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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2004-07-12, 00:33
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just a weird idea of mine...

Originally posted in a blooper thread..but it just struck my mind

You know what makes me wonder? Did Fred and co just hire a totally different programing crew for lba2 or what?
I remember asking why the reactor of the moonbase was on the holomap, because on every island the zoom in function means that what's there is actually there...so half of the moon should be painted even though you couldn't get there, cuz it was on the holomap...
The answer was:
'Sorry but we had no time to draw the places that weren't in the game'

So an illusion less I gave up on the ol get your car on emerald moon (because on desert island that sweet vehicle drove me up everywhere! even up a tree!..well eventually, I still hold the record of standing on almost every single place on the whole desert island though, took me sometime).

And later when I suddenly got the idea of walking to the reactor the hard way (took me a week, nuff said) and made damn pictures of the reactor....

I mailed it too a programmer of Adeline (different one) who was working on some stuff.
You know what he said?
You wanna know?
His reply was.....'Hey! nice drawing mate! how'd you do that!?'

Is that the best *** joke or what?! Them big programmers didn't know anything about their own game! And I tell you the one I asked first was the big guy with the team right? So makes me wonder who actually made the game

Just cracks me up they didn't know they drawed the reactor themselves...actually I miss those times, was a real sweet adreline kick when I got at places NO FAN HAD EVER SEEN BEFORE (sorry for the caps...I'm like drunk but without the alcohol/drugs/sex/medicine, just plain weirdness).
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Old 2004-07-12, 16:42
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wtf @ programmer
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