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Fan Music The place for all your music creations

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Old 2016-03-31, 19:15
Zink's Avatar
Zink Zink is offline
Fruto di tutti frutti
Join Date: Sep 2001
Location: Lublin, Poland
Posts: 1,709
Since everyone is posting their LBA music...

...so will I


This tune was not designed with LBA in mind, but now as I listen to it, it has a certain LBA-ish feel. What do you think?

It is an effect of my first tries with a music composition program, so don't expect high quality. And now I would change some parts that didn't turn out good, but that's impossible for now.
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Old 2016-03-31, 21:18
Neko's Avatar
Neko Neko is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 8,619
Pretty good for first try! If you make the left hand a bit softer than the melody it would sound even better

Keep at it! You definitely have feeling for those chords
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Old 2016-03-31, 21:25
Zink's Avatar
Zink Zink is offline
Fruto di tutti frutti
Join Date: Sep 2001
Location: Lublin, Poland
Posts: 1,709
Thanks! Actually, it's not the first one. It's second, and you really don't want to hear the first one .
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Old 2016-04-02, 00:07
Neko's Avatar
Neko Neko is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 8,619
ok i believe you haha.

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Old 2016-04-02, 13:33
ChaosFish's Avatar
ChaosFish ChaosFish is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Viking Mothership, Earth Simulator
Posts: 20,161
I think it's *very* good and emotional! Don't sell yourself short.
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Old 2016-04-27, 15:11
Styx's Avatar
Styx Styx is offline
Panta rei
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Constantly moving
Posts: 689
Despite not knowing anything technical about music I ahve to say you did capture the lba feel. Does sound like something you'd hear whilst on a casual stroll 'round twinsun

Also maybe Jesse is right it's a bit strong in some places and i'm not sure about that little jingle at the end.

Congrats to the multi talented Zink!
Everything begins with a choice
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Old 2016-05-15, 13:17
Illumina's Avatar
Illumina Illumina is offline
Tomorrow burns!
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Visby, Sweden
Posts: 2,933
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Cool take on making music with the light mood influenced by LBA, Zink! There is always something new and fresh throughout the tune so I enjoyed it for some of your first works. When you're working on new music in the future, you might want to learn how to soften the velocity of piano notes for improved dynamics so it can be pleasing to the ears whenever the listener switches to your music. It's an enjoyable track overall, though, so keep up the good work!
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Old 2016-05-24, 05:03
gravel22's Avatar
gravel22 gravel22 is offline
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Top mountain sky music
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Old 2016-12-15, 18:55
SpaceGuitarist's Avatar
SpaceGuitarist SpaceGuitarist is offline
strange dreamer
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Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Posts: 7,058
Heey. Never knew Zink was into music.

It's not bad, has a game-ish feel, like it could fit into a soundtrack of some adventure RPG game imo. Keep going. :)
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