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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2004-04-10, 02:49
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my fanfics

i suddenly had a fit of nostalgia and re-read my fanfics. they've been sat on my hard drive getting lonely ever since i took my site down... so... here you go ^_^


25 years before LBA
4 chapters

Set twenty-five years before Little Big Adventure, Nemesis tells the story of the return of the Dark Wizards - unseen since the magic wars - who are now using technologies from alien planets. The populace believes the new 'College of Engineers' is creating these, and the College is becoming more and more popular with them.
But whilst the Dark Wizards are deceiving the aliens, one of their more ambitious agents in the College is deceiving them in turn. Unwittingly, they have set in motion the events that would lead to the reign Twinsun's most terrible dictator - FunFrock.

The Source
200 years before LBA
4 chapters

Set further still in the past, 'the Source' is the history of the most dangerous thefts on Twinsun. The greedy pirate LeBourgne steals the Heir's key from his own home, and attempts to use it to activate an ancient but terrible weapon. Hégésippe, the Heir, and the Wizards of the Southern Hemisphere attempt to reach the Rabbibunnies' Northern Temple to stop him.

770 years before LBA
Unfinished; only 1 chapter here

Twinsun has not always lived in peace and harmony, even before the reign of FunFrock. There was once a time, hundreds of years ago, when the Quetches ruled the South, oppressing the Grobos and the Spheros, with the might of their armies, their Wizards, and their Heir.
But Zera, the current Heir, has found a new Wizard whose soul has been opened in the way only the Heir's should have been. Is he in contact with a group of Sendells?
And on Belooga Island, a cut in rations has caused unrest. The Grobos will only be calmed by spilling Quetch blood. The Empire is suddenly torn between a war on Belooga Island and a war in the North with the Rabbibunny clans.
The strange new 'broken' Wizard has a brilliant new idea that could bring glory to the Quetch Empire... at the expense of the Planet Twinsun.


have to warn you all that i wrote these maaaany years ago, i'm sure if i wrote them now they'd be much better ^_^

also some of the formatting might have been lost, so it might look a bit funny (the originals were in HTML).
"god bless european unity
...and all those who never sleep
- kirsty maccoll

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Old 2004-04-10, 02:50
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Twenty-five years before Little Big Adventure

Master Karin'aooc, master of the Wizards of Twinsun, looked out from his high, stone tower. Standing proud and high above Reglibourg, the Temple of Magic could be seen from the whole island. Even now, in the dead of night, bright light flooded it - in fact, bright light illuminated the whole sprawling city, due to the popular new 'electric lights.' Karin'aooc didn't trust them one bit, or the eccentric white-coated scientists, either; in his entire long lifetime, he had believed it was impossible to create light without magic. So-called 'technology' was spreading like a disease across the planet and was advancing incredibly quickly. The scientists even wanted to 'motorise' the doors to his temple, whatever that meant.
He heard quick, echoing steps on the stone stairway behind him. The ancient, grey Rabbibunny turned and saw a young apprentice. She was a young Sphero, obviously nervous of talking to the great Master Wizard. Karin'aooc tried to remember how he'd felt when he'd been a young apprentice. He smiled. It must have been nearly seventy years before, when Wizardry was just beginning; in those days, the people of Twinsun were only just beginning to travel the world. Back then, it had been amazing for him to come from his home in the Northern Hemisphere all the way to Reglia Island to learn magic. For this youngster, it was perfectly normal to get a boat across to the other side of the world to see her family every week.
'Erm... Master,' began the apprentice, 'I, erm... there's been a...'
'What's wrong, child?' asked the master softly.
'Erm... someone came from the Hamalayis... something about an avalanche... and it was important...'
Karin'aooc suddenly became serious. He had a lot of energy and force for someone so old. 'We must act quickly,' he cut in. 'Gather as many High Wizards as possible. It looks like we may need to save some lives.' And with a rush of air, he was gone. The young apprentice wasn't sure whether he'd run past her, or simply disappeared.

The small, lonely station in the Hamalayis had been built to allow trade to flow between the hemispheres. With only a few inhabitants, it had provided warmth and food for many passing travellers. Now, though, it was crushed under tonnes of freezing snow. All Karin'aooc could see was a few bits of stone wall and roof, jutting out from the mountain of snow. The pass was completely blocked off from the Northern Hemisphere with a huge fall of snow from the peaks above. It was lucky that the avalanche hadn't fallen a few metres closer to the south; the small trading post would then have got the full force of the avalanche.
The pass was more crowded than it had ever been before - not only with relatives and friends of the trapped people, but with wizards... and scientists. From all four species, the scientists walked around arrogantly, with their usual white coats outside their thick coats, taking measurements and scribbling in notebooks. Karin'aooc watched them with suspicion. Four large digging machines growled noisily to one side of the crowd, sending choking fumes across the mountains. Inside, they had arrays of levers and buttons that the Master Wizard couldn't begin to understand.
A group of scientists talked to four Grobos in yellow uniforms ("engineers," supposed Karin'aooc). Karin'aooc was too far away to hear what was said, but he could see the scientists pointing at the buried building. The Quetches nodded and walked towards the machines. Each of them climbed into one of the vehicles and began to drive them towards the wreckage. The crowds gasped in amazement at how swiftly the large machines could move, making Karin'aooc even more suspicious ('...not as swiftly as a Dinofly...', he muttered). When the vehicles arrived at the building's wreckage, they began to scoop up the snow. It was fed into the inner workings of the machine, and to the crowd's astonishment, was sprayed into the air as steam! Even Karin'aooc and the high wizards had to admit how impressive the equipment was. After a few minutes, the entire snowdrift had been cleared and the building was free. Karin'aooc felt useless.
The rescuers then cautiously made their way into what was left of the crushed building. Soon, they came out with a number of very seriously injured people, all unconscious. A group of doctors examined the first person to be brought out. With the Grobo's wife and children crowded around, one doctor checked for a pulse. He raised his head, with a sorrowful look, and shook it. There was nothing the doctors or even the Wizards could do, he explained. The wife burst into tears, and the people in the pass quietened in sympathy.
Dan'aooc, the Quetch Healer Wizard who had arrived with Karin'aooc, was the first to speak. 'We can help the survivors,' he said, sounding hopeful.
The other wizards nodded, and moved over to the patients. The doctors looking after them were worried.
'There's just nothing we can do,' one of them said sadly.
Karin'aooc gave them all his most reassuring smile. 'They'll be fine,' he said.
Dan'aooc had already begun reviving the first of the patients. This was a young Quetch, who looked like he had been on his way through the pass; his thick furs had protected him from some injury. However, his leg looked broken, and the Wizards knew he was going to be recovering for some time. Dan'aooc managed to revive the Quetch, using Clear Water and powerful spells, but he was weak when he awoke.
Karin'aooc knelt beside the Quetch with a compassionate face. 'What happened here?' he asked softly.
'It was all so fast...,' replied the Quetch in a whisper. 'We didn't hear it coming.'
Karin'aooc was puzzled, and from their expressions, he guessed the other Wizards were too. 'But surely an avalanche must have been deafening?'
But the Quetch was too weak to say more, and Dan'aooc signalled to Karin'aooc to let him rest. The Wizards then began to help with the healing of the survivors, under the supervision of Dan'aooc. There were more than fifteen frightened and injured people, but the Wizards were able to heal their wounds relatively quickly.
Suddenly, applause and gasps of amazement erupted from the crowds. The Wizards turned towards them with beaming smiles, and took their bows.
'Oh, all part of a Wizard's job-' began Karin'aooc. But he suddenly realised that the people weren't paying any attention. They were all focused on the Grobo who the Doctors had not been able to heal. Now, a swarm of doctors flurried around him, giving him various medicines and taking temperatures. His wife and many relieved members of his family were also crowded around him.
And he was smiling.
Karin'aooc was shocked. Neither doctors nor Wizards had ever been able to revive a patient if his pulse had stopped!
'What happened?' he asked one of the doctors, standing nearby.
'It was amazing!' the young doctor replied ecstatically. 'A scientist and a doctor came along with a complicated piece of new technology-amazing, really-and they put it on the Grobo's chest. When they turned it on, the Grobo jumped as if he was startled! And then one of our doctors took the Grobo's pulse, and it had started again! Amazing!'
The Wizards looked at each other in disbelief. They had found it hard to believe that in such a short time, technology and science had advanced to such a level, when it had taken Magic hundreds of years. Karin'aooc was also angry. The Wizards had saved the lives of many people, and no-one had thanked them for it. Everyone was so impressed by the scientists' success that the Wizards had been forgotten.
The Wizards prepared to leave, unnoticed by the joyous people. But just before they did, Karin'aooc caught a piece of a conversation of two scientists, both of whom looked quite important.
'The whole thing went successfully,' said one of them, a female Quetch, gleefully. 'It fell just in the right place, and at the right time.'
'How did they do it?' began her companion, an excitable male Sphero. 'I didn't think the College had the technology to cause a full avalanche!'
'No, they didn't use technology. It was all organised by the d-'
And at that point, Karin'aooc and the High Wizards vanished, back to the Temple on Reglia Island.

Twinsen, a Wizard studying under Karin'aooc himself, knelt in the chapel of the Temple of Magic, before the magnificent, magical Ball of Sendell. Sendell was shown in pictures around the chapel as a stunning female Quetch with a shining golden medallion. She was the Goddess of Magic who all Wizards worshipped. No statue or image of Sendell had survived the passing of the years, and no-one had ever seen the Goddess herself, so no Wizard really knew what Sendell looked like. There wasn't even anyone alive to remember the true use of the Ball, except that it contained an incredibly high level of magic.
Suddenly, before Twinsen's eyes, a light sparked into life within the Ball. A glow, bright electric blue, began to pulse from the centre of the crystal. Twinsen could make out tiny sapphire shapes flying within, swirling and dancing in the radiance. Entranced, Twinsen moved closer to the magical orb. He watched the shapes whirl and swim, thinking he could almost make out arms, and even eyes.
And in the next moment, he was looking into a pair of deep, black eyes, so intelligent and graceful that he didn't feel any surprise or fear. The creature within the Ball was as transparent as the Ball itself, and the same shade of bright blue. Its head and eyes were so large that they dominated the creature's body, yet its mouth and arms were small. Its body ended in a long, graceful tail, that whipped behind it as it flew through the ball. Twinsen realised that the creature was the same as the tiny shapes that were flying around it in the ball.
When the creature spoke, its voice was soft and gentle.
'I am a Sendell,' it said.
Twinsen gasped. 'You are... you're...' he stuttered. How could he believe that this was his Goddess? And yet how could he mistrust this wonderful creature?
'I am a member of an entire race of Sendells,' continued the creature, with infinite compassion. 'We live in the planet's core, to protect a stellar entity through gestation. We use the magical Ball to contact our chosen protector on the surface-our heir.'
Twinsen was still speechless. 'But... but...' he attempted.
The Sendell smiled warmly. 'Yes, Twinsen. You are the heir; your family line has protected Twinsun for millennia. And we need your family's help again.'
'What do you need me to do?' replied Twinsen, more confidently now. He had collected himself, and was beginning to feel the honour of being the Heir.
'Dark events are approaching, Twinsen. Twinsun will be in terrible danger. You may need to make a sacrifice for all of its people.'
Twinsen thought of his wife and baby son, who was also called Twinsen, living on Lupin Island. What would his wife say when he told her about this?
The Sendell seemed to have read Twinsen's mind. 'You must not let anyone else know, Twinsen. Even those dearest to you.' And with that, the radiant glow faded from the Ball, and Twinsen could no longer see the Sendell.
'I know you will be worthy, Twinsen.' The voice came from behind. Twinsen jumped, startled. It was Karin'aooc, his Master, with a very proud expression on his face. Twinsen realised at once that Karin'aooc had known all along-he knew that Twinsen was the Heir of Sendell.
"god bless european unity
...and all those who never sleep
- kirsty maccoll
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Old 2004-04-10, 02:52
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A week later

An emergency meeting had been called for Twinsun's Council. The Council chamber in Reglibourg was crowded, but due to the serious situation, completely silent. The Councillors were arranged around one side of a large, circular table. To the right of the Councillors sat the High Wizards, including Karin'aooc. To the left of the Council were the leaders of the College of Engineers, Reglibourg's school of science and engineering. A Grobo engineer, looking tired and frightened, was speaking to the assembly with some urgency. He had been on the team operating the 'snow-shifters' in the Hamalayi pass.
'The team had just finished clearing the pass,' he said. 'We drove to the harbour on the Northern side, to explain what had happened to the people there. But when we arrived, the town was infested! Hundreds of huge monsters, with bug eyes and six legs, crawling everywhere! They attacked the team, and...' The Grobo's eyes watered for a moment, then he took a deep breath and continued. 'I was rescued by the people at the harbour. They were hiding in the harbour warehouse. Most of them were traders. They'd fled from all the different islands of the North. They were overrun with the monsters, too. On every one, people were shut up indoors, hiding from the monsters. And the heat there has become unbearable, even hotter than usual in the Northern Hemisphere! The traders had been on their way South, to warn the Council, but they'd found the pass blocked and the harbour infested. I rushed back to the South as soon as I dared, in the snow-shifter, all the time being chased by those things...' The engineer's voice trailed off as he recalled the horror of the moment.
The High Councillor chose the moment to rise, and speak to the rest of the assembly. 'Ladies and gentlemen,' she began in a solemn voice, 'this predicament is grave.' Like the rest of the Council, the Sphero hadn't had time to put on her formal robes, as the meeting had been organised only minutes before by the College. 'The account of the College's brave engineer is backed up by messages sent magically by Wizards in the North. The entire hemisphere is, as we speak, being terrorised by terrible creatures we have never seen before. This may be a result of the intense heat wave that is affecting most of the Northern islands.'
Karin'aooc stood up slowly, with a troubled expression. 'The Wizards on those islands have not been able to stop the monsters,' he told the council. The others present gasped in surprise, even the other High Wizards beside him. The Wizards had never failed to save Twinsun before. Karin'aooc waited for silence, then continued. 'Use of the Lightning Spell was authorised, but it did no good. It seems that the creatures have access to an incredibly powerful source of Magic.'
One councillor spoke out in a fearful voice. 'Are you saying there is nothing the can do?'
'The monsters can be driven back, but not killed.'
'Then we must find another way to protect our people,' said the High Councillor, looking hopefully towards the Master of the College.

