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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2013-12-19, 15:31
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The end story

In the beginning there was the end.

A little end to a little story.
Scared and alone,the poor thing didn't know what to do.
It was lost.
Somehow it had found itself at the start of the story and it knew deep down this was wrong.
It was against every rule of logic and sense.
The end desperately missed his girlfriend, and the comfort of his home on the south end of the page.
It started walking around the story, desperately trying to find a way back home.

The end found itself at the start of sentences,
And sometimes at the end.

But no mater where it went it couldn't find a way back.
This frightened the little end so much that it
panicked and ran about all over the sentences.
In its mad rush it even broke the end the laws of grammar!

The beginning (who had been following the end out of pitty),
stepped up at this point and spoke.

"Don't rush about like that, its dangerous.
You just broke a law of grammer and the spell checkers will be after you now. If they catch you
we will all be doomed to be in the story without an end! The third was bad enough, we dont want to be in a fourth!
Quick, follow me, ill show you the way home"

The end did as he was told, and followed the beginning, this time the end was being carefull to stick to the rules, even if the end had to make some sentences long and repetitive to do it.

Sure enough, a few minutes later the spelling police came. Dressed completely in their official black and white cuberic uniform, they started looking for the End.

Desperate to make the ending less visible the beginning had an idea.
"will you be a friend?"
"Yes,sure,but...how will that help me escape the law?"
"You silly little thing, ill show you".
The beginning handed the end a Fri to disguise itself with.
"Sneak past the guard, ill wait for you the other side, just south of the middle of the story"

The end was scared but it did as it was told and sneaked past the police.
They looked at him, but, recognizing him as a friend, let him past.

As the end incognito walked out of sight of the checkers, it ducked around the corner and chucked away its disguise.
It was uncomfortable and hot.

It started looking around for where it was supposed to meet the beginning but couldn't find him anywhere.
The end's sense of direction was awful, but it tried to remain calm.
It turned a corner and


After rearranging itself the beginning catches its breath and said,
"Watch where your goin...wha...nono..your not supposed to see me now! I am on my way back "

With that it run off quickly.
Confused, the end, sat down in the middle of a nearby sentence.
After a few minutes the beginning came around the corner.

"Where did you go?"
"I just got here, I was looking for you.
It looks like we are safe now, follow me, we are near your home."

The end smiled and followed.

"Here you go, its just past the next sentence"

The end rushed down the next sentence, and soon it was reunited with its girlfriend;

They lived happly ever after,

The End

Notes; Found this on my hard drive. Think I wrote this about 15 years ago. Thought Id post it
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Old 2013-12-19, 20:16
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Holy shit, 15 years ago? Scary.
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Old 2013-12-20, 00:57
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just, what were you smoking?
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Old 2013-12-20, 10:59
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That's nice
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Old 2013-12-27, 12:42
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Lol! :d
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Old 2013-12-27, 16:33
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You should frame it
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Old 2013-12-27, 19:18
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Lol that cool
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