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Old 2003-01-26, 16:14
Jimbob Jimbob is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Posts: 27
what listen up to straighten some things up

yes its me bifter, and no its not a fake i can show you the whole email didier did contact me i told wacko a while back and he said he would post it on the forum for me but i disagreed because at that time i was banned.... here is the full email didier sent to me if you think its fake, fine? anyway if i was looking for ppl saying oh look thats some good artwork i would post it in fan fics and not say its didiers therefore i would get more thanks? so plz dont accuse me of it, anyway pandemona had a similar one wich didier sends when you send him an email

Salut Michael,

Tank you for your honorific proposition, but really I prefer answer you
by mail. I need have time to well understand. You know my poor English
Also, during this month we create news concepts then we start a product
soon (October). Usually, when I receive questions I try write at all
I'm sorry i haven't many times to chat with you, but one day perhaps I
can try it when I'll be in Holydays...


-----Message d'origine-----
De : [email address] [mailto:BadMsgQ@adelinesoft.com] De la part
de michael prather
Envoyé : lundi 9 septembre 2002 22:15
À : contact List Member
Objet : [contact] the magicball network chatroom {01}

Hello, Didier, i have a simple request and i hope you'll understand from
big lba fan, before you say no, please we will not bother you about your

game developments, the magicball.net lba fans have set up a chatroom and
would like you to join and chat, we will all be grateful to be within
prescence and hopefully we can learn about each other more....... we do
want to bother you about your game developments, but we purely want to
with you, we think a great man who helped develop a great game, must be
intresting... i do hope you come....
The First Thing to do to get on our magicball chat is to download mirc
is a chatting client where lots of chatrooms are based on servers)
http://www.mirc.com/ ,download the chatting client program mirc then
a chat nickname first, fill in some information, and connect to our
"EFNET", you can do this by typing
/server efnet.demon.co.uk
then after you have connected to the server to join our chatroom type
/join #lba
(all commands start with / and all chatrooms start with #, their are
hundreds of chatrooms but our's is #lba)
you can change your nickname on chat anytime by typing
/nick typeyournewnick
i cannot wait
from a big lba fan
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Old 2003-01-26, 16:30
Jimbob Jimbob is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Posts: 27
oh leviat i know where your coming from? your trying to say magic ball people decide wheter artwork is good depending on who made it not how good the artwork is? looks like me your trying to say the whole magicball opinions are fake depending on person if you think its crap say its crap if you think its good say its good its not my artwork its didiers anyway....... or someone who did the art in lba.

p s leviat your in a twisted lba dreamworld
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Old 2003-01-26, 16:31
kaderoboy's Avatar
kaderoboy kaderoboy is offline
Local Pro (haha :p)
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It was only one person, who said that you were faking etc. it wasn't the whole forum. Why did you bother opening a new account, it would have been better if you could have told everyone you were joining again (and that you wouldn't cause any trouble) with your old account. You might have wanted to post this in that same thread as well instead of opening another one.

All I can say is, welcome back Bifter, hopefully you've turned a new leaf (or however that saying goes)
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Link 8: Wacko - Deviantart (Added 20/12/02)
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Old 2003-01-26, 16:51
wacko's Avatar
wacko wacko is offline
Magic Ball Master
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The picture was too good to be a fake (with "le blafard" and all). Nothing wrong with being skeptical, but you can over-do it.
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Old 2003-01-26, 17:03
Jimbob Jimbob is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Posts: 27
i was just counter attacking leviats argument..... but enough said.
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Old 2003-01-26, 17:22
Double-J's Avatar
Double-J Double-J is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2002
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The Godfather is pulling you back into the MBN family, but mark my words. The family never forgets. No more Still_Water virus incidents okay?

See ya at IRC dude.
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Old 2003-01-28, 11:27
elmuerte's Avatar
elmuerte elmuerte is offline
Master of Science & Magic
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Netherlands
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besides... "if" it was fake, it would be a pretty awesome drawing picture. And now it's just a piece of cool concept art
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Old 2003-01-28, 12:25
Reek's Avatar
Reek Reek is offline
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That's why I didn't say it was fake or anything, I was asking questions to find out if it is possible that Bifter (Or any other "average" member) could get a pic from didier.

And, without any meaning to offense, Seeing Bifter do something, always makes me suspicous.

But I ain't a bitch, ya know?
It's a cool pic, welcome back
Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist
there's no room for subtleties, which are so important in personalities such as mine.
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