Deep in the cold Hamalayi mountains, plans were being laid.
'The defibrillator was adapted perfectly to the Grobo physiology,' said a Quetch, in a quiet, deep voice. He was dressed in a thick, black cloak that eclipsed him totally, except the lower half of his face. Neither his voice nor his appearance showed his incredible age. 'Once again, Lord Danava, I must commend the work of your engineers.'
'My engineers know exactly the level of their excellence, Abanda, and therefore do not need to be commended.' This man's voice was too smooth to belong to any of the species of Twinsun, even allowing for the tinny sound effect of the long-distance communicator. He sounded over-confident and arrogant, matching his appearance; he wore excessive long, red, velvety robes, expertly sewn with intricate golden threads and sparkling jewels. Behind him, the screen showed a large room, also over-decorated with complex red and gold patterns. Lord Danava's face was a little too angular, a little too thin, and a little too pale to be Quetch, and the corners of the eyes flicked up in a way unlike any of Twinsun's species.
'Of course, Lord,' replied Abanda, the Quetch. A dark flicker of anger flew across his face; he didn't like being talked to so disrespectfully. 'Perhaps-'
'What I do need, Abanda,' cut in Danava, 'is for you to fulfil your promises. The rebellion against the Aristocracy is still raging here on Jada, and I have not been repaid for what I have given you.'
'Lord Danava, I-'
'Do not forget, Abanda,' Lord Danava spat the name, 'that I went against every Aristocratic rule in teaching you the secrets of our technology. If I am not given adequate payment-the help of your Dark Wizards in our war-not only will Twinsun's College have to find its technology from elsewhere, but I shall send my entire fleet of ships to come for you, personally. Do I make myself clear?'
'Of course, Lord.'
Danava cut the transmission without replying, and the device's small screen flicked into darkness. Abanda allowed himself a dark, satisfied smile. Soon, he will be repaid. But not in the way he thinks.
Echoing footsteps began to pad across the stone floor, from quite a distance. The throne room of the Dark Temple was a vast, underground cavern. Its only light came from countless rows of sputtering torches; fuelled by powerful Dark Magic, they burned with a cold, silver flame, strengthening the biting cold of the surrounding Hamalayi climate. The cavern could have stretched for miles; the torches' light didn't stretch far, leaving the area surrounded by a deep, total darkness.
The slender, young female Rabbibunny who had entered the hall was covered in a simple thick, black robe, much like Abanda's own. She came towards the simple, black throne slowly, and bowed to the Dark Master.
'My Lord,' she said, fearful at being faced with her hideously powerful Master.
'You have a message from FunFrock,' said Abanda coolly. It was a statement, not a question. The Rabbibunny barely controlled a yelp of surprise; only the most powerful Wizards in history had been able to read minds, and Abanda managed it with ease.
'Yes, Lord Abanda. He-'
'He awaits further instructions.' Again, another statement. 'Tell him to proceed as planned. He will ask when he can make his rise to power, as we promised.' He smiled wryly. 'He is not to act sooner than we planned, or he will not have our aid.'
'Yes, my Lord.' The Rabbibunny turned and walked away, glad to have pleased the Master. She remembered with a grimace the Dark Wizards who hadn't survived their conversation with Lord Abanda.

Karin'aooc stood atop his tower, in the Temple of Magic, thinking about what had happened.
Scientists. Even thinking of their name made Karin'aooc angry. The College of Engineers had used the Hamalayi situation to make the scientists even more loved than the Wizards. The scientists were applauded because of their latest life-saving technology in the Hamalayis, and now the people were looking to the scientists to save them, because Wizards were unable to stop the mutants. Karin'aooc was now even more suspicious than before, remembering the scientists' conversation in the Hamalayis.
Something caught his eye down in the city. One of the large boats in the harbour, brightly lit in the red light of dawn-wasn't that the College's "new technology" metal boat? The one used to transport the snow-shifters to and from the Hamalayis? As Karin'aooc watched, a tear appeared in the ship's hull, on the side that rested against the harbour. The rip seemed to pull itself bigger and bigger, and soon there was a sizeable hole in the side of the ship.
And then, Karin'aooc saw why.
Something was struggling out of the hole in the hull. With a slimy, green skin, six legs, bulbous red eyes and long antennae, the creature was disgusting and even a little ridiculous. But everyone who saw it was instantly filled with dread. It projected an aura of danger around itself, which Karin'aooc could feel even at this distance.
Karin'aooc quickly descended the tower's steps into the Wizards' Hall, in the Temple. All of the High Wizards, plus some junior Wizards, were present. They looked up as Karin'aooc ran in, and became concerned when they saw Karin'aooc's expression.
'Quickly!' cried Karin'aooc. 'To the street! The monsters have made it to this island!'
The hall instantly erupted into a cacophony noise; cries of surprise and fear mixed with orders barked by the High Wizards. In only a few minutes, the more senior Wizards had appeared in the street outside, whilst the others poured out through the large main doors.
But in that time, countless monsters had poured onto the street. The metal ship's hull was in tatters, riddled with holes where the creatures had eaten their way through. The city was in chaos-Grobos, Rabbibunnies, Quetches and Spheros ran for safety, away from the claws of the hideous monsters.
The multitudes of Wizards, however, were calm and collected. Organised into rank and file and all wearing blue Wizard's robes, they looked like an army of soldiers. Each Wizard held a differently coloured magic ball. For centuries, these deadly weapons had been the symbol of Wizardry, and even now they brought comfort to the terrified people running around them.
The Wizards began to march towards the mass of creatures, which had not had time to disperse through the city. Karin'aooc was the first to strike. His bright, fiery ball arced through the air, directly towards the nearest of the monsters. The Wizards were sure the magical impact would destroy the creature.
But it failed.
The magic ball stopped only a few centimetres from the creature's hideous antennae. It hung in mid-air for a fraction of a second, surrounded by a strange rippling, like a haze or a desert mirage. To Karin'aooc's astonishment, the ripples began to absorb the fire from the ball! As the wizards around Karin'aooc attacked with their own balls, Karin'aooc's ball diminished in size, and was eventually extinguished.
The creature turned its blood-red eyes towards Karin'aooc.
Karin'aooc had seen that kind of magic before. It was powerful Dark Magic, the weapon of the evil and cunning Dark Wizards. But the Wizards had defeated them so long ago!
One of the other High Wizards, a Quetch nearly as old as Karin'aooc, was thinking the same thing. With a pale, fearful face, he whispered to Karin'aooc, 'Surely the Dark Wizards can't have come back...'
Karin'aooc awoke from his thoughts nearly too late. The panicked Wizards were retreating back into the Temple, and the insect-like monsters were almost on top of them! Karin'aooc ran with the other Wizards, in fear of his life. With everyone inside, the Temple of Magic was locked up tight, as were almost all of the buildings in the city, the people inside distraught and terrified.
It was only then that the sound began; a tiny, tapping sound in the distance. As the horrifying creatures swarmed through the city, the tapping sound grew into the sound of hundreds of marching feet. Karin'aooc thought he was hallucinating when he actually saw the legion of Quetches, Rabbibunnies, Grobos and Spheros. The way they marched in perfect step and held their weapons showed that they were trained soldiers. They wore very strangely-coloured uniforms-in fact, some of them had skin in incredible colours of yellow, green, red and pink! Every one of them carried a strange weapon: a long, thin tube with a handle at one end. The soldiers pointed the tube at the monsters and released a pellet at an incredibly high speed, killing the mutants. The crack of the weapons could be heard for miles around. Some of them even released burning, destructive balls of red or green-but Karin'aooc and all of the Wizards could feel that they weren't magical.
This was technology.
The creatures had stopped trying to claw their way into the buildings. They saw the danger from the soldiers and tried to run. Some even turned and attempted to fight their new enemies. But all of this did them no good; they were all slain by the loud and incredibly fast weapons. The creatures' bodies decomposed into nothing almost as soon as they fell, consumed by the same Dark Magic that had protected them from the Wizards.
The High Wizards watched the incredible scene from a high window in the Temple. Karin'aooc saw a soldier-a Rabbibunny-who had let one of the monsters get too close. His body had been mutilated beyond recognition, his arms torn off and legs broken. Karin'aooc looked more carefully, and couldn't see any blood or shreds of torn clothing; no open wounds or gashes. But he could see the tell-tale electrical spark of broken machinery.
Karin'aooc was astounded. 'Th-th-these soldiers,' he stuttered in a whisper, 'they've been made. They're technology.'
His remark was met with a chorus of disbelief.
'They can't be,' said a Sphero, standing near to Karin'aooc, incredulously.
'That's impossible!' cried another Wizard.
But when Karin'aooc pointed at the motionless figure below, illuminated by occasional sparks and jolts of electricity, they too fell silent. Every single Wizard was shocked at the speed with which technology had advanced. Only last decade, the College had discovered a force they called electricity, which could perform miracles that only Wizards had previously possessed. Now, the College was creating artificial soldiers!
After a few hours, the entire city was rid of the hideous creatures. The automated soldiers marched towards the College building and entered through a large, heavy iron door. With a loud clang, the door dropped shut behind them. People began to venture cautiously out into the city's streets and squares, looking at the damage done to their buildings.
Soon, there was no evidence to show that the mutants had ever been in the city.

