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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2017-04-14, 21:23
Iguelin Iguelin is offline
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UFO Lba2 Cap 1 The Pearls

"This fan fic starts right after you finish the game"

Cap 1 The Pearls:

* Celebration Island *

-COF COF The Emperor's sword will help me to fulfill my goal ...

* Citadel *

Twinsen is located next to its small arthur when Astrid calls to him:
- (A) Twinsen, I have to show you something in our village - on hearing that the three mosquibees approach their queen a little stunned. The five are approaching a spacecraft ready to take off.
- (Joe) Twinsen! Wait for me!
- (Jonnhy Rocket) Twinsen, allow me to accompany you. - Tisnnen nods.
Everyone climbs the ship and heads to Zeelich, which is now all green


* Island CX *
(A) Sorry Twinsen, but we still do not have any landing zone in the submountain, the closest is the islet CX
- (JR) Do not worry Queen of the mosquibees, I will call my helpers and I will build a landing zone between the island of the wannies and the one of the mosquibees
- (A) That would be great!
- (JR) Go down to your village, I will go to Otringal to find helpers.
Jonnhy Rocket gets on his ship and the others go down to the village ...
All the mosquibees are working, loading with wood and food, Joan Loumin approaches,
- (Joan Loumin) Cling to my legs - Tinsen does, another mosquibee asks Joe to cling to his legs, then fly up from the central part of the village to another inaccessible part without being able to fly, this part consists of Wooden platforms (like the whole village) forming a cone, many of the platforms carrying sacks filled with blueberries, extracted from the walls of the hive, many mosquibees are absorbing cranberry liquid from the walls and solidifying in the trunk to deposit it in the Sacks, then there are other mosquibees carrying the sacks to the bottom of the hive.
- (Twinsen) Wow, you're very well organized,
- (A) I'm glad you say that.
There are nine wooden platforms (forming a square) with four cauldrons with especially bright liquid, this liquid is light blue, in the bottom it is in the bottom there is a hall in which there are two mosquibees doors followed (the white thing that) The symbol of Sendell.
- (T)
- (A) Four Pearls
- (A) Distributed on four planets, one of them destroyed
- (A) In Zeelich there is one, and it is where it is, before it was inaccessible by the lava, and ... before everything was covered with lava ... - Astrid stops and a tear leaps, retains it.
- (A) We must gather the four pearls and place them in the four cauldrons ... I hope you can get them, Zeelich's is on the island of the volcano, the part where the mosquibees took refuge, in the waterfall, behind
- (JL) Twinsen, I'll join you - Astrid responds quickly
- (A) NO!
-(JL) o..ok ...
Joan Loumin accompanies them to the boatman's area, Twinsen kept six gems.
- (T) * Ferryman Song *
- (Ferryman) Where do you want to go?
- (T) to the island of the volcano

* Volcano Island *
- (J) Can you take us by the river?
- (T) Joe, I doubt I can becau ...
- (F) Of course ...
* Inside *
- (F) the waterfall does not cross it ...
- (T) Do you know where the pearl is?
- (F) Of course ...
- (F) Look in there ...
Twinsen and Joe cross the waterfall, behind there is an abandoned temple very similar to the desert of the white leaf, but green ...
Instead of the spikes there is a green liquid, it looks acidic
- (J) You got the Jet-pack?
- (T) Of course
*Twinsen equips the jet-pack and is about to start flying when he hears:
- (T) ???
- (T) There are traps!
- (JL) You can not cross over ... if you cross the acid you undo, several mosquibees died trying to decipher how to pass ...
- (T) But ... In the temple of the Pearl of the Incandescence there were no traps ...
- (JL) Wait what? You have been in the temple of the Pearl of the Incandescent
- (T) Yes ...
- (Jl) And ... there were no traps?
- (T) No ...
- (Jl) I have to warn Astrid!
- (T) Wait, do not go!

