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LbaNet Multiplayer version of LBA1

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Old 2011-01-21, 19:47
MatheusMK3's Avatar
MatheusMK3 MatheusMK3 is offline
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Suggestion to fix the "black edges"

My idea to fix the black edges is simple: Inverse rendering ways!

I think that dev's will understand what I'm meaning: you start from last X and Y tile instead of first, this way, the tiles will overlap others, removing black borders...

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Old 2011-01-25, 13:10
Rincevent_123's Avatar
Rincevent_123 Rincevent_123 is offline
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I am not sure what you are talking about, but if you talk about the border that appear some time between blocks this is due to texture bleeding because the game is using a texture atlas.

In theory this is fixable but I did not have much time to investigate on that for now. I prefer to concentrate on gameplay for now as this is the most urgent thing.

Of course this has to be fixed one day ;-)
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