Later, Twinsen stood with Karin'aooc at the top of the Temple of Magic, deep in discussion about what the Sendell had told him.
'There was once a time, Twinsen,' said Karin'aooc, 'when the heir was the hero of Twinsen. He would travel across the world, helping the people of every island, calming battles and mediating in disputes.'
'But if they were so well-loved,' said Twinsen, 'why did the people forget about them?'
'The line of Heirs made Twinsun such a peaceful place, that they slowly became unnecessary. Eventually, even the family of Heirs-your family, Twinsen-had forgotten about the Heir. The people even forgot what Sendell really looked like, which is why she is shown nowadays as a female Quetch.'
'What happened to the heirs' magical items? Does someone still have them?'
'When I was much younger, I heard that one Heir, realising that everything would be forgotten, hid many of them away. They're probably hidden around your family home.'
Twinsen was about to reply, but was interrupted by heavy footsteps. A young apprentice-the same one who had brought him messages before, Karin'aooc realised with a smile-ran up the stairs. She was leading a male Grobo who wasn't in Wizard's robes.
The apprentice bowed, and said, 'Master, this man said he has important information for you.' And with that, she ran back down the stairs, sensing the importance of the moment.
'Master Karin'aooc,' said the Grobo, slightly out of breath, 'I am a scientist from the College, and I have seen something there that could be very important.'
The Master of the Temple was wary of the scientist, but nodded for him to carry on.
'I overheard a conversation from outside the office of FunFrock, one of the most important aides to the Master of the College. I don't know who he was talking to, but I heard something incredible-the technology of the College hasn't been developed, they've been getting it from another planet!'
Karin'aooc and Twinsen looked at each other with doubtful expressions. 'It sounds a little... farfetched,' said the Master.
'No! It's true! They mentioned someone who's been helping them-a powerful Lord called Abanda...'
Karin'aooc gasped. The scientist could only know the name of Abanda was if he was telling the truth, or if he remembered the war that the Wizards had fought against Abanda, centuries ago. After all these years, Karin'aooc was sure that no-one remembered the magic war. The scientist must have been telling the truth! Now, Karin'aooc realised how the monsters had been protected from their magic balls: Abanda had imbued them with his powerful Dark Magic.
'Where is Abanda?' asked Karin'aooc.
The scientist seemed to be frightened by Karin'aooc's show of concern. 'The college has been making frequent trips to a site in the Hamalayis...'
'How could one of us get there?'
'You would have to stow away on one of the shuttles-they're on the roof of the College building.'
Karin'aooc thought for a minute, then spoke. 'We will act immediately. Go back to the college; this FunFrock will come looking for you, and I fear he will kill you if he finds you have spoken to us.'
Without looking back, the scientist ran down the stairs, terrified by Karin'aooc's words. Twinsen looked at Karin'aooc, puzzled.
'Master,' he said, 'who is this Abanda?'
'He is a powerful Dark Wizard. Hundreds of years ago, the Wizards defeated him and his Dark Temple. Now, it looks like the Dark Wizards have returned and are helping the College. Believe me, Twinsen, if the Dark Wizards have returned it is because they want to control the people of Twinsun. I don't know how far their plans have gone. You are the one who must defeat them this time, Twinsen.'
'If the Sendell chose this time to remind you of your family's service, then the Sendells must want you to be the one to save us. No living Wizard is powerful enough to confront Abanda.'
'Then how can I defeat him?'
'You will find a way, Twinsen. You are the heir.'
"god bless european unity
...and all those who never sleep
- kirsty maccoll
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'And so,' droned a drab, grey voice, 'the new clones were fully successful in killing the mutant creatures. The factory in the Northern Hemisphere is to be constructed as soon as possible for their mass-production.'
The conference room in the College of Engineers contained drab, grey décor; drab, grey furniture; and drab, grey scientists of all ages and species. The meeting of the Professors of the College was, as usual, boring and pointless. It was the Master of the College who made all the decisions. He was the one who had founded the College and laid all of the schemes and plans for its future. Strangely, though, the Master was not present at the meeting.
This was soon explained.
The room's metal doors swished open on silent motors, revealing a very large Quetch in a plain grey tunic. All of the Professors turned to see who had entered the room. The Quetch stepped forwards, into the light of the conference room, and was followed by four deadly artificial Rabbibunnies, their whining motors echoing loudly in the bare room. These were some of the artificial soldiers that the Professors had called 'clones'.
One of the Professors, an elderly Sphero, stood shakily. 'Mr. FunFrock,' he began in an equally shaky voice, 'whilst you are, of course, an invaluable member of the College, you can not simply walk into an important leadership meeting-'
FunFrock cut the old Sphero off aggressively. He said, bluntly, 'The Master is dead.'
The Professors' faces fell. They looked at FunFrock with expressions of shock.
'Wh... but...' they stuttered.
'It looks like he was murdered by a terrorist group who are against the College.'
There were more expressions of disbelief. But this statement was, of course, a lie; Dark Wizard Assassins had easily infiltrated the College and killed the Master brutally.
'We must act quickly to make sure that everything goes according to the Master's plan,' said FunFrock imperiously. 'You'-he pointed at one of the Professors-'prepare the new technology for the presentation. You'-he pointed at another group-'organise the teams in the Northern Hemisphere. The evacuation will take place soon, and I want the construction work to begin immediately.'
The commanding tone of FunFrock's voice had seemed to work; the various Professors immediately stood up and began to move out of the room, talking amongst themselves about their tasks or using small, hand-held communicators to talk to their staff.
But one of the scholars, a female Grobo, was angry and incredulous. FunFrock recognised her as Dr. Granger; the Master had given her the duty of organising the construction of the clones that had recently been unleashed on the monsters. Standing quickly, she cried, 'Wait!' She turned to FunFrock. 'Why should we, the College's highest Professors, have to follow your orders?'
The noise and activity in the room stopped, and many annoyed faces turned to FunFrock. FunFrock drew himself up, slowly, and began to speak.
'Because I was the Master's right-hand man,' he began, quietly and threateningly. 'I did all of the hard work in getting his plans underway, and I understand more about his plans than any of you. Oh, and,' FunFrock put on a nasty grin, 'because of this.'
FunFrock turned, and nodded over his shoulder at the four lethal clones behind him. They nodded back, and then in perfect unison, marched rigidly forward towards the Professor who had spoken out. Within a few moments, they had their large, shining guns pushed against her head and into her back.
'You are charged with opposing the Master of the College,' said one of them, in a loud, deep, robotic voice. 'Follow us.'
The Professor was petrified. Trembling, she said, 'Mr. FunFrock, please, this is silly...'
FunFrock's sadistic grin widened. 'I'm Doctor FunFrock now, Granger.'
As the Grobo was marched out by the clones, the other Professors left the room, silently and fearfully. They knew that if they went against FunFrock, they would suffer the same fate as Dr. Granger.

'The mutants have performed their task well. They overran the entire Northern Hemisphere in days, and the city of Reglibourg in minutes.'
The voice belonged to FunFrock, speaking through a long-distance communicator.
'Excellent. The Jadan technology used to construct them was successful. Were the Wizards able to stop them?'
This voice belonged to the Master of the Dark Wizards, Lord Abanda. He was once again on his throne, deep underground beneath the Hamalayi mountains. The small communicator screen, on a black pedestal to the side of the throne, showed FunFrock in an office in the College of Engineers, in Reglibourg.
'No, Lord Abanda,' said FunFrock. 'Many of their magic balls were absorbed by your magical protection.'
'And the late Master of the College?'
'Your magical weapon made his death look exactly like a normal magical attack.'
'Then our plan has worked. Be wary, though, that the Wizards are now likely to suspect the influence of Dark Magic.'
'Soon, Lord Abanda,' sneered FunFrock, 'the Wizards will not be a problem.'
Lord Abanda nodded, and touched one of the controls beside the screen. The communicator flicked off.
The Dark Master was very pleased with his plans so far. The mutants-part of the Jadan technology he had acquired-had been almost invincible with the Dark Wizards' spells of protection. Invincible, that is, except for the clones. The clones were yet another Jadan invention, featuring the latest developments in Jadan weaponry and robotics. Their attack on the mutants in Reglibourg had been carefully planned to lower the Wizards' status and improve the College's.
A high-pitched beeping cut through Abanda's thoughts, and he again regarded the communicator. The scarlet design it displayed told Abanda that the communication had been initiated by a member of the Aristocracy of Jada; more specifically, by Lord Danava himself.
Abanda touched the square screen, and it was immediately filled with the image of Lord Danava's angular face. His expression was alien and unreadable, but Abanda had already known how angry the Jadan would be.
'Abanda, your Dark Wizards have been useless!' The smooth voice was beginning to sound harsh and aggressive. As I speak, the lower classes are storming my palace, here in the city of Jadrized!'
'I know,' said Abanda bluntly. Unusually for the Dark Wizard, he was smiling with twisted amusement.
The Jadan Aristocrat was taken aback. He was for the first time at a loss for words. 'Wh... what?' he spluttered.
'Perhaps you should look out of your window. Can you see the mob of "commoners" outside?'
'Don't patronise me, Abanda.'
Abanda ignored this. 'You should be able to see who is leading them. Who is rallying them. Who is giving them the force to break into your palace.'
The Jadan Lord moved out of view of the communicator's screen as he walked over to the room's windows. When he returned, his face had gone from pale white to a deep red-Abanda supposed that for the Jadan species, this indicated the Aristocrat's intense fury.
'The Dark Wizards!,' he roared. 'They are leading the rebellion!' The alien's eyes were wild. His voice had lost all of its Aristocratic smoothness; it was now nothing more than a manic snarl. 'You will pay dearly for your treachery, Abanda!'
Abanda's smile became wry. 'I think not.'
At that point, somewhere out of view of the communicator, Abanda heard what sounded like a door being broken open and a clamour of enraged voices. Abanda could hear the blast of guns, much like the ones that he had recently acquired from the Jadans for the College's army of clones. Abanda knew that this was the sound of the rebels breaking into Danava's room in the palace.
Danava's turned slowly to face the intruders. The redness in his face had drained away; he was petrified.
Abanda tapped the screen, and the image jumped into blackness. His deep, pleased laughter echoed through the darkness of the cavern.
He should never have trusted me, thought the Dark Master.

The invisibility spell Twinsen had used to infiltrate the College had been harder than he'd thought. If he hadn't been fast, he would have been seen by the army of artificial soldiers-'clones'-that guarded the entrance. Now inside, he sneaked along the wide, austere corridors, in search of the elevator that would take him to the roof. His heart pounded from fear of being seen. To reassure himself, he felt in his robe for the vial of Clear Water that Karin'aooc had given him to heal himself.
Twinsen could see the lift ahead; it was just beyond an intersection with another large corridor. Thankfully, there were no people around, but Twinsen could see a dangerous Rabbibunny clone, facing away from Twinsen. Perhaps he could creep behind the clone and it wouldn't notice. Slowly, he tiptoed towards the lift doors...
'You! Stop! What are you doing there?' The electronic voice boomed from Twinsen's left. He hadn't realised that there were clones around the corners of the intersection! The clone ahead of Twinsen was alerted and turned around immediately. Three Rabbibunny clones, ahead of Twinsen and to his left and right, stared at him with cold eyes, waiting for an answer.
Twinsen had one hope. He jumped backwards as fast as he could, taking him out of sight of two of the clones. The clone facing him raised its gun unemotionally, and began to fire. Diving to one side, Twinsen took out his magic ball and threw it hard and fast. It struck the clone's chest, and the clone exploded in a blinding flash of fire. Immediately, alarms began to wail through the whole College.
He ran back around the corner, where one of the clones had begun to walk towards him. Quickly, he hurled his ball at the clone, and another explosion filled the hallway. Twinsen whipped around to face the other clone, expecting to have to dodge its gunfire.
But the clone had been cleverer than that.
It was right behind Twinsen, its metallic pistol pointed directly at Twinsen's head. 'Follow me,' it said simply, expecting no resistance. But Twinsen suddenly leapt to the side, and before the clone could react, he smashed his magic ball against its head. The explosion threw him into the air and propelled him down the corridor, landing him with an agonising thud on the hard floor.
Twinsen tentatively felt his shoulder, realising that the fall had damaged it badly. But there was no time to do anything about it now; other clones must have heard the alarm, and they would be looking for him. Twinsen got up painfully and ran towards the lift, thankful that it was already at the ground floor. He pushed the highest button on the panel, hoping that it would take him to the roof. The lift doors closed just as Twinsen began to hear the march of countless clones, all intent on finding him.
When the lift slowed to a halt at the roof of the college, Twinsen's heart was still pounding. The doors opened, revealing a huge area covered in painted circles, each one for a shuttle to land in. Only one of the circles was occupied, though. The shuttle that stood on it was sleek, polished and jet black, and bore the College's emblem in silver. There were no guards anywhere to be seen, even though the alarms were blaring throughout the College. It's almost too easy, thought Twinsen.
However, Twinsen had no option but to continue. He walked up the craft's entry ramp, entered the spacious control area. He didn't understand any of the controls, but a small, flickering screen showed that the craft's destination was set in the Hamalayi Mountains. Twinsen realised that all he had to do was touch the flashing 'begin' button to order the craft to set off-as if it had all been prepared for him.
Putting his doubts aside, Twinsen pushed the control and sat in the pilot's chair. With smooth, fluid motions, the craft rose into the air and sped away to the north.
"god bless european unity
...and all those who never sleep
- kirsty maccoll
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The Great Hall in the Temple of Magic was magnificent. Although it was deep underground, the vast oval room was lit with sparkling blue lights and decorated with fine crystal, which caught the light and sent it glinting across the room. The hall was ringed with rows of seats, leading to an oval stage at the centre. At each end of the chamber stood two huge statues of the goddess Sendell in entrancing blue diamond. Shown as a beautiful female Quetch, her huge medallion was depicted in shining gold.
Now, the every seat in the hall was occupied. People from all the islands of Twinsun had come to see what the scientists were going to reveal-everyone had heard about them saving the Grobo's life in the Hamalayis, and were excited to learn more. Karin'aooc had grudgingly allowed the College of Engineers to use the hall, because the Council had asked him to. He wondered what could be so important that the scientists needed the whole of the huge Great Hall-and so important that they had the Council to back them. Karin'aooc was still suspicious of them from the conversation he'd overheard after the incident in the Hamalayis. He hadn't told the Council about it; they'd just think he was jealous of the scientists and the respect they had.
When everyone in the hall was quiet, a large Quetch stepped onto the stage-it was Dr. FunFrock, the new Master of the College.
'Greetings, people of Twinsun!' he boomed. 'I have organised this meeting today to present the newest technology of the College. We believe it will help to keep our planet safe from any other attacks like the one Reglibourg has just suffered. We call it...'
A number of aides behind FunFrock brought on a tall, cylindrical object covered by a huge sheet. They pulled the sheet away, revealing the strangest device the Twinsunians had ever seen: a white base covered in black concentric rings, and a similar top suspended in midair above it. Between them was enough space for even a tall Rabbibunny to stand.
'...the Telepod.'
And with that, a seething orange field erupted around the telepod, shielding it momentarily. The field then disappeared suddenly, revealing a Rabbibunny clone! The audience were overjoyed; they cheered and applauded the scientists, the College and especially Dr. FunFrock.
FunFrock's smile showed he was very pleased with the reaction. 'Thank you! Thank you!' he said, attempting to calm them. 'As you can see, the telepod can transport clones quickly to the scene of any danger, to protect the people of Twinsun. The Council have given us permission to install the telepods across the whole of Twinsun! I regret that the infestation in the Northern Hemisphere is too serious for us to attack, but the College have agreed to use their ships and resources to evacuate the people of the Northern Hemisphere!'
Now, the crowd was even more ecstatic than before. A huge applause erupted around the hall.
My plans are working, thought FunFrock happily. They trust me completely.

