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Old 2001-06-21, 13:07
CrazyBee's Avatar
CrazyBee CrazyBee is offline
it hurts
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Location: Roaming Eastern Zealand of Denmark
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[School stuff]
We just get a new class room! And it's soon spring vecation!
I just get some old C-64's from Vorbasse School!
[/School stuff]

Vorbasse - the best thing i can trans. to is - Ourbase(Or something)

Í dont wanna be in the RPGLBA project! I am veary busy in making of my own game, C' N Bee's Adventure - The little kidnap!

[C' N Bee's Adventure - The little kidnap]
The game plot:
My and Fraggi is trying to clone Fraggi's cousin, Simon(He is a dumbass ape freak) to a new and better boy called Simone!

But something went wrong! And then i figure out that the breakfeast we just eat is for old! So we just walk away from Simon and the clone Simone!

The day after(in game):
Fraggi is going out to buy a pizza but he bean kidnaped of Simone!
I dont want to tell more...

Fraggi and Simon(Real name, him in the game too) trying to translate it
[/C' N Bee's Adventure - The little kidnap]
[[Jakob alloc] init];

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Old 2001-06-21, 23:04
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CS2x CS2x is offline
master of electronica
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Originally posted by Jesse
Yes defenitly.

But uhm. I so nor work with midi files. How the *** do you compose midi?

Since I still not own a synth I do not need Cubase yet.

I make mp3 files.

I have 1 theme that could fit something like a battle theme.

But maybe it is different.

I need to make a shorter version of it. The current version is around 5 mb.

So I need to remix it to 2 minutes.

Besides, what kind of synths do you recommend?

I have a list of the synths owned by The Prodigy (wich are great)

Well, depends what you wanna do, and how much you want to spend. If you want to create some totally unique, differnt, phat sounds of your
own, then the Korg MS2000 is for you...however, it can only play four notes at a time, so you'll need another synth to back it up; a CS2x has great MIDI (can do 64 notes at a time) and great sound creation. CS26=around £1000, and MS2000 around £600. Of course, if you can't spend that much, you could get a CS2x like me, and/or a Korg NEX, two different but great synths. The Korg NEX is better for MIDI and is more practical, but the CS2x allows you to make more individual sounds; note that the CS2x and CS6x are both really aimed towards techno, ambient, or dance musicians.
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Old 2001-06-22, 00:40
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Medur Medur is offline
LBA fan
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Location: São Paulo, Brazil
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Originally posted by FireBall2K
Can I be a beta tester?
Anyway, about the RPG: I´m not at the vacations yet, they should start in 2 weeks. I´ll probably work very slow in the project before they: study things, you know. When they come, i´ll work all the day. I maded the map and started to make Cidatel: a good RM game take time.
The Music Producers: unhappinnes RPG Maker just accepts MIDI, i can´t use mp3. And i think this way is better, ´cause a game with mp3s will be very big.
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Old 2001-06-22, 00:57
Neko's Avatar
Neko Neko is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 8,591
That is fine with me. But how wo I convet my stuff to midi?
Thanks for the info.
But I would like some synths for Prodigy look alike, dark melodies. And a sort of drum and bass thing.
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Old 2001-06-22, 18:00
CS2x's Avatar
CS2x CS2x is offline
master of electronica
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: London
Posts: 1,983
See my post. It's impossible on the converter programmes, they don't really work.
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Old 2001-06-22, 19:22
Neko's Avatar
Neko Neko is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 8,591
Then count me out. I do not compose midi yet.

Although I am busy with some serious drum & bass shit.
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Old 2016-11-17, 14:32
Bunnyrabbit Bunnyrabbit is offline
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