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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2000-10-10, 12:13
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I like the new Message board El Muerte. There are, however, a few spelling mistakes/grammatical errors in your descriptions of stuff e.g. 'modals' instead of 'models'. Of course, I totally forgive you for this since I don't speak a word of Dutch .

The main reason I'm writing this message is becuase I've got a few ideas. First of all I've decided to do the website again. This is because the code is crap (It screws up in Netscape), I don't like the design and mainly because I think the mod should have a different title (gasp!). I don't think LBA-DM is a very catchy or relevant title. Instead, what about if the project becomes part of the new Magic Ball Network, still with exactly the theme (LBA-DM) but with a title like 'Magic Ball Mod' (or something similar). I know that a few weeks ago I said that I wouldn't be able to update the site anymore, bear with me, but I can mail Phoenix (the new Project Leader) the basic website template (graphics, code etc) and let him update the site from then on. Also, El Muerte, would it be possible to have the LBA-DM site hosted on http://www.magicball.net and devise a way for Phoenix to update the site to a specific URL i.e. http://www.magicball.net/mbm (mgm - Magic Ball Mod)? There were a few other things I wanted to talk about but I've forgotten...Oh yes, I'm pretty confident now LBA3 has been confirmed (well, perhaps not definitly) that the mod will eventually be completed. First of all though, I think it should remain clear that this mod at the moment is still based on LBA 1 & 2. Obviously there is the potential for updates to include LBA 3, or perhaps a new mod for LBA 3 with a new engine (I'm just thinking out loud here . LBA 3 is a long, long way off though, so that ideas definitly on hold.

Thats about it for now...give me your thoughts on changing the title before I get stuck into making the new site.
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Old 2000-10-10, 15:25
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elmuerte elmuerte is offline
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Arrow uhm... well...

hmz... damn I hate spelling mistakes, I configed the forum very quickly because I was in a hury at that moment.
About the hosting on http://www.magicball.net (hmz, need $35 to register that domain for 1 year), I don't know, I'm being hosted by http://www.AdventureGamer.com so I have to look in to that, but hosting is not realy needed since it's very easy to forward the url (and hide the real location), just like the cjb.net guys do.
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Old 2000-10-10, 18:40
ChaosFish ChaosFish is offline
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Thumbs Up the easy solution for spell mistakes

spell mistakes, spell mistakes
since I use Babylon, I don't do any spell mistakes
download free Bybylon from http://www.babylon.com/
(It's tranlate words from english to any language and fix spell mistakes, by doing ctrl+mouse on the word)
ok, what am I doing?!

WebSeed, we can just do updates for the mod after it's done.
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Old 2000-10-10, 21:27
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Like El Muerte said - it could just forward anyone to the real site "lba-dm.co.uk" without them knowing. So all I need to update the site is the user details. Oh and BTW WebSeed, Drevlin didn't want to join the team - he wants to make his own single player, story driven MOD. But Phyber has joined us though so it kinda makes up for that.
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