The shuttlecraft had smoothly taken Twinsen to the Hamalayi Mountains, and now it flew over the icy peaks, speeding to its destination.
As the shuttle flew by a massive peak, Twinsen saw the building. He knew instantly that it was the Dark Temple. Nestled between a number of high, snowy mountains, It was a huge, impressive structure, constructed with a sparkling black stone and comprising of tall pillars and enormous glass domes. On some of the rock faces around the temple, similar black structures jutted out, and Twinsen realised that the Temple must extend a long way beneath the ground and inside the mountains.
As the shuttle approached the Temple, Twinsen's amazement dissolved into dread. He could feel the Darkness of the place even from high above, in the shuttlecraft, and the enormity of the task he faced suddenly hit him. How could he, not even a High Wizard, stop Lord Abanda by himself?
Twinsen's thoughts were interrupted as the shuttle came in to land beside two other identical craft. The main temple building had, set into the roof, a large, flat area with circles marked in white, similar to the one on the College on Reglia Island. The black ship came to rest on one of them, extending its exit ramp slowly. Twinsen made his way down, hoping not to be noticed and to be able to sneak around the Dark Temple silently.
But as he emerged from the craft, a tall Rabbibunny stepped calmly from the doorway into the open area, as if she had been anticipating Twinsen's arrival for some time. She wore the heavy, black, hooded cloak of the Dark Wizards, covering all but the lower half of her red-furred face. Floating above her outstretched hand was a dark, translucent magic ball.
Twinsen dived behind the nearest shuttle, hoping to avoid the strange weapon, but it passed through the black hull as easily as if it were air. The ball narrowly missed Twinsen as he rolled away instinctively. Twinsen ran back towards the Rabbibunny, hoping to confront her face-to-face, but she had predicted his move; somehow, she had made it from the entrance to where Twinsen stood in a split second. With a metallic scrape, she drew a shining silver sword, and swished it menacingly towards him.
Without any warning, the blade lashed out across Twinsen's neck. Twinsen's protective spell held it away just in time; he was glad of the intense training he had received from Master Karin'aooc. And in the next split second, finally breaking the Dark Wizard's calmness, Twinsen leapt up. He used all of his magical power to propel himself upwards, and he kicked at the arm holding the silver blade. With a clatter, the sword slid across the smooth, black floor. Not wasting any precious time before the Dark Wizard regained her composure, Twinsen threw his magic ball straight at her head. The magical force was enough to send the slight Rabbibunny flying across the shuttlecraft area. She landed with a dull thud, completely still.
Twinsen waited a moment to regain his breath, then entered the building. He set off through the dark corridors purposefully, though he hadn't a clue where he needed to go, or how he could manage to confront Lord Abanda. He suddenly realised how vast the Dark Temple was, and how many Dark Wizards must inhabit it.
But as he was thinking, something in his mind advised him to go this way, and take that turning; some strange presence was guiding him. Before he knew it, he was deep in the bowels of the Temple, and still moving deeper. There were no longer any windows in the rooms or hallways he walked, but torches flickered with a cold, silver light, providing a pitiful illumination in the dismal building.
After hours of walking, the rough hallway Twinsen had been following opened out into an immense cavern. There were no torches to illuminate it, and Twinsen could only make out the very edge of what looked like-what felt like-a deep, cold lake. Walking towards it, he scooped up some of the water. It was so cold, it burned, and the liquid was a deep, black colour.
But before Twinsen could wonder what the liquid was, a deep voice pierced through the silence of the cavern. It echoed from the engulfing darkness of the cavern.
'Welcome, Twinsen,' said the voice, levelly.
'Wh... who are you?' said Twinsen, trying to sound brave in spite of his fear.
'I am Lord Abanda,' came the reply. Abanda stepped forward, coming into the flickering, silver light from the corridor. He was a tall Quetch, covered like the Rabbibunny in a heavy black robe. He projected an aura of intense evil and malevolence that Twinsen stepped back in terror. As he did, Twinsen realised that the Dark Master was standing on the water's surface!
'Karin'aooc was foolish to send you here,' said Abanda, still in a cool voice. 'Though the Heirs usually have quick wits and great power, even without experience and training, you could never be the match of me. I have waited for five centuries, Twinsen, and I have become more powerful than all of the heirs in Twinsun's history!'
Suddenly, Twinsen realised what the black water was. Thinking about the lake, and how Abanda was standing on it, made Twinsen remember a lesson from long ago. Karin'aooc had been teaching him about Clear Water and its magical forces. He remembered seeing a dangerous substance, called Dark Water, which must be kept away from Clear Water. 'Combining even a few particles of them could be disastrous,' Karin'aooc had said. Twinsen realised that the underground lake must be the opposite of Clear Water Lake-it must be a lake of Dark Water!
And Twinsen felt in his pocket for the vial that Karin'aooc had given to him.
Twinsen knew that if he combined his Clear Water with the huge body of Dark Water before him, the magical explosion could carry for miles. It would wipe the Dark Temple from the face of Twinsun. But Twinsen wouldn't have time to escape before the blast. For a moment, Twinsen's fear returned, but it was quickly replaced with a sense of wonder.
This is the sacrifice that Sendell told me I must make, he thought.
Abanda seemed not to have noticed Twinsen's change of moods. 'I brought you here because I knew that the power that the Sendells have given your family is strong. Stronger than that of many of my servants. But not stronger than mine.' A sadistic smile began to twist the Dark Wizard's lips.
Twinsen knew that he would be killed if he did not act immediately. He flung his vial of Clear Water far into the lake, where it sank without a trace. Abanda's smile turned to a mask of fury.
'How could I have overseen this?' he roared furiously. But without waiting for a reply, he rippled out of existence. Though his new order of Dark Wizards would be destroyed, he would return another day, even more powerful and evil.
In his last seconds, Twinsen thought of his wife and his baby son, named Twinsen after him.
Now, the burden is passed to you, my son, he thought. I know you can save Twinsun again.
The explosion rippled through the Hamalayis, shaking many tall, rocky peaks to the ground and crushing the splendid Dark Temple. In a hundred shades and colours, the reaction stretched out across the ocean, then dissipated. Only a beautiful, bright rainbow was left as a testament to what had happened beneath it.

The dazzling, vivid explosion flared through the mountains. The blast rapidly expanded towards the screen, and the image became grainy and blurred, until the listening post itself was engulfed. The transmission ended abruptly. The small device that had replayed the event switched off, and FunFrock tossed it aside casually.
The transmission had been from an automatic listening post in the Hamalayis, and it had recorded the absolute destruction of the Dark Wizards. FunFrock felt a deep, certain satisfaction. His plan-to send an agent to the Wizards, persuading them to go and destroy the Dark Temple-had worked perfectly. Now, the Doctor wouldn't have to keep his side of the arrangement with Lord Abanda, and he was free to follow his own plan-a plan that neither Abanda nor the former Master of the College had known about. A plan that, in a few minutes, would come into fruition.
FunFrock turned, and stepped out into the bright Southern sunlight, and waved at the vast sea of Twinsunians, all cheering for him. He was on a high balcony in the College tower, below an immense screen showing an enlargement of his kind face. When he spoke, his benevolent words were amplified across the city, for all the Twinsunians to hear.
'People of Twinsun,' he began confidently as the cheers died down, 'I have something very important to ask of you. The Wizards of Twinsun have not been able to help the people in the disaster with the mutants. The Council has been completely ineffective, and even the College is run by doddering old fools.'
Murmurs of assent ran through the crowd.
'Since my efforts saved many of you from the Northern Hemisphere, you have lived in crowded conditions; crime, unemployment and homelessness can be seen everywhere, on Reglia Island and across the whole of the Southern Hemisphere.'
Now, the murmurs had turned into quite a loud noise, and in some places, angry chants had begun to spread through the masses.
'But I ask you, people of Twinsun, what have the Wizards done?'
The reply came from the crowd as if from one huge person: 'NOTHING!'
'What have the Council done?'
'What have the College Professors done?'
'But who has done their best to help the people?'
'FUNFROCK! FUNFROCK! FUNFROCK!' The angry chant had become a wrathful war-cry, and the people's ecstatic mood had dropped to an intense fury. Parents of young children realised what was about to happen, and ran away to protect them indoors.
'I ask you, my people, to do away with the old, and create a new order on Twinsun where the people will come first! A new order, where I will always protect you! Destroy the College, and the Temple, and the whole city, for it is a relic of the old ways!'
The people needed no further encouraging; the rampage began. A sleek, black shuttle, not painted with a College logo but with a new double-F crest, smoothly swooped in to take FunFrock away from the building before the mobs attacked it. The people didn't notice FunFrock's escape as they began to tear the ancient city to its foundation.

The Wizards were in a deep panic. Nothing could have prepared them for such a sudden and violent revolt. The crowds of people were ramming the great Temple doors with anything they could find-furniture, trees and even lamp-posts. Together, the Wizards could easily have killed the whole population of the city in a single thought, but they had such a deep respect for life that they couldn't bear to harm the Twinsunians.
Soon, the situation became more serious. The thundering strikes on the door became suddenly louder; the clones had stepped in, and were using cannons. Although it was held together with powerful magic, the doors were wooden and would eventually give.
Karin'aooc was the first to take control. 'Wizards!' he bellowed. 'We will stay here and forge a spell of protection. Non-wizards,' he said, turning to the small group of Twinsunian people who had sided with the Wizards, 'go down and hide in the Temple catacombs. With any luck, they won't know you're here. Our spell will hopefully hold the masses away for long enough for you to be safe.'
The people, too terrified to reply, silently made their way down the great staircase to the lower levels beneath the Temple.
Karin'aooc then turned to Dan'aooc, the High Healer Wizard who Karin'aooc trusted most. 'Dan'aooc, your task will be the hardest of all.' Karin'aooc's hands moved quickly, and with a rush of air, Sendell's Ball and a massive, stone-bound tome appeared on the floor at his feet. 'Consult the Prophecy in this book. You must be the guide it mentions. You must help the future Heir to succeed in his quests. Twinsun will pull through this if you are successful, Dan'aooc. You must also hide the Ball away from FunFrock's forces. If he finds it, our connection to Sendell will be lost.'
Dan'aooc was speechless as he picked up the artefacts. 'This is the Prophecy?' he said, incredulously. He looked into Karin'aooc's eyes and saw the seriousness within. 'I will not fail, Master.' And with that, he vanished, using an ability only the High Wizards such as he could master.
Preparations for the large-scale protection spell were underway. The Wizards were strangely silent. They knew what would happen if their spell was eventually worn down by the clones' weapons-their magical force would be drained, and the Wizards would collapse. But as long as they could hold the people away for long enough, the Wizards' friends would be able to reach safety beneath the Temple.
Suddenly, with a final boom, the ancient Temple doors were broken in. Hordes of people and clones poured in, trying to get into the Temple, but the Wizards had been fast; their joined Protection Spell was already in place, guarding the entrance. Countless shots and explosions were fired against the shields, but the Wizards would not stop. They poured every effort into defending their Temple, and everything they stood for.
But the Wizards' energy was being exhausted, and they had begun to feel the effects of the attacks against their spell. The intense heat of explosions, the sharp pain of gunshots, and the cold slashes of blades. Karin'aooc's head began to swim, but he would not stop. He knew he had to protect the last handful of people who were against FunFrock; they were Twinsun's only hope.
As he lost consciousness, Karin'aooc found comfort in the fact that they had allowed the Wizards' friends and families to get to safety. He could hear the Sendells' soft voices calling to him...

Two hours later, the Temple above the ground had been reduced to rubble, scattered across the city. After the Wizards' spell had slowly failed, FunFrock's shuttles had attacked it with searing explosive missiles. The crowds had cheered, and followed FunFrock to Belooga Island, to begin their New Order. They didn't realise the future that lay ahead under FunFrock's iron fist.

The last pocket of resistance against FunFrock, alone on Reglia Island, emerged from the ruins in dismay. Not a single wizard remained among them; each one had given their lives to protecting these people from the revolting masses. Their beloved home city lay in ruins about them; not even the Temple of Magic or the College of Engineers was left standing.
One of the people, a large, muscular Rabbibunny, called for attention.
'Friends, we have now seen the true colours of FunFrock.' A murmur of assent ran through the small gathering. He claims to be protecting the people, but we have seen that he will kill anyone or anything that stands in the way of his plans. We must dedicate our lives to deposing FunFrock and revealing his true nature to the people.' He raised his fist into the air symbolically. 'To Rebellion Island!'
A cheer arose, surprisingly loud for such a small number of people.
'To the new Rebellion!'

One year later

FunFrock was pleased with himself. Not only had his armies of clones managed to crush the resistance in Proxim-City, but he had ordered the closure of nearly all of Twinsun's taverns and cafés. Without a place to talk about memories or rumours, the people were fast forgetting their old lives and the legends of Sendell.
But a little thought had been tugging at his mind for a while.
'You,' he said, pointing at the nearest of his pink-suited servants. The servant didn't mind the rude address; he was honoured to have been addressed at all by the 'venerable' Doctor. 'Look through the old census records for any children of Twinsen, who was a wizard.'
The servant bowed and turned to a computer console. After a few key taps, he had brought up a screen of information.
'Doctor, that wizard had a wife and a young son, both of whom are still alive and living on Citadel Island.'
FunFrock nodded, and smiled inwardly. I will be keeping a close eye on that boy, he thought.

