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Syndicated news News from other LBA related websites.

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Old 2007-03-15, 15:41
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[LBA Prequel] Newsletter Update - Subscribers ::: PLEASE READ :::

The LBA Prequel Team is pleased to announce that another edition of the Prequel Newsletter will be released in the not-so-distant future. However, to clear up some confusion, we've received numerous emails inquiring whether there was a problem with the February 2007 edition of the newsletter, and why people hadn't received it, and why we didn't upload it to the archive. To all of our readers and fans of the project: there was no February 2007 edition of the newsletter.We are publishing the newsletter on the basis of delivering you the Prequel updates and news when it is pertinent and newsworthy, and we aren't going to try and boost people with false pretenses and news that really doesn't say anything. We didn't release a February newsletter because there wasn't any major progress during the period since the last newsletter...that doesn't mean the project isn't working, or it has stopped, but we've simply been plugging away and haven't broken any revolutionary ground. Also, some of the stories we are working on for the next edition have been in development for a bit (like the interviews), and we didn't want to rush them. That being said, we are working hard every day on the project, and we are still on schedule and proceeding full-speed ahead.The LBA Prequel Team appreciates your patience and continued interest in our project, and you should be expecting a new edition of the newsletter very soon! We'd like to apologize for any confusion regarding the issuance or scheduling of the newsletter and its release. However, for the record - the Prequel Newsletter isn't a monthly or weekly item, but one that will be released as noteworthy progress on the project continues.Once again, thanks for your emails and interest!

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Old 2007-03-15, 15:43
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God, the RSS feed sucks. The announcement looks so horrible on this site.
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Old 2007-03-15, 21:38
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I'd like to see a line break in there somewhere.
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Old 2007-03-15, 22:39
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Just click the link to "read more." It's much prettier!
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