In a few minutes. Astrid arrives with Joan Loumin
- (A) It can not be ...
- (A) Someone must have put the traps here ... We need to find a way to cross!
- (J) I... can teleport?
- (T) Ou yes!
- (J) * Teleportation sound * Ok, I got it!
- (J) * Teleportation sound * Here it is
- (A) The Pearl of the Petals
- (A) Twinsen, you should take her with you. - Twinsen nods
- (A) And ... You have the pearl of incandescence, arent ya?
- (T) yeah, well, now it's transformed into Lightning Spell
-(A) But, have you tried to separate the ray from the ring?
Twinsen takes out the lightning bolt from the ring and gets the pearl and the lightning spell separately.
- (T) And ... the Pearl of the incandescence alone that serves me?
- (A) If you throw it at a place, you will go after it, transforming it into a lightning bolt
- (J) What does the petals do?
- (A) The pearl, it covers you with petals that you can throw with a lot of speed
- (A) and if you put it in a ring it transforms you into a plant golem.
* (JR) Twinsen, Twinsen!
* (JR) there are several men in the village of mosquibees to make the platform, come when you can
- (J) Come on!

Island of the Mosquibees
- (A) How's work going?
- (Franco's) ...
- (T) ?
- (Franco) well ... -Jhonny Rocket interrupts him
- (JR) It goes quite well, we got cranes from the Wannies to help us load the material
- (T) What was the planet destroyed?
- (A) We do not know the name, only it was of Ice
- (J) Do you know where he is?
- (JL) Yes
- (JR) I can leave you a ship
- (J) Thank you very much!
- (A) To go to that planet you need a special token itinerary.
Astrid pulls out an itinerary token light blue


There is only debris and large pieces of ice floating in space,
- (A) Twinsen, here's your space suit, explore the area!

There are parts of blue robots and some spears stuck in skeletons.
Twinsen in the distance sees the cave where the pearl is located, it is intact, but everything seems very delicate, where there should be skewers there is an upward ramp of ice, Twinsen decides to break it as he can not get the jet pack
The ramp collapses, this causes the walls that hold the ramp to break and destabilize the temple, it begins to spin, the shell slides back and breaks the bottom, the shell begins to rotate away more and more, heading to Twinsun

Twinsen hurries back to the ship.
- (T) The Pearl was there but is heading to Twinsun
- (JL) We're going fast!
- (A) ... I do not have the itinerary token for Twinsun ...
- (T) Ou Shut!
- (J) We need to back to Zeelich FAST!


* Otringal *

Up, in the control tower ...
- (T) Can you give us the itinerary token?
- (Franco) Sure!
- (JR) Fran, what are you doing here? I told you, help in the landing area of ​​the submountain, No more flights needed, Twinsen will be the last
- (FranTheFranco) And ... Yes sir
- (FF) B ... But ...
Jonny Rocket looks at him defiantly, FranTheFranco is silent.
- (A) We need to go now!
- (T) What would happen if we did not go fast
- (JL) could find others, and would be very dangerous
- (J) What is the name of the pearl?
- (JL) Pearl of the Frost


* Citadel Island *

- (Baldino) Twinsen! You're back! All the Sup's gone!
- (T) I think they have gone to help make the landing zone in the subountain ...
- (A) Look! On the sky
- (J) It is falling on the himalayi
- (T) Let's get on my Dinofy
- (SlingshotKid) * shot twinsen *
- (T): mad: we do not have time for this ...
- (T) to himalayi!

* Himalayi *

- (J) has not changed much ...
- (T) is the same but without anyone ...
- (T) ...
- (J) Look! Has fallen into the old tank!
Twinsen collects the pearl, in that moment the tank explodes, the shell of the pearl goes off and it to Dinofly in a wing, Twinsen leaves diparado and falls in the hole of the rabibunnies.

Hours later ...