Dan'aooc sat on the small dune, deep in the White Leaf Desert. The land was hot, dry and arid; the Healer Wizard's deep respect for all forms of life made him hate the place passionately.
But despite this, a deep satisfaction had come over him. He had prepared well for his part in the Heir's future quest, according to the text of the Prophecy. He had asked for the help of a few trusted friends-some of whom would one day re-form the Order of Wizards, he hoped. Sendell's Ball had been hidden away, and the legendary Space Guitar had been found. Finally, knowing it would be the last spell cast for a long time, Dan'aooc had used magic to cover up the entry to the Temple of Bù.
Now, all that was left to do was for him to wait. He must wait, however long it may be, until the Heir came to find the Book of Bù-and he knew that he would, because it was written in the Prophecy.
"god bless european unity
...and all those who never sleep
- kirsty maccoll
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The Source

Two hundred years before Little Big Adventure

Davi was ecstatic. The other passengers on the boat to the Northern Circle - nearly all Rabbibunny, of course - cast him worried glances as he fidgeted and muttered feverishly to himself. Most of them put it down to his being Quetch. You could never be sure of Quetches, in their opinion. Or of any foreigners, really.
Davi read through once more the copies he'd made of the ancient documents. He'd found the documents in the archives of a small Temple of Magic, back home on Proxima Island. He was fluent in both the modern and the ancient Rabbibunny tongue, but the language used in these yellowed scrolls had seemed even older. It had taken him hours of work, but he had finally put together a basic translation of the scrolls. If he was right, they talked of a monolithic source of magic, designed to give whoever used it - Wizard or not - the ultimate power over life and death. And if he'd managed to work the dates out properly, the texts dated back hundreds upon hundreds of years.
Back to the Magic Wars.
This was why he was so excited. Last year at the Archaeological Convention, on Belooga Island, one treasure-hunter had brought in a piece of pottery from about a hundred years ago, and it had caused a huge stir amongst the older archaeologists. Just imagine what they would think of this! But before he presented the documents to the Convention, he had to make sure they were true; he had to find the hidden source himself.
Davi barely noticed when the ferry lowered its sails and came in to dock.
'Vo accolem Circuli Septèntranèmma,' said the boat's captain in the quick, light Rabbibunny language. 'Welcome to the Northern Circle.'
Davi followed the queue of Rabbibunnies out of the boat and took a look around. The small wooden dock led onto a large village, with beautiful wooden Rabbibunny houses along the ground and up in the close, tall trees. Behind the village, on a bare hill, stood the grandiose Rabbibunny Temple of Magic. Although made of smooth, dark wood, like all Rabbibunny buildings, the Temple looked strong and stable. Its single, round tower stretched high into the orange sky, with a magical lighthouse at its peak - a cold, blue glow in defiance of the searing Northern sun.
The young archaeologist followed the stream of tourists and made his way up to the Temple. But as the tourists and their guide walked up the stairs to the tower and the Grand Hall, he took a dark staircase down into the depths of the Temple. The finished wooden staircase was soon replaced with damp stone steps, and the immaculate corridors became rough-hewn tunnels in the rock. These were the catacombs of the Temple, where famous and powerful Wizards were laid to rest, and Davi passed many ancient sarcophagi and tombs on his way down.
Suddenly, Davi stopped and consulted his documents. One of the pages was a sketched diagram, and it matched perfectly with one of the graves in the corridor. It was one of the earliest tombs created in the Temple - no exact could be given, but this Wizard must have died hundreds upon hundreds of years ago. Above the Rabbibunny-shaped sarcophagus was a statue of what the Wizard must have looked like in life; authoritative, powerful and stern, holding a beautiful green magic ball worked in emeralds. The diagram showed a number of details of the magic ball.
'Ah, I see now,' muttered the Quetch to himself, and pushed one of the larger emeralds. Without warning, the wall behind Davi flickered, rippled, and dissipated, as if it were water! A small smile curved on Davi's lips as he entered the newly-made doorway. Surely no-one had ventured here for hundreds of years!
The new doorway opened onto a small but high domed room. Its sloping walls and perfect, smooth floor shone brilliantly in white. The glow was almost too bright for the small chamber. Davi couldn't feel or see any texture in the walls. But as soon as he touched them, the door behind him sealed itself, and the humid Northern heat drained away. The young Quetch was left in a deep cold.
In the centre of the chamber stood a low reclining chair. It seemed to be made of the same material as the walls - a cold, smooth glowing white substance - but as Davi sat on it, it moulded itself to him and leant backwards, as if it knew exactly how to make him comfortable.
But what surprised Davi the most was what he felt in the next moment. A deep, magical cold surged through the through him and seemed to fill his head. He could feel nothing else except the draining cold...
And then he felt everything.
It was unexplainable. Davi could see every single life form on Twinsun, from the tiniest insect, to Quetches and Rabbibunnies, to the brightly magical Sendells, to an immense throbbing life form within the planet itself. And Davi knew that this chamber - the source mentioned in his documents - could give him the power to destroy any one of those life forms.
The temptation was just too great. He had to try this weapon out, to harness its energy. He had to choose one of these life forms to destroy, to kill. He had to!
And as the Source helped Davi to focus on one innocent Grobo woman, over on Belooga Island, his brain prepared to think the thought that would drain the life from her. His consciousness rushed towards her -
There was a mechanical click, and the chair returned to its normal position. Suddenly, it wasn't comfortable any more; it felt as cold and hard as stone. It was only then that Davi noticed the key-shaped hole, on a stand beside the chair. A faint inscription below it read, 'piie diinastist se-soul'. In the ancient Rabbibunny tongue, 'for the heir only.' The Grobo lady had been saved, because Davi hadn't had the key to properly activate the Source.
As the magical cold gave way to the usual Northern warmth, Davi realised that he was being watched by a team of very angry Rabbibunny Wizards...

'I am interested. Tell me more.'
'Mi interesses. Ami dia plura,' relayed the interpreter to the young Rabbibunny.
'Sipa qui so non i Sorcisas - sipo soler facti bassiqui.' 'Remember I'm not a Wizard - I only know the basic facts.'
'Just tell me what you know.'
The Rabbibunny spoke quickly and lightly in her native tongue, and with the help of the older Rabbibunny crewmember interpreting, the captain understood what she said. She was a new addition to his crew, and she was ideal - like most Rabbibunnies trained in the far North, she was quick, agile and stealthy. He already had enough muscly but slow Grobos on his crew.
'They call it a Source, and it's one of the best-kept secrets of the Rabbibunny High Wizards. It's one of the most powerful sources ever made, so powerful even a non-Wizard can use it. It can give anyone who uses it the ability to find and destroy anything on Twinsun.'
She paused for the interpreter to catch up, and for the captain to digest it. He was grinning at the thought of such a powerful weapon. A magical Source, he knew nothing about. But he knew all about weapons.
The new crewmember continued. 'A few weeks ago, some junior gravedigger' - she spat the word; Rabbibunnies had a distaste for archaeologists, because of their respect for their ancestry - 'got hold of ancient records of it, and used them to find it in the Temple tombs. He even tried to use it, and probably every Wizard on the planet felt it; it's supposed to use an incredible amount of magic. But he couldn't make it work because the ancient Wizards locked it so only the Heir can control it.'
The captain considered this. 'So if I wanted to... make use of this weapon, I'd need the Heir himself?'
'No, only his key. Probably just as hard to get hold of, though.'
'Probably,' mused the captain. 'But I'm going to try. Scragg?'
Scragg was the ship's first mate, a thin and ill-looking Quetch. At the mention of his name, he stepped forward from the shadows, taking the Rabbibunnies by surprise. 'Cap'n?' he said in a thick Proxima accent.
'Find out where the Heir lives - I think they call him Hégésippe - and take the ship there. Prepare the crew for a raid.'
'Aye, cap'n.'
As Scragg limped out of the room, shouting orders at the crew, the captain smiled. 'Soon the world will fear the name of Captain LeBourgne.'

Within a day, LeBourgne's raid vessel, the Hawk, was slicing across the ocean to Lupin Island. The pirate crew were rushing across the deck, preparing weaponry and smaller boats that would be used in the attack on Hégésippe's home. When LeBourgne's black flag was raised, the corsairs grinned in evil anticipation.
In only one day's time, they would reach the small island. LeBourgne could hardly wait.

The Ball was glowing! Hégésippe was sure this hadn't happened for hundreds of years! The Sendells were contacting him!
He watched the Ball in excitement as the beautiful creatures swirled around within it. He was seeing, through the magical Ball, the inside of the planet Twinsun, where hundreds of Sendells guarded the developing Stellar Entity. One translucent, electric blue Sendell came close to Hégésippe's vision and began to talk.
'Hégésippe!' she began, her voice clear and soft but very urgent. 'Your family is in danger! They are under attack!'
'Wh -'
'Just hurry!'
Hégésippe was running even before Sendell's Ball went dark. He was in the small temple at the head of Lupin Island, and his home was on the other side of the island - he had to move fast! He ran through Lupinbourg as fast as he could, pushing through the crowded streets. When he reached his house on Bug Street, he expected to see something terrible. But nothing seemed to have happened to the house.
But inside, his ancestral home was wrecked. The antique furniture, handed down from Heir to Heir for hundreds of years, was strewn across the floor in splintered pieces. His son's crib, which he had spent weeks making with his own hands, had been ripped into two neat halves. Family paintings, heirlooms and decorations were smashed and in tatters.
Hégésippe's first thought, though, was for his wife Helen and his son. Helen sat in the corner of the hallway, hunched over their son. She had calmed the baby to sleep, but she was still sobbing quietly. When she saw Hégésippe, relief flooded into her face.
'Hégésippe,' she began in a rush, 'it was terrible! We didn't even hear them coming, they came up from the cave under the -'
But Hégésippe interrupted. 'Have either of you been hurt?' he asked worriedly.
'No. They left us alone. But -'
'Who did this to us?' Now he knew his family was unharmed, his worry was giving way to a dangerous anger.
'I don't know...' sobbed Helen. 'They were dressed like pirates. But they took -'
'Where did they go?' demanded Hégésippe.
'Hégésippe, listen to me!' cried Helen. 'This is important! They took the key!'
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The Source

From the watchtower on the island, Hégésippe watched the dark pirate ship speed away towards the horizon, still flying its morbid black flag.
Once he had seen that his family had somewhere to stay, he made hurried goodbyes and set out to the port. He ignored the indignant cries of the people he pushed out of the way. He ignored the Rabbibunny who tried to charge him thirty Kashes to board the ferry. Without a word, he threw the Rabbibunny bodily off the sailing ferry and set out alone, after LeBourgne's pirate vessel.

Meanwhile, a Sendell had made an appearance at the Temple of Bù. She was addressing some of the Southern Hemisphere's highest Wizards.
'Only a few weeks ago, someone tried to use the Northern Source. To kill someone.'
Murmurs of concern and fear ran through the crowd of Wizards. They were frightened enough already, by the incredibly huge and bright image of Sendell that had appeared in the Temple.
'You must know that because this particular Source is so close to my Well on Polar Island, it is incredibly powerful. Its energies can penetrate so deeply into a being that they can use it even if they are untrained.'
The High Wizard of the Temple stood forward. He was called Her'aooc, and he was very well respected amongst the Wizards for being both powerful and gentle. 'Great Sendell, are the Sources not locked to the Heir's own key? Has a way been found to circumvent this lock?'
'No. But today the Heir's key was stolen from his home.'
The room was suddenly filled with cries of dismay. The Wizards had never considered the possibility that the ancient Sources could be activated once again.
'Who would do such a -'
'A pirate,' replied the Sendell. 'He wants only power and control. He wants the world to fear him. As well they should, if he gains control of the Northern Source.'
The High Wizard, an old but sturdy Quetch, turned and spoke to the Wizards. 'We will transfer to the Northern Hemisphere immediately and work with the Rabbibunny Wizards.'
The Wizards nodded and instinctively formed themselves into a large circle. A faint glow surrounded each Wizard, and it quickly grew stronger as the Wizards channelled more of the Temple's own energy. The brilliant glow turned blue as it came into contact with the Sendells' magic, deep in the planet's core, and a low rumbling sound shook the ancient stone walls...
Without warning, an immense shaft of electric blue light speared through the Temple and through the planet's core. It dove straight along the axis of the planet, passing through the protective corona of the Stellar Entity itself, slowing only as it reached Sendell's Well, on the opposite side of Twinsun.
The Wizards found themselves still forming their circle, around the jade peak of Sendell's Well. They blinked as their eyes grew accustomed to the searing Northern sun, after the dim torchlight of the Temple of Bù.
'What now?' one of the Wizards asked, still a little dazzled.
'We wait,' replied Her'aooc. 'The Rabbibunnies definitely know we're here.'

