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LbaNet Multiplayer version of LBA1

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Old 2009-10-10, 13:05
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Post LBANet FAQ & Troubleshooting

Do I need to pay something to play the game?
The game is free to play, however you need to own a copy of the original LBA1 and LBA2 games.

The game just crash after installation, it does not even start:
First make sure that you have the .NET platform 3.5 installed on your machine. If not you can download it there:
Also make sure that the visual C++ 2008 redistribuable is also installed: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...displaylang=en
Finally make sure you have correctly followed the game instructions and check wether your operating system is supported,
for example the game will not run over windows 2000: http://forum.magicball.net/showpost....03&postcount=2

I can not connect to the game server, an error message tells me "Server version mismatch - please update your game"
You do not have the lattest version of the client, please update your game using the game patcher.

I can start the game and run it but the game is really slow:
It often come from the fact that your video card driver does not support OpenGL correctly.
Please make sure that you install the latest driver from your card manufacturer and not from windows.

When I connect to a map I can see twinsen but the rest is blank or look like this:

You did not install the bricks images files, please check the installation instruction there to see how to do it:

The game patcher does not seem to work properly, I can not get updates:
First check the patching.log file created in the lbanet.exe to see if you get an error message there. Then make sure that your firewall does not block Lbanet.exe. If so please add Lbanet.exe but also patchingclient.exe to your firewall allowed list.

The map looks horrible, there is a lot of glitches or holes in there!
This is due to the fact that we build a real 3D view out of 2D sprites. So we get a perspective view but then we also get a lot of glitches.
This is a trade off so if you really do not like how the game looks, you can reset the view to isometric under the game option.

I found a bug! Haha then what shall I do? Is this game of so poor quality?
Keep in mind that the game is made by a very small team. Do not expect to get a professionnal game from today to tomorrow.
We are constantly in the proccess to update and clean game content. So if you find a bug please post it here:
. We will then try to solve it asap.

I like the game and I would like to help, what can I do?
All the help is accepted as soon as you are motivated. Here is a list of some possible task to be done:
  • Game testing (try to find glitches in the game and report them in the bugtracker).
  • Creating a short video trailer of the game.
  • Creating some new worlds for the game, now all the tools are available so just try them out!
  • Porting and maintaining Lbanet over Linux
  • Porting and maintaining Lbanet over Mac OSX
  • If you are a C++ programmer, we are looking for someone to port the game under ogre engine
  • Create story and dialog for Lbanet
In any case, just send me a PM, then we can discuss together about how you would help the best.

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