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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2006-01-23, 15:07
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Twinsun Café Duo Discography

Twinsun Café Duo Discography:

Twinsun Café Band were formed on Tippet Island's nightclub Twinsun Cafe, as a Sphero like creature from Desert Island with drums, and a Rabbibunny from The Hamalayis with an electric guitar met each other.

The other band members were a Rabbibunny from Desert Island with a flute, and another Rabbibunny from Desert Island on acousting guitar.

Twinsun Café was a place, where DJ's from all over the planet played, and Twinsun Cafe Band had also performed with their mix of funk, folk, pop and rock songs.

After the and had performed on various nightclubs and café's on Twinsun, were they going to play tbeir first outdoor concert on Desert Island, and also on nightclubs on ferries.

The concert were held at midnight on New Years Eve by Bald Mountain to celebrate their first album, as a light and laser show were sat up.

The music video's from the album were recorded in the Hamalayis mountains, Desert Island, the caves in Citadel Island, and some film studios in Citadel Island, Brundle Island and Tippet Island.

Later on were Twinsun Café Band's album sold on the neighbour planet Zeelich, and the band held both outdoor and indoor tours around the planet.

The guest stars in the band were Twinsen, who played on horn, and sang, as the Monk's wife performed with song too, and Twinsun Café Band had also made an album for kids, as the pupils from the school on Citadel Island sang.

The band had also performed concerts in churches, casino's, parks and beaches on both the planets, and later on the safari planet called Zirla.

Twinsun Café Band's many concerts were released on a double CD, where a DVD with their New Years Eve concert from Desert Island were included, and a little discography book where included on the album.

The tour ended on Celebration Island with another concert at midnight, and the two creatures had recorded their other albums in their new studio in the Wannie village.

Twinsun Café Band won an Eurovision inspired song contest on Zirla, as they performed for Twinsun with a folk song.

The band played folk and rock music for award winning scores to independent and art movies from Twinsun, Zeelich and Zirla for museums, cinema and direct to video, as the Rabbibunny with the flute made a solo New Age album.
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Old 2006-01-24, 02:00
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Very nice, man~
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Old 2006-03-11, 18:46
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Let's make LBA 3 happen!
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its much very long to read
Little Big Adventure deserves more attention so I've made two video reviews!
LBA 1: http://youtu.be/9g0HlBOE00I
LBA 2: http://youtu.be/P6KLXBCU60s
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Old 2006-03-12, 08:52
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I liked it.
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