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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2012-08-10, 15:58
ras maxim ras maxim is offline
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Twinsen I had a dream about LBA last night

Okay, this is kind of funny. I played LBA first time when I was twice as young. And I want to give respect to Frederick Raynal and the team for creating such a powerful game that is STILL so IMPORTANT for me that I see it in my dreams. I have already said here that it should be considered children's classic, like Winnie the Pooh, Piter Pan, etc. Okay, to the contents of the dream.

It was night time and Twinsen was exploring Citadel Island. The citadel area has increased in size and it had a lot of giant trees Twinsen could jump on to explore the top levels. It also had hidden passages in the rock that could be seen only with special kind of magic. And there was a secret meadow where strange whispers and quiet elven laugh could be heard, with glowing meandering pathways. If you led Twinsen correctly, following the pathways exactly, eerie music played and Twinsen recieved health and magic bonus.

There also was some dialogue stuff with multiple choice, some quests, magic spellls, but I am too lazy to describe every bit.
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Old 2012-08-11, 04:24
Lunacy's Avatar
Lunacy Lunacy is offline
Twinsun is heaven
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I feel the same way about LBA, and I often dream about it.
Not recently but I did. When I was a child, it happend almost every weeks. I was a rabibunny female and I could visit any island I wanted because Twinsen lended me his jetpack.
It also happened a few years ago. I was working on a LBA fangame with an homemade 2D iso engine. I was so obsessed with it that I could see Twinsen wandering around nasty looking 2D iso bricks everynight in my dreams.

It feels so wierd everytime you wake up from that kind of dream.
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Old 2012-08-15, 01:11
Aaron2011 Aaron2011 is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2011
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I had two dreams. I will never forget them. The first one was back in 1997 just before LBA2 was released. I remember reading a PC magazine which featured brand new pictures of LBA2. One of them showed a pink ferry in Citadel Island, but it was the same ferry from LBA1. (I wonder why they never kept it in?) Anyway, back to my dream. I was actually inside the picture from the magazine. The sea was a beautiful blue and I was just relaxing on the tiny beach beside the lighthouse and I watched the pink ferry come in and dock and I couldn't make up my mind if I should get on it. It was a sweet little dream. I will always treasure it.

Now for my second dream. This was only 3 years ago. I was on Desert Island. I rang the bell and jumped on the turtle's back. The sky was so blue and I could smell the sand and feel the warm air. I tried to keep my balance and for some strange reason I had to stand on one foot. I wasn't allowed to keep both feet on the turtle's back. LOL. Just before I fell in the water, I woke up.

Last edited by Aaron2011; 2012-08-15 at 01:37.
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Old 2012-08-15, 01:56
Lunacy's Avatar
Lunacy Lunacy is offline
Twinsun is heaven
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: France
Posts: 33
Originally Posted by Aaron2011 View Post

I tried to keep my balance and for some strange reason I had to stand on one foot. I wasn't allowed to keep both feet on the turtle's back. LOL. Just before I fell in the water, I woke up.

I don't find it suprising, we should take into account that a twinsunian is half the size of this :

You cannot stand with both feet on the back of this poor Moya

Last edited by Lunacy; 2012-08-15 at 02:02.
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Old 2012-08-22, 05:22
MatheusMK3's Avatar
MatheusMK3 MatheusMK3 is offline
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Well, I remember when I was younger I dreamed about LBA two times...

One of them I was on Citadel Island, at night... At time it looked like the island was surrounded by a place near my town and I remember I could see the moon over Citadel...

The other time I already mentioned here on MBN, was when I was almost finishing LBA2, and somehow during my dreams I found the last (Red) key... Right after I woke up I started LBA2 and found the key at exactly same place...

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Old 2012-08-24, 02:00
Nieniepaninii's Avatar
Nieniepaninii Nieniepaninii is offline
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Location: Netherlands
Posts: 277
I also dreamed about something LBA related, but i cannot remember what exacly. Has been some while ago. When i was young I was always thinking it would be great to live in a LBA-like world. It's so uncomplicated just finish off the bad guys and you got the nicest place in the universe to live on. No school or other things like a carreer or money problems (just pick a trash can to find money in haha). So many different places to go and a lot of friendly creatures around you.
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Old 2012-10-15, 22:39
Polaris's Avatar
Polaris Polaris is offline
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Nothing LBA-related ever for le as long as I recall
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Old 2012-10-16, 09:51
RedOutlive's Avatar
RedOutlive RedOutlive is offline
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Can't really relate to it, I just consider the LBA series to be dead and buried deep.

I mean compare this to the people waiting for Half-Life 3 for example, lol they got nothing on LBA 3 or a possible LBA1 remake. More than a decade has passed (15 years if you want to be specific) and the people who created the games can't get support from a publisher or whatever it is.

The former Adeline team seems to be separated, Fred is at Ludoid and Didier in another place, things just look very bleak. They just said something about LBA1 remake but info was vague, possibly language barrier, if it's a true remake or just an iOS port because from what I've read around it's coming for the mobile devices. If it's a fully blown remake with improved gameplay mechanics graphics and everything why not release on the PC as well (and maybe consoles if they get enough sales)? Simply does not make any sense. They must have reasons to avoid releasing details, but they could also use word of mouth by giving tiny bits of information on how things are going, buzz around the new LBA project spreading like wildfire could help it to get more attention out there that is much needed. Call me jaded, but I just find this to be realistic expectations.

One funny thing to check out to realize how much time has passed is the "Duke list", made by Duke Nukem fans to show how dreadfully long was the development time for Duke Nukem Forever that ended closing 3D Realms. The list started when DNF was announced in 1997, the same year LBA2 was released: http://duke.a-13.net/ (it stopped in 2009)

As much as I want to see anything official being released, it's just too much time, you know? My mind just wraps the idea and dumps into the "great things that will never materialize" basket.
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