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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2006-05-19, 18:13
haj01 haj01 is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 34
i borrowed lba 1 but i was realy young i cant remember anythink about that game. but then in 1998 or it might of been 99 i bought a new pc and guess what!

Lba 2 came with it.
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Old 2006-05-21, 16:47
Zerath^'s Avatar
Zerath^ Zerath^ is offline
Father of Shoda
Join Date: May 2006
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well, got to tell my story to then . I was seven (1997) i think that's the year it came out if im right? we bought our first computer, from some guy, it had been used for some time, it had 300mhz at that time, and the only game that was on it when we got it was lba2 or as its name was on the computer: twinsen. i didnt know what the game was all about in the start but i played it, i also got to desert island without defeating tralü. you just buy a ticket,use it on the boat, and press F10. well i didnt know english good back then but i learned quite a lot with that game. one of the best games ive ever played, but i hade the version without movies and i didnt have all sound, and the music wasnt as long as usual, then a few years later ive played the hole game at a friends house with the extrodinary movies and more. havent played lba1, but i want to, had always wanted to
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Old 2006-05-21, 18:20
Squirrel3of8's Avatar
Squirrel3of8 Squirrel3of8 is offline
Back from the dead
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Gillingham , Kent
Posts: 82
Blimey... I Havent Been Here for Ages, amazing that my account still exists

anyway, LBA2 came free with my brothers pc back about 8 years ago(?), his graphics card wasnt up to it, also his processor was too slow (only by 33mhz )... so he gave it to my sister, who just got a new pc, which was just upto scratch, ofcourse, i ended up playing it on the weekends and any sickdays I had. Then when I got my own PC LBA was thrown straight on without hesitation to relive it, at my own pace.

Then, after I discovered this site, and I discovered other LBA fans in my school, I decided to obtain LBA1, however, it was only availible to the playstation in my local area. Then, one day when my dad treated me to any game at ToysRUs, (no i wasnt there for toys for me ) I finally saw LBA1 sitting there, for the price of £10, this mustve been somewhere between 98 and 2000. I took it home, installed it on the pc using DOS (which i was proud of for a 9/10 year old ), however it didnt work for some unforseen reason, that no one could figure out, i configured all right and everthing . So we returned that, then about 3 years ago, i saw LBA in original box availible on Ebay. ofcourse i wasnt old enough to join, however the seller left his email in the description and we got in contact. I sent some cash in the post (stupid i know....) however I got the game within the week, and was over the moon.

anyway, hello everyone again
back from ze dead..... again
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Old 2006-05-21, 21:57
Blind Prophet's Avatar
Blind Prophet Blind Prophet is offline
pioneer of the useless
Join Date: May 2005
Location: if i told u i would have to kill u
Posts: 403
a friend showed me lba 1 sumtime bofore so when i saw lba2 i baught itt
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Old 2006-05-30, 12:30
Boeboe's Avatar
Boeboe Boeboe is offline
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Location: Belgium
Posts: 25
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some really young people here it seems. I suddenly feel old, though I'm only 23.

For me it was during windows 95 times. I had a big stack of "shareware" cd-rom's (just had a cd-rom player, and got a bunch of magazine junk from a friend). One of the cd's had a LBA demo (breakout from prison, nothing more).
Even though it was VERY short, I loved it immediatly and asked my dad to buy it for me.

That's when my love for adventuregames started
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Old 2006-06-16, 01:04
Lefty's Avatar
Lefty Lefty is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Williamsburg, Virginia, United States
Posts: 14
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I think around '97 my grandfather gave me a stack of PC games and Twinsen's Odyssey was in there. I loved that game, I got to Zeelich and I lost the disc for quite some time. Just two years ago I got it again off eBay and started playing it. I used to play MechCommander a lot when I was little, online too. Noone plays MechCommander online anymore...
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Old 2006-06-16, 09:06
Q-Wi-Q's Avatar
Q-Wi-Q Q-Wi-Q is offline
Radical Dreamer
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 1,033
I saw LBA1 first, but played the second one first ^^

Both were on cd-roms with warez on them. I remember LBA2 being on a twilight disc (don't know if twilight still exists :P), and it would shut down before every FMV, as those were stripped. So basically I played the Tralu part a lot before actually noticing there was more story to it ^^
LBA1 was on this cd-rom with 500 games on it, but my friend who owned the cd-rom never let me play as he thought the game was stupid (we did play jazz jackrabbit though <-- why is this smiley sad?! it's ": o" )

I don't really remember where I got my official LBA2 copy, all I knew is it wasn't too long afterwards! I also remember buying my LBA1 copy off some evil bloke in secundary school... I don't remember to this very day how much he charged for it, but I assume I was pretty much ripped off.

Got LBA2 when I was about twelve, LBA1 when I was 13, started posting on all these message boards when I was 14... the cycle goes on!
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Old 2006-06-16, 09:15
.TakaM's Avatar
.TakaM .TakaM is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 732
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many years ago my brother got LBA1 and I always watched him play it, it was such an epic game.

then my other brother bought LBA2 and I only really remember driving around white leaf desert.

just this year my brother found both LBA1 and LBA2 and I played through them, very surprised at how much I remember from the games, cant believe I forgot about them for so long
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Old 2006-06-17, 17:15
Sniper Master's Avatar
Sniper Master Sniper Master is offline
The Snipa Masta
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Bristol,UK
Posts: 152
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I saw the Classic version of LBA2 in the shop and got my Dad to buy it for me as a Christmas Present. The following Easter my parents got me the original, but I had to play it withtout speech and the full music. I only played it through with that a few years ago thanks to LbaWin.
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Old 2006-06-25, 15:46
Frank's Avatar
Frank Frank is offline
The LBA nerd
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Germany
Posts: 79
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It was, uh, i think 1997 when i started playing LBA2.My dad took me to his favourite computergamestore 'cause on this day this store closed. It was like the paradise to me: Cartonlinkages of LBA and heart of darkness, everywhere games, and i had one non limited money wish. There were many expensive games but one of these games wasn't removable of my field of vision: LBA2.We took this game and since today it's my favourite game. But i can't remember the day when i got LBA1....

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