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Old 2009-02-28, 17:26
Cyberg-Ares's Avatar
Cyberg-Ares Cyberg-Ares is offline
Little Bastard Warrior.
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Denmark
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Imagine videogames only existed in Japanese

Which single game do you think would peak your interest the most?

I thought that I don't appreciate a lot of the books, movies and games I experience, enough. Like, I appreciated Mother 3 EXTREMELY much, partly because it was translated after so long.

I haven't played the new Prince of Persia, but I have played the first two in the sands of time trilogy, so I know the gist, but if non of them were ever translated, I think this new PoP would be my number one wish. The art style makes me think something very different is hidden in this game... even though I know nothing is.

Perhaps Majora's Mask, considering the synopsis: help lot's of people in a small town, by travelling in time, all in a strange fantasy setting.

I guess I would never really care for most shooters. Half-life 2, Gears, Mass Effect. All of them would just seem so dull when looking at screenshots in cryptic japanese runes.
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Old 2009-02-28, 17:27
LBAWinOwns's Avatar
LBAWinOwns LBAWinOwns is offline
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I have to say it Cyberg-Ares, you've got a real good taste for great games

LBA Image Creator project
(image by leoboe! )

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Old 2009-02-28, 17:53
Kitarii's Avatar
Kitarii Kitarii is offline
You what?!
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: London, UK
Posts: 6,731
Are you saying all the voices would be Japanese, but English (or your own language) subtitles? I think Majora's Mask would be impossible if you didn't know what everyone was saying, sometimes the quests are quite complicated and it wouldn't really be obvious just by looking at the people.
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Old 2009-02-28, 18:13
ChaosFish ChaosFish is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Viking Mothership, Quarantine Chamber
Posts: 21,214
I don't understand Cyberarse, what do you mean if videogames only existed in Japanese? Like if due to technical limitations, computers would crush unless the games are Japanese-only? That sounds like a nightmare.
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Old 2009-03-01, 11:46
Darkflame's Avatar
Darkflame Darkflame is offline
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I mostly like Japanese games anyway, so it makes not much difference to me.
Mario Galaxy, Majoras Mask, Twlight Princess, SuperStarSaga...all pretty highly ranked games for me.

I think FPS fans would suffer the most without western development.
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Old 2009-03-01, 14:27
Cyberg-Ares's Avatar
Cyberg-Ares Cyberg-Ares is offline
Little Bastard Warrior.
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Denmark
Posts: 1,856
Okay I'll try to elaborate.

Imagine that you have the interests and knowledge of games that you have right now, but haven't played any of the games you've played to this day.

Forexample:I love action-adventure games and I like sidequests. I have this knowledge but I've never played Zelda because it only exists in Japanese


I love FPS games with a slow tempo, but haven't played any shooters because they're all in Japanese.

So what I want people to imagine is NOT "what favorite games would you still like even if the were Japanese" BUT "what games would seem appealing to you judging only through a weak synopsis and a screenshot in Japanese".

As a real-life example, the origin of Link's Awakening was another Japanese gameboy which was never released outside Japan, but I really wanted to play this game, judging only from the description and screenshots.

So if I imagine a lot of todays english-released games were only in Japanese, I should think that I would have a huge interest in the new Prince of Persia, possibly Majora's Mask and, hell, I think Little Big Adventure looking quite appealing in Japanese.
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Old 2009-03-01, 14:45
Momiji's Avatar
Momiji Momiji is offline
Magic Level: Red Ball
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Australia
Posts: 112
In that case, my answer would be each and every one of the games I own now... but since I have them I'm not wishing for them anymore. So it's kind of a difficult question to answer (or my brain just doesn't work in hypothetical situaitons).

Oh but I want to play Harvest Moon: Rune Factory! So far I've only seen screenshots and most of the info is in Japanese but it looks so nice. And I'm pretty sure I would have figured out it was a simulation game about farming, and I like simulation over action. After just seeing screenshots I want to play it, and I don't even have a DS!

Okay to be honest I still don't get the point of the question... but there's my answer.
This is probably why I went so badly in my high school modern history essays.
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Old 2009-03-01, 16:34
Cyberg-Ares's Avatar
Cyberg-Ares Cyberg-Ares is offline
Little Bastard Warrior.
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Denmark
Posts: 1,856
Rune Factory is a great answers. You don't really know a lot about it, but it still interests you. It's not hypothetical, but it works.
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