Within an hour, the Rabbibunny Wizards - or Sorcisi, as they called themselves - had invited the visitors to their Temple of Magic, not far from Polar Island, on the Northern Circle. They had been led by a small group of Sorcisi, led by a Sorcisa Alta or senior Wizard named Sara. It was impossible for the Wizards to learn anything from them, because none of them spoke the Rabbibunny language.
The differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres struck the Southern Wizards immediately. The Rabbibunnies were experts at using wood instead of stone, and both the boat they had crossed the water in, and the Rabbibunny buildings, were curved and beautiful. Many of their buildings were constructed around or even in the tops of trees, and long, suspended walkways stretched between them in the forest canopies. Because the Rabbibunny was the only intelligent species native to the North, they mistrusted foreigners and there were few other species to be seen anywhere. It also meant they spoke in a different language to the other species; it was a much older and more elegant tongue than that spoken in the South.
But the main difference was in the society they lived in. In the South, each species had a single, organised society with a single 'government.' But the Rabbibunnies were organised into Clans, almost like extended families or tribes. Just around Polar Island and the Northern Circle, there were hundreds of different clans, each with their own livery and, in some cases, fur colour. Because the Temple of Magic and its nearby village were meant for all Rabbibunnies, not just those of local clans, some of the Rabbibunnies present had travelled from very faraway clans. One of them had bright white fur and appeared uncomfortable in the wet heat of the North; he was from the Frig'ar tribe, which lived around Clear Water Lake. Another wore startling flowing black and red robes and had fur so dark it was almost black; she hailed from the Cispannica tribe on the opposite shores of the Hamalayis.
The small party of Rabbibunny Wizards who had greeted the Southerners showed them into the Great Hall of the Temple. The number of Wizards the Rabbibunnies had was startling - the immense, wooden-walled hall was filled with hundreds of Sorcisi, and the Wizards were told that many more lived with their own clans across the Northern Hemisphere. In the South, Wizards had become extremely rare, though when they were found, they were extremely powerful.
The Sorcisi in the Hall had gathered for the same reason as the Wizards; a Sendell had visited their Temple and told them that the Heirs key had been stolen. Frantic Rabbibunnies ran through the Temple, making arrangements to protect the Source below the Temple. The noise of panicked and desperate arguments echoed through the hall.
But when the Wizards were shown in, the noise came to a stop. A long, strained moment passed in silence, until one of the Sorcisi stepped forward. She was obviously important, as she didn't wear the livery of any clan but of the Temple. This included heavy golden chains that chinked as she walked, and a headpiece the colour of the Sendells, bright electric blue. The Rabbibunnies cleared a space around her to allow her to be seen by all. When she spoke, it was in the Rabbibunny tongue, so the Wizards could not understand.
'Sara!' she said in a soft but very stern voice. 'Sipes ben qui lor extrangi inlorci permièrrent non! Qui signe hi?'
Sara looked afraid, but spoke back in a clear voice. 'Ent Sorcisi Terroris Australanissi, et ent amie. Vinunt ut ano antadictir dangeris quor vine. Parre qui Sendellas lor visituo assi. Lor hic porti ob qui necesem adelor.'
'Tu es Sorcisas Alta, et pensixionetix vallent ben. Regarda qui ent extrangi. Penses tu verrer qui lor possem nos fidelir?'
'Li.' Sara said this forcefully.
The Wizards, who hadn't understood any of what was said, were worried by the apprehensive expressions on the faces of all the Sorcisi.
The important Sorcisa spent a moment in decision. A few seconds passed, again in silence, and then the old Rabbibunny appeared to concede. The expressions of the Sorcisi went from apprehension to relief, and this comforted the Wizards.
'Ben,' said the old Rabbibunny, then turned to the Wizards. She spoke their language slowly, but surprisingly with only a slight accent. 'I am sorry for this... rude treatment, but you must understand that we are not used to... ah... foreigners here. I am Avelia, and I am the Sorcisa Magesta, that is, High Wizard here. In the circumstances I recognise that we must work together to protect Twinsun.'
Her'aooc smiled. 'I am Her'aooc, High Wizard of the Temple of Bù. We transferred here because the Heir's key has been stolen, and we think whoever stole it is going to try and access the Source here. But we thought the Source was top secret, known only to the workers of the Temple!'
'It is,' Avelia replied, 'or it was. We believe that one of the Rabbibunnies who worked here, in the Temple, defected to the crew of a hated pirate. He has attacked the clans' ships many times over the past years. He's killed hundreds. And we think it is this pirate who has discovered the Source and the Heir's key.'
Her'aooc frowned. 'I only know of one pirate who would journey across the whole planet to try this...'
The Wizards said together, 'LeBourgne.'
And so the Wizards and the Sorcisi began to prepare the Temple and its town for an attack by LeBourgne's pirates.
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The Source

The boat Hégésippe had commandeered was not faring well. Its hull was warped and cracked, not built for the speeds Hégésippe was pushing it to. But he sailed on, despite its warning groans. He made himself believe his desperation to follow the pirates' ship was simply to find his ancestral key; inside he knew that he wanted revenge for his family and his home.
So intense was his anger that he almost sailed right past the busy Belooga Island waterspace, thinking the volume of large Grobo boats there would have slowed him down. But as he drew nearer to the island, he recognised one of the smaller ships, anchored in Belooga harbour between two vast supply galleons. Without a doubt, it was the dark pirate ship that had attacked his home. The Grobo ships were perfect camouflage for it; though it was constructed from a very dark, almost black wood, its design was Grobo, and it had probably been constructed here on Belooga Island itself. Grobo ships were built more for size and grandeur than for speed and agility.
Hégésippe steered his creaking sailing boat into the harbour and made for the dock. But he noticed the pirate ship lower a small rowing boat, filled with goods, which a lone pirate then rowed into the harbour. Hégésippe followed it and brought his boat in at the same dock. No sooner had he jumped clear of it, than its underside collapsed with the strain of the length and speed of the journey. It rolled onto its side, and descended slowly beneath the water.
Hégésippe ducked behind a stack of wooden boxes and watched the Quetch pirates unload their cargo. From the way they looked around nervously before offloading each crate, it was obvious the goods were illegal on this island. The goods were stacked neatly onto a large cart by a team of equally nervous Grobos, A particularly round Grobo, dressed smartly in black, supervised the process.
If this had been any other time, Hégésippe would have stepped in to enforce the Grobos' law. But now, he needed to stay hidden. He simply watched as the horse-drawn cart pulled away. As he left, the smartly-dressed Grobo held a short, whispered conversation with the Quetches, and waved towards the stack where Hégésippe had hidden himself. The pirates began to take the wooden boxes from the stack and load them onto the boat. Hégésippe had to think fast-soon, he would be discovered! He undid the clasp on one of the crates, carefully and quietly pulled it open, and climbed in.
The cargo-a protected Desert Island species of flower, which were illegal to pick and sell-didn't take up too much room in the box, and Hégésippe was able to climb in and close the crate after him. His crate was loaded onto the boat (on his side, to his dismay) with little more than a grunt from the pirates.
Once the cargo was loaded onto the larger pirate ship, it silently left the harbour. Once the cargo bay was clear, Hégésippe broke the box open with ease, and crawled out into the dark, dank hold. The entrance was a large trapdoor in the ceiling of the chamber, through which a thin ray of light sliced into the dark. Hégésippe heard a number of gruff, accented corsairs talking above the doors; they must be on guard. He clambered nimbly up stacks of crates and boxes to hear them.
'Yeh,' one of them said, in reply to something Hégésippe hadn't caught. 'The cap'n went straight to the Vulture, he didn't stay for the raid. So Scragg says. Says we're goin' to meet 'im on the Northern side.'
'Then wha'?' one of the pirates moaned. 'Not been ashore for weeks...'
'Then we're goin' up North, for that magical thingy the cap'n's been goin' on about. Got to fight the Rabbibunnies for it.'
Hearing that, Hégésippe made his plan. He would have to stay hidden on this ship until it met up with LeBourgne in the Northern Hemisphere. Then he could challenge LeBourgne himself, aided with his Magic Ball and his spells...

The preparations were going badly. Four of the clans had their ships and their fighters ready at the Temple, but LeBourgne's ships were, if the tales were true, immense, and he had hundreds of pirates aboard them. They needed at least three other clans' help. The Sorcisi at the Temple had been in contact with those in outlying clans, and had been told simply that their ships could not make it in time. Although the sleek Rabbibunny ships were renowned for their speed, many could not easily be recalled from sea. LeBourgne's warships could arrive at any moment.
Avelia, the Sorcisa Magesta, was still a little suspicious of the foreign Wizards, as were many of the older Rabbibunnies, but she was willing to work with them to secure the lives of Twinsun's people. But the younger wizards, even including some of the Sorcisi Alti like Sara, were excited to learn more of the Southern Hemisphere. They'd already learned the rudiments of the Southern language, which had taken Avelia years to master. Her'aooc began to wish he'd brought some of the less senior Wizards with him; he knew they'd have been excited too.
The Wizards were performing some magical exercises outside the Temple, with some of the Rabbibunny Sorcisi. The Wizards were all old and experienced, so in some areas the young Rabbibunnies' skills were not a match for their own. But any skills to do with fighting and war, all the Rabbibunnies excelled in. The Wizards didn't know whether this was because they were natural fighters, or because they had been trained to fight in their clans.
Avelia strode out of one of the side entrances to the Temple, and drew Her'aooc away from the exercises. When she spoke, her stern voice was tempered with worry.
'I have been in contact with the leader of the Marasça clan, from Arrajèr Island. Like many other clans, their boats are at sea and cannot be recalled at such short notice. But they do know this. Last year, their fleet came under attack from LeBourgne's main ship, the Vulture. They tell me it was gigantic. A vast Grobo War Galleon, from the days of the Southern Wars. It holds over five hundred souls, and most of those are fighting pirates.'
Her'aooc looked towards the Wizards and Sorcisi, engrossed in their complex and colourful magical training activities. Maybe we'll need those war skills, he thought.

As the hold's great trapdoors were pulled slowly open, Hégésippe dived back into his box to hide from the pirates. Again, he was hauled by burly pirates-most of them large Grobos, by the sound of their voices. This time, his box was loaded directly into the vast hold of LeBourgne's flagship, the Vulture. As Hégésippe again ventured out of the container, he was overawed by the chamber's size. Even holding out his fiery Magic Ball for light, he couldn't see the its roof or far wall. All he could make out were a few golden glints, giving away the presence of an incredible hoard of treasure.
Luckily for him, the Vulture's cargo bay was designed for easy access, and sturdy, wide ladders stretched up into the darkness. It took little effort for him to climb up to the deck above.
He found himself in a dank corridor, dim and damp, though brighter and drier than the cargo bay. The lack of windows told Hégésippe he was still underwater, despite the incredible height he'd climbed. This ship must be vast, he thought.
Hearing footsteps, he flattened himself against the wall. A busy-looking young Quetch hurried past, dressed like many of the lower-ranking pirates in worn and tattered clothes. Hégésippe smiled as he saw his opportunity. He padded silently after the lad, and as quietly as possible, gave him a powerful blow to the head.
A moment later, he was dragging the unconscious frame of the Quetch into a shadowed corner, wearing the boy's rags. They were a little tight for his more muscular build, but they were so scruffy anyway that it hardly seemed to matter.
All he had to do now was find LeBourgne's rooms. He spent some time wandering around the ship, attracting little more than annoyed glances from the other pirates. His clothes marked him as a simple cabin boy. But he was able to follow the servants and workers around the ship, and soon found where LeBourgne's huge chambers were, on the uppermost deck of the vast galleon.
Hégésippe slipped into the plush chambers as quietly as possible. The door was not locked, but the key was in the door. On an impulse, he turned the key, and with a resounding 'click' the door was locked. But he realised that since the door was unlocked, there must be someone in the chambers...
He tiptoed around the first of the rooms, eyeing the rich furniture and expensive decorations. A huge, leaded window let daylight stream into the room, in stark contrast to the dingy portholes allowed in the rest of the ship. It was bounded by curtains of a deep crimson, laced with expensive gold thread. The elegant seats were in the same colours, and the table and cabinets were of expensive, dark wood. It felt heavy and expensive, but majestic. He may have been a pirate but LeBourgne lived like a Southern gentleman.
Hégésippe was so engrossed in his examination of the room that he didn't realise he was being watched, until he felt a cold, sharp point in the back of his neck. His spine tingled and his heart beat fast, as he realised that one of the pirates had been in the room all along.
'Who are you,' came the deep but almost aristocratic drawl, 'and what are you doing in my chambers. You must be very brave, or very stupid. No-one has dared to go against LeBourgne!'
Hégésippe suddenly dropped to the floor, spun around onto his back and dealt a firm, hard blow to the pirate. The Quetch was tall and strong, but the blow caught him by surprise and he fell heavily to the floor. Hégésippe rose, tearing away the last of the cabin boy's rags and revealing his magical tunic, in the electric blue of the Sendells.
'But then again,' he retorted, 'the Heirs of Twinsun have never lost their battles. Ever. You have gone too far this time, LeBourgne. You are going to pay for your crimes.'
LeBourgne had, by this time, slowly pulled himself from the floor. Delving into his expertly woven black garb, he fingered a chain around his neck and pulled it out. It held countless sparkling treasures, glistening in differently coloured jewels, gold and silver. At the centre of the chain was the Heir's key, gleaming brighter than the rest due to its magical properties.
'Ah. You are the famous Hégésippe, our Heir and saviour.' His voice was mocking. 'Have you studied the histories of this artefact?' he asked, fingering the key. 'Surely you must know, it was constructed in the Magic Wars, and is a powerful protection against magical attacks. It was meant to protect the Heir in battle, but in fact it will shield whoever is holding it.'
Hégésippe frowned. He didn't have time to listen to LeBourgne; he couldn't afford to wait until his guards arrived. And he was itching to release his anger on LeBourgne, and reap his revenge. Concentrating harder than he ever had before, he stretched into the magical energy of Twinsun, and summoned the great Ring of Lightning.
A fierce blue glow filled the room, seemingly emanating from Hégésippe's hands as he raised them above his head. And suddenly, an immense, writhing bolt shattered spectacularly through the window and earthed itself into LeBourgne.
But when the spell finished and the radiant glow had faded, LeBourgne still stood unmoved, with a faint smile on his lips.
'The most powerful protection ever made,' he chuckled to himself. And with that, he picked his fallen rapier from the floor. 'We are on equal terms, Heir.'
Hégésippe's anger was maddening. 'You will pay for attacking my home and family!' he cried, and drew his beautiful sword. Its translucent blue blade left sweeping, glowing lines as it sliced the air. But its magical effects would have no effect on LeBourgne; he would have to fight him on LeBourgne's level until he could retrieve the key.
But his fury was so intense, he revelled in the prospect.
With a terrifying bellow, he launched himself at the pirate captain.
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The Source

