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LBA: The Great Rebellion A game, made on the LBA 1 engine, and set between LBA 1 and LBA 2, in middle of the outbreak of a mass rebellion, and Twinsen has to end the rebellion. (homepage)

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Old 2008-10-29, 21:18
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You what?!
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Originally Posted by LBAWinOwns View Post
I tried architect somewhat and it was infuckingcredible

It's script editor has: INTELLIGENT Code completion (very good!), Automatic Intendation, Colouring and bolding, and ALL known commands have descriptions and parameter descriptions.

And a feature I'm working on (near-complete) is that you can have custom names for LABELs, so instead of

SETTRACK 237, you can write

SETTRACK AttackTwinsen.

Also he has now fixed Undo/Redo.
Have you figured our how to use the story coder inside Architect then?
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Old 2008-10-30, 00:45
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Originally Posted by Kitarii View Post
Have you figured our how to use the story coder inside Architect then?

What do you mean? I guess anyone can start up the program and press compile. And what is hard about the language? Everything is self-explanatory except for how comportments work.

Though I must admit I've never made my own scene or run a compiled scene.

LBA Image Creator project
(image by leoboe! )

Get the Jump-Save-Bug graphically explained here
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Old 2008-10-30, 01:41
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You what?!
Join Date: Jun 2004
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Well I haven't tried it myself, but I hear it's fairly difficult.
If you find it easy I think you're in the minority.
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Old 2008-11-03, 00:41
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Its a bit difficult at beginning to get how it works, but than it becomes almost the same from script to script.

Agustin, what exactly you want to do? In what part you need help?
LBA2Remake v0.4.0 released - open source re-implementation of the LBA 2 original engine for the web.
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