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Old 2010-05-07, 15:55
ras maxim ras maxim is offline
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Yes, Polaris, but that's not exactly my point. I myself, for example, am not skilled in arts\programming whatever, but there are people who are very talented, I saw nice sketches and art and music etc. What I mean that they could create something very precious, not necessary connected with LBA (but why not). But I have forgot to take into account the people who do this for their own fun or to practice (teenagers mainly, I think).
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Old 2010-05-08, 15:12
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I said tits or GTFO!!! I DEMAND TITS!!!
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Old 2010-05-18, 04:43
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I disagree with anyone saying that LBA 1 or 2 is outdated! The only thing inferior in these games is the engine. And that is pretty obvious considering the games' age.

But ...!

There are many aspects that are of highest quality, that are far superior to what modern games can offer.

The story :
Modern games often do not have anything that could be called a satisfactory story, even less a story of high quality that has something to say. Both LBA1&2 have both great storylines and storytelling techniques.

Atmosphere :
Can you tell me which modern game will leave a serious mark in you? That would have characters you would remember for a long time, their quotes, their voices...? Most games today just give you a gun and plenty of nameless monsters to shoot at in uniform grey corridors. LBA world is very rich, enjoyable, contains great characters, locations, history and atmosphere. You will actualy want to spend more time in that world.

Voices :
LBA 1&2 has superb voice acting with many, many rememberable voices and accents that you will want to hear again. I am always looking forward to my favourite voices and/or quotes when playing these games again. Not many modern games have rememberable voices and that is a pity.

And finally, LBA games have a "soul". There's just something in them that you love. Not many games have this ... "feature". It's pretty person-to-person specific, but I think people here understand what I mean. I'm not sure if I could name more than 10 PC games that left such a mark in me... and most of them would be old (not taking into account if I played them as a child, it's not about nostalgy) - like Grim Fandango, LBA1&2, Longest Journey... If I had to name a few modern games that have this "soul", I would have a hard time to find something else than HalfLife franchise along with Portal, Warcraft (just the RTS franchise of course), Psychonauts and Dreamfall... and even those are old now! And/or made by the people who made great games in the old times...

That's why it's a good thing to keep LBA franchise alive. And I do belive that a non-commercial LBA modification or LBA remake/fan-made sequel can get a lot of it's own fans, there's always a place in the indie genre!

Ultimately, a LBA remake could show people who cannot cross the age barrier just how wonderful these games are. And that's worth the effort.
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