The Vulture and the Hawk were closing in on the bay over which the Temple stood. The immense Vulture had been visible on the horizon for almost a day now, and the Rabbibunnies were almost petrified. Only six clans' fleets had been mustered, close to forty ships, but these presented no match for the heavily armed War Galleon. Rabbibunny ships were built for speed and agility, matching the Rabbibunnies themselves, so each one was small and sleek and carried only light and portable weapons. It would take at least another hundred like them to defeat the Vulture and the Hawk together. The Satir clan were the only to have experimented with larger and heavier ships, but their Sorcisi reported that they were still some time away from arrival. They were going to have to try and use their superior speed and agility to win the battle.
Sorcisa Magesta Avelia was making final arrangements for battle. They would need to make the most of their magical abilities in combat, since the traditional armaments on the ships were so much smaller than the pirates'.
'Each ship will carry three or four Sorcisi or Wizards. One of the Sorcisi will concentrate on communicating with the other Sorcisi, and with me and my team within the Temple. The others will attack the pirate ships. The Southern Wizards have the longest range, with their Magic Balls, so they will be kept behind the front line. Lightning Spells may be powerful but take time and energy, so should be kept for emergencies. Are there any questions?'
The ranks of Sorcisi and Wizards had heard Avelia's briefing many times before, so the plan was clear to all of them. Each one knew the situation was grim; they had just a few ships with which to protect Twinsun from LeBourgne's total control. But they were determined that they would fight as hard as they could.
Urgent cries came from the watchtowers in the town, and Avelia put her hands to her head as she was magically contacted. Her expression darkened, and she raised her voice to the crowd around her.
'The pirates have entered the harbour,' she said in an almost distressed voice. 'Hurry!'
And with that, the Wizards and Sorcisi ran through the streets of the small town, towards the boats docked at the edge of the harbour. The Wizards and the Sorcisi Alti were able to transport themselves magically, directly into the ships. As the Wizards entered the boats, their crews made a confused hurry to rush the boat out into the harbour. They left one by one and went straight into their planned formation.
The galleon and the raid craft, both many times larger than the Rabbibunny vessels, opened fire from an incredible distance, using their huge metal cannons. The Wizards were able to take out some of the cannons with long, sustained Magic Ball attacks, but one of the smaller craft was hit. The cannonball was almost half the size of the craft itself, and the poor vessel and its crew were splintered across the width of the harbour. The crew of the ship had been over fifty Rabbibunnies.
But still, the Rabbibunny ships sailed on, slicing through the water at an incredible speed. The galleon was moving against the wind, and so was literally inching forward. After only a few minutes, the Rabbibunny craft were already darting around the larger warships, attempting to puncture the lower hulls with their cannons and magical attacks. Some of the pirate crew were picked off with arrows or Magic Ball shots from the windows or decks of the ships, but the ships were so thickly armoured that it was impossible to do enough damage to them.
With a sickening crunch of wood, another Rabbibunny craft was crushed under a vast cannonball, and sunk without a trace. The screams of the stricken Sorcisi aboard carried magically to every Wizard and Sorcisa in the harbour, and they shuddered in fear.
The pirate ships were hardly damaged. The Rabbibunnies were in desperate need of help - or of a miracle.

Hégésippe had pushed LeBourgne against the oaken table, but LeBourgne was stronger and more experienced. The Heir was soon being driven back across the chamber, receiving more cuts and slashes. He had realised some time before that the pirate captain was a much better-trained, faster and more agile sword fighter, and it was only a matter of time before Hégésippe was impaled on the sword. He had no chance of escape; he had locked the door himself, and the only other exit was... the gaping smashed window.
A number of decks below, a huge explosion ripped into the hull as the ship's huge gunpowder storage was hit with a deadly lightning spell. The chamber rocked wildly, and both fighters were thrown from their feet.
Hégésippe felt blood trickle down his forehead as he got up, and he found he was a little unsteady on his feet. But LeBourgne had not yet pulled himself upright. Hégésippe dragged the captain over to the window, ready to throw him out. But the pirate struggled, and, leaping from the floor, lashed out at Hégésippe with an almighty kick to the head. The Heir was sent reeling back to the deck, black spots dancing across his vision...

Another three ships - close to two hundred and fifty lives already - had been lost. They had been blasted by cannonballs, set fire to with flaming arrows and even crushed beneath the vast ships' gigantic hulls. The pirates' progress towards the Temple had hardly been slowed. Although Lightning Spells had left gaping holes in both ships' sides, the Wizards were spent and couldn't push themselves to cast any more. Other magical attacks had done nothing but leave burn marks on the outside of the vessels' bulkheads.
'Pise qui ci diviriam laxir,' came Avelia's disembodied voice to the Sorcisi on the ships. 'Pertem troppi viti!'
'What has Avelia said to you?' asked Her'aooc between hefty throws of his Magic Ball, shouting above the din of the sea battle.
One of the Sorcisi on the ship with him, said, 'she is wondering whether to give up.'
'We can't!' cried Her'aooc, horrified. 'LeBourgne cannot gain control of the Source!'
But the Rabbibunny wasn't listening. A bright grin, of relief and joy, had spread across her face. Her'aooc turned to look through her open window. At the mouth of the harbour were three large, sleek Rabbibunny vessels, each nearly as large as the Hawk. They bore impressive cannons, much more modern than those of the pirate ships. Even with their immense white sails down, moving against the wind, they managed to move faster than the pirates.
Cries of joy echoed both normally and magically from the Rabbibunny ships. 'Barqui Saxiani! Arrivunt!' the Rabbibunnies cried.
The Hawk was responding to the newcomers. Pirates in the deep belly of the craft put out long oars and pulled the ship round. It turned, slowly and ponderously, and opened fire.
As the smaller craft picked of the oarsmen, who were now exposed, the larger craft fired their impressive weaponry at the pirate vessels. Their impact on the thick wooden bulkheads was devastating. The dark wooden walls simply collapsed under the power of the Rabbibunny cannons, and stricken crew fell screaming from the upper decks into the sea.
Her'aooc was bewildered as quick, urgent instructions in the Rabbibunny language flashed magically in his head. They were meant for the crews of the larger Rabbibunny ships, which were apparently of the Satir clan whose name he had heard before.
For some reason, the smaller Rabbibunny ships had gathered together behind the Hawk, and the Satir ships had concentrated their firepower on it. To the surprise of the Wizards, the Rabbibunny craft began to push the Hawk! Because the Hawk had turned around and hoisted its sails, the push helped it to gather speed at an alarming rate. The large ships continued to fire at the stern of the Hawk, even though destruction was raining down on them from the more powerful Vulture.
And all too late, the pirates saw the Rabbibunnies' plan...

The deep, thunderous booms shuddered through the ship as the Satir cannons fired into it. The deck below Hégésippe's feet creaked ominously and he wondered how long it would hold his weight. He was almost sure the previous explosion had wiped out the deck below...
The shuddering was so severe now that the sword fight had almost stopped; both Quetches were finding it difficult simply to stay upright. Hégésippe had not shook his dizziness, and he knew that the minute LeBourgne could walk again, he would easily be killed.
And with that thought, the thundering stopped. For some reason, the Satir ships had stopped firing on the Vulture. With a smile, LeBourgne jumped up, almost completely uninjured, and grinned. Hégésippe managed to pull himself from the floor but stood groggily, unable to keep his balance.
'This fight will soon be over,' taunted LeBourgne.

The Hawk was speeding towards the vast wooden flank of the Vulture.
The pirates on the decks were in a state of panic. The tiller mechanisms in both ships had been severely damaged, and there was nothing either crew could do. Some of them were desperately diving into the sea, only to be crushed by the keels of other ships speeding in the harbour. Others simply stood transfixed as the other ship rushed nearer.
And with a horrific crash that reverberated every heart in the harbour, the Hawk dived headlong into the side of LeBourgne's flagship.

Hégésippe and LeBourgne were flung together to the ceiling as the impact shuddered through the galleon. A sickening lurch, followed by another and another, had the Quetches tossed like rag dolls as the hull came apart. The whole chamber was turned on its side, and the fighting Quetches were lay on its wall. The locked entrance to the room was now far above them. Hégésippe could hardly make anything out in the chaos of the ruined chamber, but he could see, caught on the key in the door lock above him, the captain's chain holding his key.
Hégésippe tried to reach up to it, but before he could even pull himself upright, a terrifying sensation of descending came over him. The ship is sinking, he realised - and as if to confirm his fears, water began seeping in through the door of the next room.
Hégésippe realised his one chance was to escape through the smashed window. But he had to retrieve the key first! He couldn't let it fall into the hands of LeBourgne.
Suddenly, the ship lurched again, and the water that had been seeping was now gushing. The door to the next of LeBourgne's chambers burst, and murky seawater roared into the room. The pressure of the water from both inside and outside the ship was pulling the hull apart, and the windowframe was actually coming loose from the bulkhead. Hégésippe knew the ship was sinking at an alarming rate, and he had to escape quickly.
He felt something pull on his robe. It was LeBourgne, trying to climb up towards the chain holding the key. He put his foot on the once-fine table to reach it, but the sodden table collapsed beneath him and he was sent sprawling to the floor - this time, deep underwater. But LeBourgne seemed crazed, and tried again to climb up to the door above them.
'There's no time!' cried Hégésippe. 'We have to escape!' Hégésippe tried to pull the pirate away, and position himself between him and the key, hanging above them.
But the almost demonic madness that had taken over LeBourgne would not subside; it shone brightly in his eyes. Hégésippe hardly had time to react before the captain had plunged his cold, silver sword through him.
The pain disappeared almost as quickly as it had begun, leaving Hégésippe with only a cold, sick feeling. The chaos around Hégésippe, as LeBourgne's devastated chamber came apart around them, calmed as Hégésippe slowly sank beneath the water.
LeBourgne finally managed to grasp the key as the deck was crushed, and the far wall of the room rushed to meet him. He sank with the Heir's body, still clutching his prize.

As the last traces of the ravaged pirate galleon disappeared beneath the surface, leaving behind only a layer of splintered, broken wood pieces, a deafening, joyful cheer arose from the Rabbibunnies.
"god bless european unity
...and all those who never sleep
- kirsty maccoll
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In the beginning

The Mother had been kind to her Child; the Child had her own magical shell, and two suns to nurture and warm it, where most Children had only one sun, and sometimes only a vague nebula to protect them. This was a special Child, and the Mother had known it.
The Child's first throes of life were violent, and the space around her distorted and stretched as she strove for the first time to fit into the dimensions of the universe. The energies radiating from her were so intense that new reactions began in her corona, within her shell. Fuelled by the uncontrolled life force of the Child itself, the reactions became stable and began to develop on their own. An incredible magical ecosystem had been born.

Seven hundred and seventy years before Little Big Adventure

The Great Imperial Hall, vast as it was, was dominated by the presence of the Heir. Nearly every Wizard in the Southern Hemisphere - all Quetches - were present, but they found it hard to concentrate on the High Wizard Ker'aooc's speech. All eyes were drawn to the Heir, by her stunning beauty, her fame and her incredible magical power. The poets and authors in the Quetches' Empire had compared her to the Angels in ancient tales; not only because of her loveliness, but because, like the mythical Angels, her might made the Wizards feel as if they were physically being pushed back to the walls.
The ceremony was almost complete; as Ker'aooc finished his dry and tedious oration, he stepped back, and the angelic Heir stepped forward. Four Apprentices had passed their final tests, and had been admitted to the rank of Wizard, and she would formally give them the rank of Wizard.
'I, Heiress on Twinsun of the Glorious Sendells,' intoned the Heir, 'hereby declare that the four Apprentices before me are ready, in skill and in strength, to forge their own paths as Wizards. The High Quetch Council, with the High Wizards, is gratified to accept them into the Order of Wizardry.'
Each new Wizard passed before the Heir to make the mark of respect, and took their new rightful position as junior Wizards, at the back of the hall. The High Wizard rose, slightly unsteady on his old legs, and recited their names as they did so.
'Davi, Julia, Marc and Saul. You have now become Dav'aooc, Juli'ooc, Marc'ooc and Saul'aooc of the Order of Wizardry!' he called. 'You are the newest guardians of order and peace, in the Quetch Empire on Twinsun.'
And as the last former apprentice, Saul, stepped towards the Heir, the hall erupted in applause. The Heir's shocked gasp, as her eyes met with the young Quetch's, was lost in the noise. As he almost skipped to the back of the hall in triumph, her dark, searching eyes followed him.

