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Old 2012-04-19, 12:12
Frederick's Avatar
Frederick Frederick is offline
Not really new
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No Sendell was not based on a condom. But the Pinou toy looks like (for weird minds only of course) a sex toy (that was not the goal). So to make it glows like a Sendell (a lighted translucide jelly ?) I should remove the fur, but then something like translucide plastic is needed to keep together the 3 RGB leds included in ping pong balls (for a good light diffusion it cannot be fully tranparent). But then, the global aspect woud be more than suggestive and as it has a heat sensor, oh no please stop
So the condom joke was destinated to the Pinou, not Sendell. No blasphemy here, what are you thinking !
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Old 2012-04-19, 14:09
Nieniepaninii's Avatar
Nieniepaninii Nieniepaninii is offline
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LOL... ^


Why do i always miss news like this!?
The website looks really great!
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Old 2012-04-19, 17:18
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Business Man
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Fred!! Try it
Little Big Racing Adventure (LBRA)
Website lbra.tk
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Old 2012-04-19, 17:36
RGaspar's Avatar
RGaspar RGaspar is offline
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OMG, the new webpage has a link to MBN!

Looking good.

Here's hoping the "LBA Remake" it's not only a mobile version...

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Old 2012-04-19, 23:03
Streg's Avatar
Streg Streg is offline
Or Emi (was StreGGy)
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The new site is so much better
YouTube channel:
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Old 2012-04-19, 23:09
Polaris's Avatar
Polaris Polaris is offline
Polly parrot
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I prefered the old one's design
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Old 2012-04-20, 06:04
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Carajo Carajo is offline
this's longer than allowe
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If you need help transalting you might ask here, I'm sure many of us would be willing to help you!
Parece algo poco serio la verdad, poco lo es en estos dias, no lo creo, veo y no puede ser!
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Old 2012-04-20, 22:31
Axx's Avatar
Axx Axx is offline
The return of
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The new website is awesome Reminds me of back in the day when I used to check the No Cliche website on a weekly basis
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Old 2012-04-25, 09:13
K. A. T. K. A. T. is offline
Magic Level: Red Ball
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Mr. Frederic there is an error @ site
http://www.ludoid.fr/site/index.php/...-painball-fben and please click french flag (change language to french). Error is 404
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Old 2012-04-30, 21:20
xesf's Avatar
xesf xesf is offline
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The website is amazing (except the banners ads). What I love the most is Fred Labs section.

About the games, I really loved to see some special content/resources from the games, something like the AITD postmortem showed on GDC. Btw, nice to see Vicent and Fred together there
Personal Blog - blog.xesf.net

TwinEngine v0.2.1 win32 beta released - open source re-implementation of the LBA 1 original engine.

The Sacred Carrot website
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Old 2012-04-30, 21:32
Nieniepaninii's Avatar
Nieniepaninii Nieniepaninii is offline
Magic Level: Fire Ball
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Location: Netherlands
Posts: 270
Hehe, can't wait to read the English translations!
My french isn't that good...
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