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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2008-04-10, 05:13
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Thumbs Up Little Worlds Studio

Just to keep people posted if you haven't checked out their site, but they re doing extremely well, congrats to Didier Chanfray and the team, finally a LBA team succeeding.

They have 35 titles to date, and have begun expanding into their company to start work on self financed Wii, DS, and PC games. Their team has expanded to 20 people. When i visited i believe they were only 11.

Although, my question to them is, how the hell did they fit all these people into their small studio Oh, and they really need some air conditioning units, it was dead hot in their when i visited.

I hope to email them soon enough, do you have any questions? Ill post all your questions, no exceptions this time i hope. They can choose to ignore whatever they wish

Personally, ill try get some tricky questions somewhere in the email.

Has anyone else kept track? Every time i visit, the page changes to show a few more games publishes. Hopefully this clears the way for LBA3 to be made as well!

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Old 2008-04-10, 07:16
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Yes I know this site since last year.

I think that this studio is O.K. but not great.

I mean, these was like an emergency project from people who saw their work source closed (No Cliche). Didier isn't in his full potential, I hope he could go back to the real videogame market soon.

He's doing interactive DVD, damn. What a waste of talent, I know isn't something terrible but this people did some of the better videogame of all time the last decade.

WTF is happening in the world when people like Didier is doing a "Dora The Explorer" title, and at the same time dumber videogame developers like the ones that are working on Duke Nukem Forever has an unlimited budget(for another shooter game!!).

There is something wrong. Artists underrated, simple-minds overstimated

I wanted to ask Didier(and other important guys at LWS) an obvious question and a weird one:

The obvious: Does he want to work again with Fred Raynal in the near future? And specially LBA3: HE want to do this game? or he is tired to be asked about this title over and over again?

The weird question: How is work with Frédérick Raynal? Is Raynal an interesting guy to work with? Is him open to ideas while creating a game?

Another one! Could he send us another LBA3 sketch ?? well forgot about this last one.

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Old 2008-04-10, 12:05
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Kitarii Kitarii is offline
You what?!
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I actually didn't know anything about this!
Thanks Axx.
So this is some of the original Adeline team but without Fred?
Because they have AitD and LBA listed as past products.
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Old 2008-04-10, 13:23
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Great to hear.

He's doing interactive DVD, damn. What a waste of talent, I know isn't something terrible but this people did some of the better videogame of all time the last decade.
Sometimes you can do some of the best work with the hugest restrictions.
The limited nature of interactive dvd's means can force creativity in a weird way.

Of course, the overheads to publishing are much less, and you hit a big audience, so for making money its a good route.

Naturely though, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Wii and PC.

I assume they are looking at WiiWare/DigitalDistribution first?

I heard Nintendo gives around 60% from sales, compared to the 35% microsoft does from XBL?

Anyway, Id certainly like to hear their plans;

* What sort of titles they would like to work on?
* Physical or Digital distribution?
* Will they work with Philippe Vachey for music? (even on smaller things)
* Are they planning cross-platform releases (PC/Wii/DS) or seperate titles?
* Does the team work on one game at a time, or is it split (say, 10 on one, 10 on another)?
* Idealy, where would they like to be in 5 years. (cliche question, but whatever )
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Last edited by Darkflame; 2008-04-10 at 17:29.
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Old 2008-04-10, 14:49
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Twinsunian Quetch
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woww this is HOT news !!! keep us posted man !!! really cool info u have there
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Old 2008-04-10, 19:49
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Very nice indeed!

*Are you going to release your titles under bigger publishers like EA or Ubisoft?
*What kind of games could we expect to see from you in the future?
*Do you have any exciting game coming soon?
*What are your teams main focus when making your games? the graphics, the storyline, the gameplay etc ?
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Old 2008-04-11, 20:21
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Could you ask Didier this: Which was the main inspiration for the LBA style?

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Old 2008-04-11, 21:44
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One question:


Little Script Adventure
Join the Little Script Adventure team
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Old 2008-04-13, 14:04
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The return of
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* Axx notes down all your questions

Ill email soon!
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Old 2008-05-26, 07:02
RGaspar's Avatar
RGaspar RGaspar is offline
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See the new titles they have!!

A lot more for the DS

They are starting to be something

I hope this will help(in some unknown way) the development of LBA3

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Old 2008-05-27, 23:15
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Yes, from time to time I check that site and I keep looking since it appear, and indeed the progress they made is amazing. The very beginnig was really slow and in a short time they increase a lot their products.
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Old 2008-06-24, 14:12
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Well I think these are great news for LBA3 its really encouraging!!!!!!!
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