And as the Child showed the first sparks of intelligence, these sparks snapped out to each and every one of the tiny lives that basked in her corona. And they grew further still, developing senses and minds of their own. Almost every one of the life forms showed nothing but love for the entity that had given them life.
But with the Child's first throbs of intelligence came her first tendrils of malice and greed. A handful of the tiny magical lives had inherited their intelligence from a darker depth of the Child. They fled from the Child's bright corona, to the relative shadows on the inner surface of the shell. Away from the love of the Child, their evolution was slow and corrupted.

'My Lady Heiress, the Imperial Centre is foundering,' stated one of the senior advisors, in urgent tones. 'Proxima Island is in drought, and its farmlands can no longer support our Capital, Lupin Island. If the Lupin Palace is insecure, we cannot control our troops on Belooga Island, and on the Island of the Spheros.'
The Heir, the radiant Zera, frowned, and looked to the smartly dressed Admiral-General Talar, who sat to her right. Because of the Empire's unabated military success, his advice was always the most valued in council.
'I must concur, Lady Zera,' he said in his deep, resonant voice. 'We cannot afford to let this drought loosen our grip on the Hemisphere. The war with the Rabbibunnies is going well for us, but the clans redouble their efforts in every battle. If Lupin or Proxima Island became unruly again, we would have to move troops South, and we could very well lose Clear Water Lake to the enemy.'
Zera spent a moment in thought, as the other council members nodded in agreement. 'What options are available to us?' she finally asked.
The Imperial Minister, a senior bureaucrat, spoke straight away. 'The Grobos, my Lady Heiress. The Belooga Island farmlands have continued to be productive. They could easily feed Lupin and Proxima Islands.'
The Admiral-General was quick to agree. 'We have spent the past six months removing pockets of resistance from the island. There are virtually no Grobos left with the will or equipment to fight us. We should not expect too many riots when they find out.'
'But Lady Zera!' cried a somewhat junior minister, from the back of the council chamber. All eyes turned in surprise as the young Quetch spoke. 'Only a week ago, hundreds of Grobos were sent back home from Proxima Island. They had been working the farms until the new magical systems were installed. The island will need more food than ever!'
'But the Empire must come first!' asserted Ker'aooc, the High Wizard.
Zera had had enough advice; she now wanted to take command. 'I have decided. Mr. Felix,' she nodded to the Imperial Minister, 'you will organise the Belooga food president and the cutting of the Grobos' rations. This may cause problems for the Belooga occupation but the Imperial Centre has to take priority.'
A number of junior ministers opened their mouths in horror, but the Heir silenced them with a curt wave of her hand.
'The debate is closed, councillors. The time is now for action.' And in a burst of electric blue light, she disappeared from the Council chamber.

On the surface of the Shell, life also began to grow. The gravity of the Child had attracted water, atmosphere and other elements to it, and the conditions were ideal for intelligent life to flourish. In four different corners of the planet, four sapient species began; the Quetches, the Grobos, the Spheros and the Rabbibunnies.
And as the species began to venture towards the poles of the planet, they met the magical creatures who lived inside. The simple organic species were overawed by their powers, and even as they themselves learned the science of Magic, they looked up to the creatures as goddesses. In the ancient Quetch culture, they were mistakenly thought to be the founders of life: '
Sæn-dal,' in their own tongue.
But just as these 'Sendells' interacted with the surface species, their darker cousins were able to contact the more corrupt members of their fledgling societies. They too taught their subjects the science of their own Magic.
And the wars that ensued ravaged the planet. Every day, Dark would clash with Light. Every day, the skies would burn and the land would heave. Every day, thousands died horrible, screaming deaths.

'He is broken, Sendell!' cried the Heir. Her distress was a great contrast from the detached cool she had shown in public. 'How can this be? You told me that only my line of Heirs would have a broken soul. Only I! How can I maintain order and peace on the surface if you are allowing other Wizards to match my power?'
'Calm yourself, Zera,' said the Sendell, through the electric blue glass of the Ball. Although Twinsun's 'goddesses' were generally tranquil and compassionate, the Sendell had snapped at the Heir. 'We do not know how this Quetch - Saul'aooc - has had his natural restriction removed. We have had no plans to give anyone except our Heir unlimited access to our Source.'
'Then how -'
'It is your responsibility to find out, Heir. This could spell great danger for Twinsun and the life on it. If there are more broken Wizards, the Stellar Entity could be endangered once again. And her Mother would not give Twinsunian life another chance.'
'Sendell...' The Heir took a breath and continued nervously. 'Could the Mother's restriction be finally breaking down? If it is, what hope do we have?'
The Sendell's voice became icy and lost its last traces of compassion. 'The Mother is infallible, Zera,' she said, with an almost frightening conviction.
Before Zera could reply, the Ball of the Sendells darkened, and the activity within it stilled. Zera felt a pang of apprehension; she couldn't remember a time when the Sendells had been unable to guide her. They had always known how Twinsun needed to be saved! But this time, she was on her own.

The species of Twinsun perfected their Magical science to a hideous degree. Their terrible spells would stretch so far into the flows of magic, that they would touch the heart of the Child.
Her screams were terrible. They thundered through the Magical fields, harrowing, desperate wails. She had given only love and warmth, and was feeling only pain and suffering.
But this Child was a unique one, a special one. The Mother came back for her, something she had only rarely done before. Her maternal anger had her poised to crush all life, magical and organic, from her Shell completely.
As they felt her immense presence draw near, the Sendells talked to the Mother, and calmed her, and showed her that so much life on the Magical planet was innocent, and full of love for her Child. The Mother was persuaded. She removed the taint of Dark Magic from the planet, and locked a natural restriction into the souls of every one of the surface dwellers - they would only have limited use of her Child's magic. She charged the Sendells with making sure her Child was safe and cared for.
But the Dark Magic, though removed, would seep back from the Child in time.

The relentless summer sun was setting on Belooga City, almost two weeks after the Heir's fateful decision. The subjugated Grobo city had been quieter than ever before. Hundreds of Grobos lay weak and ill in their beds, and many more spent their days caring for their ill with almost panicked worry. Whilst the Quetches in the Imperial Centre were fed well, the Grobos were starving to death.
The Quetches guarding the city were few, but they met little resistance. They didn't bother to hide the fact that they were taking more of the Grobos' food than the Heir had decreed. The Quetches had dominated the Hemisphere for generations, believing themselves to be superior to all other species; in their opinion, the Quetches deserved the food more than the Grobos anyway.
Jerome and Guillaume, Grobo brothers from the outer districts of Belooga City, had watched their sister die today. Not even a year old, the family hadn't had enough food to feed her, and she had gasped her last breath in pain.
In the square outside their house, friends and family had come to offer condolences to the brothers and their parents. Even passers-by joined the growing crowd, to give sympathy to the family.
But the mood changed quickly from sadness to anger. A group of angry Grobos arrived, bringing with them news from the immense supply galleon docked in the Belooga port. To fill it quickly, the Quetches were taking foodstuffs from wherever they could. Including the Grobos' rations. Many Grobos had come to collect their provisions, only to watch desperately as they were loaded onto the Quetch ship.
Other families joined the crowd to talk about their ill families and their dying friends. Money was scarce, too, and no fewer than one in five Grobos were forced to find a friend who would take them in, or sleep in the streets at night.
Word spread through the city, but as it did it was exaggerated beyond the truth. Young and reckless Grobos arrived expecting a full-scale rebellion, armed with simple slings, kitchen knives, tools and anything else they could find.
Barely three hours had passed before Quetch soldiers marched towards the throng of Grobos, haughty and arrogant.
'People of Belooga City!' roared one of the guards. 'You will follow the Heir's quest for peace and order, and return home immediately!' The guards drew their shining swords, and held them ready.
Some of the Grobos looked around apprehensively. But none moved. The armed Grobos snarled at the guards, but stood where they were.
But Guillaume had lost one of the most important things in his life, and he was no longer afraid of the arrogant Imperials.
'Peace and order doesn't mean we go without food. If that is what the Heir wants then the Grobos want no part of Her quest.'
No words, no warning, not even an expression or feeling on the part of the soldier. He just brought his sword arcing through the air.
The innocent Grobo's head rolled across the cobbles and stared blankly back towards the crowd.
Jerome gasped in shock and ran towards his slain brother. He screamed hysterically, and looked at the guard with madness in his eyes. With a primal roar he launched himself at him. With his powerful arms he pounded at the guard's head before he'd had time to react. The Quetch fell heavily to the floor, his skull crushed and blood forming a dark puddle across the square.
The anger of the Grobos had been set loose. The strong, brave species felt no fear at times like this. They rushed towards the pocketful of guards and attacked viciously, fuelled by years of hatred. Only one other Grobo man died; the frenzied crowd managed to kill all five guards themselves.
But it didn't stop there. The chaos of the battle had attracted all townspeople within hearing range. The angry madness was infectious and passed from Grobo to Grobo like a virus.
They would not rest until more Quetch blood had been spilled.

Even the Sendells found this difficult. Over time, the four species' societies filled more and more with avarice and evil. They would stop at nothing to gain control of more and more magic.
So they decided one surface-dweller would take control of the peacekeeping. The chosen one would need to be a hero. They chose a brave, worthy Quetch from Lupin Island, and they broke his soul.
He writhed in pain for three days.
By the fourth day, his pain had subsided enough for him to feel another new sensation: Magic coursed through his veins as never before!
His unparalleled power drove him to intervene in every battle of every war he could find on Twinsun. The people followed him as their hero, and he and his line became known as the Heirs.

Zera cast a complex but light spell over her heavy, dark cloak as she padded through the night. It would help her avoid recognition or notice from passers-by, and hopefully even from other Wizards.
She sneaked silently through the access gates of the Temple of Magic on Lupin Island. As she had predicted, the Wizards had just finished their midnight service to the Sendells, and were returning to their quarters. She had no trouble finding Saul'aooc; to the Heir, his broken soul was like a beacon, pointing him out to her. As his serious, almost arrogant face passed through the torchlight, she could almost make out a twisted smile on his lips.
The new Wizard returned to his chamber, and thanks to her spell, he didn't notice he was being followed. He quietly shut the door behind him, but the Heir was able to weave another, even more complex spell, to hear inside the room.
Strangely, she could hear two voices in the room. One was unmistakably Saul'aooc's, but she hadn't heard the other before. Like a Sendell's voice, it was ethereal and light, but unlike the Sendells', it was icy and unemotional.
'War is coming, Great One,' came Saul'aooc's voice through Zera's spell. 'The ideal opportunity to put forward our plans.'
'Excellent,' came the unearthly voice in reply. 'With my supervision, your experiments have finally been successful. And now that you are an official Wizard, you will be able to present your devices to the Council when it convenes for war. You have served us well, Saul Abanda.'
The supernatural voice slowly faded, like a Sendell's voice when the Ball was closing. Zera let her spell dissipate. Had she been hearing a Sendell's voice through a Ball? The Sendells had assured her that they had created only one Ball.
Again, the Heir was anxious. There were more unanswered questions.

The Dark Magic took only a few hundred years to return, and when it did, the Dark Sendells became strong again. Through the shadows of Twinsun they searched, finding Wizards and followers to convert to their own side. But every time, the Heir would defeat them. The Heir's incredible power would crush the Dark Sendells' followers at every turn.
But Dark Magic was now flowing from the heart of the Child as if it had never been quenched, and one of the baneful creatures began to realise how strong she had become. She found a powerful but young Quetch, who was studying under the Quetch Wizards in the Southern Hemisphere, and she used his ambition to open him to her taint. And when the time was right, the young Quetch submitted to her power.
She tore his soul.

With an incredible explosion that sent Quetches and Grobos alike flying through the air, the Imperial supply galleon blew apart. A group of Grobos had fought their way aboard and turned the ship's own explosive weapons on it. And on the shore, the fighting continued. The streets were strewn with Quetch and Grobo corpses, and the air was thick with the scent of blood.
Jerome's anger had driven him to slay Quetch after Quetch with his bare hands, and he had inspired a legion of equally angry Grobos to follow him. If he shouted an order, they would follow; the rebellion was becoming organised and strategic.
Jerome was presently rallying more Grobos to his band. 'We have to show them they are not our masters!' he bellowed to all the Grobos who could hear him. This was no longer simply a fight for survival; the Grobos wanted revenge. The entire population of Belooga City was out hunting the Quetches.
The Empire had been arrogant; only a handful of guards had been stationed on the island. Those who were left had retreated to the mountains in the centre of the island.
Messengers were sent to the Grobos in outlying ports and villages. The Quetches had been killed; the Grobos must resist, and rebel. The time had come to show the Heir that the Grobos would not be subjugated.
"god bless european unity
...and all those who never sleep
- kirsty maccoll
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Woah, talk about Fanfic bombardment.

I remember some of these from days past -_-

I'll read them when I have time.

Nice to hear from you again Kieron! You're a writter, but its good from time to time to be the reader too.

There are certain new works which have been updated since you were last here.

Check out the "New & Old flicks" for the latest, worth-while to read stuff. -_-
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It's really good from what I've read so far.
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just read a little bit, sounds great i'll read more in the morning...
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Maybe an idea for a game?
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