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Syndicated news News from other LBA related websites.

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Old 2021-10-27, 15:29
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[2.21] Devlog#2: This week we are releasing…

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By Gwen

Hmmmmm Assembly code, so fancy !
We've been quite busy during the previous month! I know you probably want to read about us actually MAKING THE GAME! But we’re not quite there yet 😅

After our “LBA returns” announcement beginning September on Twitter, the community response was truly amazing. We anticipated a bunch of cool reactions but not so many and not with so much love and support!!!!

Again, thank you.

So, what have we been up to since our last talk?

Going a little bit deeper into the rabbibunny hole...

The past couple of weeks, while preparing some Time Commando builds for GoG, itch.io and Steam, I’ve discussed with people close to the original games, being either the programmers working at Adeline Software or the game creators themselves. I also started talking to fans that initiated personal or community projects during the past years.

And I had an epiphany. So dramatic … *insert 🥁 roll here* **even if the title already gave me up but … hey… **

The programming work done by the original teams is not only tremendous but exceptional for the time. It can’t be kept on old CDs in suitcases in the programmers' homes (*wink* Didier 😏).

Cloud in the 90s…
This codebase can benefit developers as a source of knowledge / education, Little Big Adventure fans or retrogaming communities.

And then, just like that, we decided to OPEN-SOURCE THE CODE OF LITTLE BIG ADVENTURE ENGINES AND TOOLS that have been trusted in our hands, so it can outlive all of us, somehow.

Our objective is to preserve those pieces of technical mastery and true groundbreaking vision. We also want to give back to the LBA community who kept cheering on the games during all those years.

I'd like to invite all fans to keep expressing their passion for the game through different means. We're especially excited about bringing modding capabilities in the future!

Follow the github links to check how you can contribute.

LBA1 engine on github

LBA2 engine on github

For each game, there is:
  • An “historic” repository where only ex-Adeline developers or myself will contribute (if we forgot a file or a mention somewhere),
  • A community repository that is open to pull requests
We also invite the community to contribute to the general “engines” documentation.

Engine and tools documentation

If you want to discuss our projects in general or the open source specifically, we opened an official Discord server.

Our Discord Server

By the way, this code was never meant to be seen by anyone outside the Adeline Software team. The source we are releasing is mainly untouched (only the developers names were removed) including bad french, variable names in “frenglish” and some comments that are just too funny not to share. Enjoy 😁

One of my favorite comments. I laughed for 10 minutes straight. I guess you need to be french with a very special sense of humor to laugh but … well …
read infos
test if object has anim
no toobad bye

It’s over… What ?!!! already ?!!
This compression method is stupid !
But it works !

Let’s sound the situation with a little *chbooing*

I’m so grateful for...

I am very thankful for the people helping me recover the source code and working on those files : Seb, DBug and Vincent.

Not forgetting Didier Chanfray for driving 2h30 to my place with the famous “suitcase” full of CDs and Frédérick Raynal for his true passion for technology.

I want to thank both of them for their trust in me with this initiative!

Lastly, cheers to Alexandre, Adrien, the good people from ScummVM and our french friends from the M05 association who were kind enough to answer my questions!

And next ?

In the future, we also plan to release Time Commando engine code. Stay tuned !

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Old 2021-10-27, 16:44
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New efforts! :)
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I never though I would wake up to this news. This is amazing!
I'm going to give it a look later. I hope we will be able to answer some questions we had from when the community developed tools to mod the game

Take a look at the blog!

LBA:LID Demo v1.0 HERE
Report bugs here! Thanks Alexfont!
Take a look at Vindish's mod!
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Old 2021-10-27, 19:34
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This is incredible and it kind of breaks my heart that it wasn't possible during a time that MBN was still in its prime
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Old 2021-10-27, 19:51
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This is beyond amazing!

LBA Speedruns
Personal Best - LBA 1 - Any% PC - Time: 01h 04m 23s
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Old 2021-10-29, 21:56
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Éy! I'm not teletubby!!..
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whoa, this is astonishing and surprising news!

i'll read all the source even if it is in French Assembly

[2.21], thanks so much for this, and thanks for inspiring me to do programming! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Make lot deadlines; hold them alive
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Old 2021-10-30, 17:57
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Yeah, this is awesome! I was ecstatic when I read the news, despite dealing with a cold. While I was told by the company that something was coming when I inquired with them about the status of the compression code, I wasn't seriously expecting it to be that, so I was pleasantly surprised.
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Old 2021-11-16, 13:10
bobalot bobalot is offline
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This is fantastic news!

Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
This is incredible and it kind of breaks my heart that it wasn't possible during a time that MBN was still in its prime
Agreed. Hopefully, this may start a renewal. I only just saw this!

Last edited by bobalot; 2021-11-16 at 13:12. Reason: Adding more info!
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Old 2021-12-22, 20:27
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I actually translated to French an email written by Battler years ago to the devs, where he was asking to release the source code.
This is clearly a consequence of my work
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Old 2021-12-23, 15:02
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This is great!
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Old 2022-01-18, 14:23
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Wow - exciting!

I have to admit to losing faith we'd ever see any 'news' on the LBA front. I was a teenager when I played these games, I've just sold my original Big Box games on Ebay, and I just turned 45 My kids where not interested in the originals, due to the controls and graphic styles, but hey, maybe there's hope for a future generation to enjoy these games again.
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Old 2022-01-18, 14:52
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I'm 35 now and have a little one of 1,5 years old. When the new game will be released the kid will be older and maybe interested in the game. I will introduce it for sure, so who knows. Maybe we can take turns, like I did with my brother. A new LBA game would be great!

I do not have my big boxes anymore. My dad gave them away to someone (some co-workers kid he barely knew). Still don't like he did that. I have the games as digital copies now on gog.com
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Old 2023-01-17, 13:56
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Welcome to the forums untilblighter! Absolutely, and maybe now they'd be at least interested in watching speed runs or casual runs.
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