Citadel Island"--a funnny coincidence, I suppose.

Anyway, let me know what you think. It was designed to be very, VERY short, and any criticism or commentary is appreciated.


Blood and Science—A (Very) Brief History of Principle Island

The principle Twinsunian island

The History of Principle Island is the history of one islands relationship to the rest of the world. Principle Island was cursed—cursed to be the most populous island on the planet of Twinsun.

Typically, one would think of this as an advantage. And for many years, it was. Principle Island was only second in land area to Desert Island, and far less hostile and remote. When the early Twinsunian civilizations began to form—the tribes of Grobos, Rabbibunnies, and a few small, and at the time, irrelevant Quetch societies, Principle Island probably had more residents than the rest of the Southern Hemisphere combined. It was the temperate, arboreal island, with flowing rivers that supplied fresh water and trees to provide shelter. The early, primitive societies benefited from Principle Island's other resources, particularly coal and iron. And while the residents of Desert, Citadel, and Proxima island were living in animal-skin tents, Principlites were constructing towns of wood and stone. Twinsunian agriculture came to Principal Island nearly two-hundred years before it spread elsewhere, and the island was the first to make the switch from a fish-diet to grains and corn.

Principal Island became the obvious choice for the dominate island of the Southern Hemisphere. Nearly three hundred years after contact was first made with other islands, Priniciplites' primary interaction with residents of Citadel, Proxima, and Desert Island came in the form of pirate raids on fishing ships and travelers. All three islands eventually grew closer to one another simply out of their hatred of their larger, more aggressive neighbor, and Principal Island's reputation would only grow worse.

The Sendell War(s)

It would not be an exaggeration to report that around ninety percent of all documented Twinsunian history can be found in the Principal Island's Grand Library. And despite the fact that much of this documentation centers around Principal Island, an accurate report of the island's history is difficult, due primarily to inconsistencies and books censored during the FunFrock Reign. Most likely, at some point, a charismatic leader, traditionally held to be a Quetch, lead a confederation of several of Principal Island's towns in an attack of neighboring Proxima Island. This attack, different from the pirate attacks of earlier years, was initially successful, to the point where Principlite raiders occupied the ruins of Proxima. While the Leader prepared to make an attack on neighboring Citadel Island, Citadel's occupants turned to a secretive cult of magical-practitioners to save them.

These practitioners were the first Wizards of Sendell, and this Leader was the first of a long line of Principle Island strongmen. The Wizards and the Strongmen became the leaders of the Southern Hemisphere—the former ruling through a semi-religious order that earned them the loyalty and even fear of the citizens of Citadel and Desert, the later ruling through a careful balance of personal magnetism and firepower. When the Principlites had finished with their investigation of Proxima's Sendell ruins, they mounted another naval assault in rickety boats to Citadel Island, and using the small slate-gray island to the southeast as their staging area, mounted an assault on the Grand Citadel from which the island derived its name.

The Principle Raiders, armed with swords and crude iron armor, were no match for the magic of Sendell on the side of the Wizards. The forces of Citadel were soon able to force the Principlites off out of the Citadel area entirely, and Principle Island's first strongman was deposed in a coup by his own forces. Thus began the longstanding tradition in which a Principle Island strongman (or strongwoman) would serve as supreme leader until their battles began to fail, and would be deposed, only to begin the process over again. Pirates like the infamous LeBourgne made their reputations on the high-seas with operations launched from Principle Island.

The Rise of Militarism

For the next few hundred years, Principle Island would wage on-and-off war with Proxima, Citadel, and Desert Islands. Even as Principle Island's raiders became trained soldiers armed with rifles and cannons rather than swords, each generation saw a repeat of the cycle. What did change was the nature of the leadership. The Wizards of Sendell evolved from mysterious cultists who acted as the guardians of the islands to the elite leadership caste of society, and the Principle Island strongman evolved from charismatic tribal leaders into tyrants who's rule was supported by less by personal charm and more by bayonets and guard posts.

Naturally, many Priniciplites, particularly the Sphero and Quetch populations, did not appreciate living under military dictatorship. Many attempted to leave—those who succeeded, and were not detained or worse, were forced to flee to the Northern Hemisphere due to Principle Island's less than spectacular reputation.

Over the centuries, Principle Island continued with its unsuccessful raids on the other islands with regularity, while building up a larger and larger home army. Within the last fifty years, this army, consisting primarily of conscripted Quetch, Rabbibunny, and Grobo males, grew larger than the entire population of Desert Island, and was supported by armored vehicles and artillery. Principle Island also grew to be Twinsun's center of learning, thanks in no small part to the Grand Library, though the island's military rule did stifle intellectual development there.

The Principle Island raids would have probably continued in all frequency, had it not been for the actions of the present Principle Island strongman, the Grobo Generalissimo Lupin (actually a native of Citadel Island). Rather than engage in the normal, doomed small-scale raids against the other islands, Lupin set about to take the bulk of the military force amassed on Principle against the undefended peoples of the Hamalayi Mountains. He probably would have been successful, had he not been disposed in a coup d'etat led by his personal physician and trusted subordinate.

This physician had spent years studying the Sendell Ruins, and had convinced many officers in the Principle Island army that Twinsunian domination lay through using magic to finally conquer the other islands of the Southern Hemisphere, not in a diverted attack on the vulnerable Southern islands. The physician had the Generalissimo placed under house-arrest and used him to sanction his rule over Principle Island, and the expansion of studies over the Principle Island ruins and the conquered areas of Proxima Island. Once he had used Generalissimo Lupin to secure his leadership over the rank-and-file of the army, he promptly had his co-conspirators arrested and executed for treason against Lupin. Lupin was allowed to live, if only to legitimize the new leadership of the Principle Island, but was forced to officially retire from his role as Supreme Commander of Principle Island. Of course, long before then, all power had rested in the hands of his physician.

This Quetch physician would soon be known, and feared, as Dr. FunFrock. And the reign of terror over Principle Island, from his newly-built Headquarters around the Sendell Ruins, had just begun.
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Old 2005-07-11, 11:38
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I like the story.
In some sentences you tend to use way too many comma's, but overall quite an imaginative and thorough record about Principle Island.
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Old 2005-07-11, 21:07
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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This is really great!!

Finally, something that involves imagination and creativity!

I liked the begining bits, especially those involving the mediaeval period.

Cool stuff and I definetly enjoyed reading it all~
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