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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and it's world.

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Old 2011-11-10, 13:37
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Originally Posted by morshem View Post
Grrr, math...

I used to be good at it until I was like 13, but then I moved to Australia for 3 years, where the level is like a whole year behind the level in Israel. So by the time I was back in Israel, I was already way behind everyone. Eventually I did the final school exam in the lowest level possible, and since then I pretty much hate this subject.
Hehe, I had this same problem. Except I didn't have to go abroad: when I switched from a private school to public school they were like, 2 years behind, in every subject.
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Old 2011-11-11, 18:43
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Why did you switch ?
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Old 2011-11-12, 17:10
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I think a good idea to do the outside LBA 2 scenes would be with screenshots. But before I start taking them myself, does anyone know of/have a good screenshots database maybe?
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Old 2012-03-04, 12:42
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I think it is difficult to produce a database of outside scenes. How do you keep the camera angle? How do you position yourself on strategic coordinates? How do you keep track of where to take a screenshot if you haven't already?

Even if we systematically take birdview screenshots at consistent camera angles of the outside world and then glue them together, they would never fit because they arent isometric but 3D.

For this to work in any way, I think we need software to view the original complete scenery, either isometric or in 3D (preferably the last). So it will look like as if the player took one screen of every island while being high in the air ingame.

This makes me think of really impressive JSBing
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Old 2012-03-04, 18:28
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Not entirely what is wanted, but this could be done easily:

Stand on a place and take screenshots while turning around. Then there is software to automatically glue them to a panoramic image.

Actually you'll probably need some of this deformation, because for authentic detailed 3d photo the islands are too big.
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