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Old 2007-07-10, 10:16
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alex, he's talking about zones, not actors
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Old 2007-07-10, 11:41
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- lba1&2: The "Position (type 0)..." button is right there. Use it.
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Old 2007-07-10, 12:42
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Originally Posted by Zink View Post
alex, he's talking about zones, not actors

Here's the documentation which was supposed to be above:

I don't use in my prog this type of var names Info# for this specific thing, and give names of the actual subject of it. So I put in the first zone the actual correspondence. The other info meanings still unknown to me because I still didn't care about them. As soon as I finish LBA2 compatibility, I'll add it in the manual.

(You can check Story Coder manual to get this information)
- Zone Settings:

       - Zone Type: Here we can choose what type of zones we need. Next will be described all the possible zones we have in LBA1 scenes and each related fields:

               - 0: Cube Zones: Here we can set a zone to change to another scene                  
                       - (Info0) Scene Index: Index of the scene you want to change.
                       - (Info1) X: Hero X coordinates after changing to another scene.
                       - (Info2) Y: Hero Y coordinates after changing to another scene.     
                       - (Info3) Z: Hero Z coordinates after changing to another scene.

               - 1: Camera Zones: Here we can set the zone to change camera coordinates when the actor is inside it.                     
                       - X: Camera X coordinate.
                       - Y: Camera Y coordinate.
                       - Z: Camera Z coordinate. 

               - 2: Sceneric Zones: Here we can set a zone to have special meanings in actor scripts. With this zone you can make special actions when a certain actor is inside it.
                       - Zone Id: This is the zone identification which will be used when coding the script.

               - 3: Grid Zones: Here we can set a zone to make usage of the "Disappearing Celling" grids. If an actor is inside of it, a part of the grid (room/island) will be changed with the scene we identity further.

                       - Cube Index: This is the "disappearing celling" grid index in the LBA_GRI.hqr file. Note that you don't count the 120 normal scenes we have in the game. So the first "disappearing celling" grid in LBA_GRI.HQR file have the entry 121, but in cube index this will be zero, since its the first scene add-on.

               - 4: Object Zones: Here we can set a zone to give special bonus objects.
                       - Bonus Paramenter: This will be the type of bonus. If we want coins, leaf's, life points, etc..
                       - Bonus Amount: This will be the amount of the previous bonus we want to give.

               - 5: Text Zones: Here we can set a zone to give messages, like the signs in the islands.
                       - Text Index: This will be index of the message we want to show.
                       - Text Color: This will be color we want to give to the text.

               - 6: Ladder Zones: Here we can set a zone to be a ladder. No additional parameters are necessary.
Hope it will be useful
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Old 2007-07-11, 21:15
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Originally Posted by OBrasilo View Post
- lba1&2: The "Position (type 0)..." button is right there. Use it.
ohhh that button i thought their would be a button which said "scene to change to" or something

Thanks anyway

And thanks Alex for that info
Originally Posted by ChaosFish View Post
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