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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2017-08-19, 21:26
XXStranger's Avatar
XXStranger XXStranger is offline
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Glitch of LBA2 that unlocks an alternate end, the bad end.

Did anyone know of this LBA2 bug? It is about unlocking the Final Bad in which the Moon destroys Twinsun using a bug that is activated by placing a Nitro Mecha Penguin just when we are going to activate the end of the game.

Here I leave a video:

I'm sorry I can not put it in the bugs post but I have no permission to write there.
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Old 2017-08-20, 00:31
Necdilzor's Avatar
Necdilzor Necdilzor is offline
New efforts! :)
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That's really odd. I think the meka penguin is the most evil character in LBA haha
It's very nice that you found out about it, I definitely haven't seen it before.

Take a look at the blog!

LBA:LID Demo v1.0 HERE
Report bugs here! Thanks Alexfont!
Take a look at Vindish's mod!
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Old 2017-08-22, 20:51
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That is actually really funny
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Old 2017-08-30, 14:30
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Schrödinger's planet
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Old 2017-09-02, 10:15
kash's Avatar
kash kash is offline
lba 4 life
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It's the superposition principle; the game is completed and failed a the same time like in Schrödinger's cat paradox where the cat is both alive and dead until someone opens the box.
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Old 2017-09-02, 14:10
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Yep, that's it. Thank you kash!
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Old 2017-09-10, 18:33
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Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
I'm surprised the game checks for whether you're alive or not, it shouldn't care now that the game has been beaten by the player. Most games simply would not care anymore.
I think this is because the scene of reunion with Zeelichians is made as a regular Scene, so the engine still works in full, and checks for Twinsen's life amount. To make the game ignore Twinsen's life after certain point, they would have to make some engine hack for just one scene. Or a special script command/game flag. It's obvious noone supposed you could get to that scene with zero life points, so they didn't bother.

Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
It's interesting that someone finally mentions something I did years ago. Quite cool though. I'm sorry you guys didn't know about it. Yup, very strange bug.
It's interesting someone mentioned my video of it, and asked if MBN knew about it, despite the fact that the video mentions the MBN, and that you have found the bug
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Old 2017-09-18, 20:47
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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This made me laugh out loud at work!

Looks like they had two types of event triggers for the end scene which were independent of each other. The "location" trigger which checks if you've beaten FF and assumes you're alive if you're standing on spot X. And a "zero health bar" trigger, which actually checks your health status before activating a cutscene. However, the bad cutscene plays after "Twinsen falls to the ground" animation finishes, while the good cutscene plays immediately. Hence the order of cutscenes.

Good lesson in programming. You should never have two independent triggers for a single decision point. Still funny though.
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Old 2017-09-19, 01:38
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Nice performance
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Old 2017-09-20, 15:40
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Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
We know that Fred is a far better programmer than this, but why? It must've been one of the other scripters using his tools. Yeah, it is a very strange problem to have.
Pshaw! Always blaming the little guy.

Seriously though, this is hilarious. Great find.

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