- (T) W ... Where am I?
- (rabibunnie) Do not worry, you're safe.
- (T) Wow! You guys change alot!
The rabbiunnies wore white suits, Twinsen was in a fairly large hospital, had enough technology, Twisnen looked out the window and appreciated a spaceship, this one was very similar to the Sups, but had some features of rabibunnies.
- (T) I feel better.
- (T) leave us that ship?
- (R) Okay, we owe you for saving us from those monsters, but maybe you do not know how it works, use "rute discs".
The rabibunnie draws one, is like an itinerary token but with four sharp peaks.
- (T) I think I'll manage ...
- (R) as you say.
Twinsen goes through the hole, everyone is resting, except for Joan Loumin, he is snooping around in the debris of the tank.
- (T) We have transportation!
They all run to the ship, go up and quickly put the rute disc.
- (R) Wait! With the rute disc you can not change routes!
- (J) a little late ...
The ship takes off at full speed ...


- (JL) This planet is very purple, is not it?
- (J) and black...
- (A) It's a very, very small planet, it looks like an asteroid
- (T) In fact, Zeelich is seen from here
- (J) Maybe we could move it ...
- (A) Twinsen is the only one who can sarlir
- (T) I'll see what I can do
Twinsen leaves the spaceship.
- (J) Twinsen returns to the ship!
One Lightning from the Celebration Island shot a near planet. From that planet a shell comes out towards this planet ...
- (A) The PEARL!
- (T) I'm at it!
- (T) I have it!
Twinsen opens the shell and is a dark pearl.
- (A) Well done!
- (JL) we can use the motors of the space ship ...
- (A) Good Idea!
Twinsen disassembles the ship's engines, it's very easy, the ship looks removable. Twinsen sets the engine for the planet to target Zeelich
- (T) Okay, Turn on the engine!
- (J) Three, Two, One ... On!
The planet moves slowly towards Zeelich.


* Island of the Mosquibees *

The planet crashes into the water creating a wave that does not harm the island.
- (A) Twinsen, let's go to the top and ...
- (FF) You ... You must g ...
- (JR) Fran! You are doing a great job! Continue like that!

FranTheFranco is going to continue working ...
- (JL) Let's do this!
All go to the top of the village, Twinsen delicately places the Pearls in the cauldrons ...
- (T) The Pearl of the Incandescent, The Pearl of the Petals, the Pearl of Frost and The Pearl of...?
- (JL) The UnderPearl
All The Pearls are on the cauldrons and then the floor begins to vibrate, the platform of the center goes down ...
Come back up with a cauldron with crystal clear water ...
- (T) And now?
- (A) I'm not sure ...
- (T) There is ... a ball, which could serve ...

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Old 2023-03-04, 16:15
bloodhound bloodhound is offline
mostly celibate woke man
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I like the idea of adventuring together with the dissidents, and also how the story expands on some unexplained details. How did the others in our forum make sense of the "blueberries" and the cauldrons in the mosquibee hive? I always thought the blue balls were insect eggs, but now I found out that bee eggs are white.

I really love the style of the mosquibee level. It all looks very organic, like something a swarm would build.

It's a pity in all these years nobody commented on the Fan Fic, which might have made the author quit after 7 posts. I think the presentation style is a bit to blame here. There are some typos and wrong grammar. For such a dialog-driven story, a visual novel (created with PowerPoint or similar using the backgrounds and portraits available on the itnernet) would seem a great fit.
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Old 2023-03-08, 00:47
Styx's Avatar
Styx Styx is offline
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It's a pity in all these years nobody commented on the Fan Fic
Indeed. But alas, fame is not meant for everybody

I always thought the blue balls were insect eggs, but now I found out that bee eggs are white.
I always thought those white cocoon looking things were some sort of creepy alien eggs
Everything begins with a choice
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Old 2023-03-08, 11:39
bloodhound bloodhound is offline
mostly celibate woke man
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Germany/Schleswig-Holstein
Posts: 846
Originally Posted by Styx View Post
Indeed. But alas, fame is not meant for everybody

Well, the author might have been 12 years old.

I always thought those white cocoon looking things were some sort of creepy alien eggs
If the orc in the throne room impregnated the mosquibee queen, then you might not be so far off
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