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Old 2005-05-31, 18:14
Cyberg-Ares's Avatar
Cyberg-Ares Cyberg-Ares is offline
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Please explain fighting games.

Well, it appears that I once again managed to get myself into quite a flaming (against me) discussion, in another forum. It was about fighting games. Now, I don't own any fighting games besides Super Smash Bros. Melee, and the once I have tried (Tekken 2/3/tag/4, Soul Blade and Street Fighter) while fun, seemed quite stupid and pretty much just based on button mashing.

My idea of fighting games didn't suit these guys very well, seeing as I said I only thought SSBM allowed for somewhat more intelligent fights, resempling those we see in cool movies. Now, seeing how angry these guys became, I suppose I've slept while fighting games became impressive, so please, I can't ask these guys this, but please explain what it is that makes fighting games after Tekken 4, more open for matrix like battles, and less pure button-mashing, because, if these fighting games really have changed, then sure, I'll say sorry to those other guys, and maybe buy one of this "good" games.
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Old 2005-05-31, 19:13
Rex_Hollywood's Avatar
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I don't play much fighting games, but Tekken isn't button-mashing. There are loads of moves you can do with the right combination.

Heh, I thought this thread talks about the plot in fighting games. I stared at Tekken's FMVs and I have no clue what they are supposed to mean.
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Old 2005-05-31, 19:32
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Never got into any fighting game myself.
I can see the huge production costs go into them, but I dont see the appeal.

Its either button-bashing OR (if your good) memorising combinations or buttons.

Neither appeals to me, not mater how pretty the graphics or how many bounceing breasts they have. (yes, DOA, Im looking at you)
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Old 2005-05-31, 19:45
RafaeL's Avatar
RafaeL RafaeL is offline
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i think most of them are a matter of memorising combinations, but some let you build your own without having them memorised.
and in some games it's hard to beat an opponent who knows the combinations, while others are really button smashing. for example, in Tekken if you fight against someone who masters certain character, it gets really hard to beat him with button-smashing.

try last blade for the neo-geo, it's not all about button smashing, you must know when to defend and counter-attack, so you can't "rush" into your opponent pushing every button.

I like fighting games, but, except last blade, SSB, and a few others, I don't look for games which require strategy, but for the ones which have cool endings/fatalities lol
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Fear the Sendell power
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Old 2005-05-31, 21:05
Cyberg-Ares's Avatar
Cyberg-Ares Cyberg-Ares is offline
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So, it is just the combos that people think makes them good?
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Old 2005-05-31, 21:39
hobmoblin's Avatar
hobmoblin hobmoblin is offline
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Soul Caliber and Street Fighter are the best fighting games I reckon, Tekken and DOA suck except for the boobs. SSBM is great for the multiplayer.
The Gnarly Panda.
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Old 2005-05-31, 22:31
Reek's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Cyberg-Ares
So, it is just the combos that people think makes them good?
No offense, but I can see why you were flamed.
You're hinting (and not with much subtlety I might add) that fighting games are stupid, and that people who value you them are somehow wrong.

Good fighting games (like Tekken) are about memorizing combos, having the coordination to pull the complex ones off, have good timing, predicting your opponent's moves, having quick reflexes, quick planning, and misleading your opponent.

I hope you'll take my word for it, as someone who played many fighting games and invested time getting good at them, that these games require just as much thinking strategy games, if only a different kind of thinking.
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Old 2005-05-31, 22:40
Double-J's Avatar
Double-J Double-J is offline
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The only good "fighting" games (imho) are those that simulate "real" fighting, such as boxing (EA's "Fight Night" comes to mind). Other than that, Super Smash Bros. is the only one I ever really got into. I also liked Smackdown! for PS2, but that's more of a wrestling game, I guess.

Last edited by Double-J; 2005-05-31 at 22:55.
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Old 2005-05-31, 23:57
Cyberg-Ares's Avatar
Cyberg-Ares Cyberg-Ares is offline
Little Bastard Warrior.
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Denmark
Posts: 1,856
Anakin: Well I can see that in single player, it works great, being able to perform some cool moves, but I just don't think you get a real fight going duo (note that the fighting games I've tried didn't feature blocking systems that worked very well, except Soul Blade) to your inablility to defend, resulting in either:
a: Your opponent has a single attack he can perform so fast that you are locked in a constant attack by him that doesn't end till your dead
b: he gets you in a combo and there's nothing you can do to stop the death ahead.
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Old 2005-06-01, 07:31
DedalousDiggle DedalousDiggle is offline
Magic Ball Master
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It all depends on how you play them and who you play them with, it can be really fun and challenging to play a fighting game (My personal fav being Soul Calibur 2) when both you and the person you're playing against are good at the game.

But there are usually some characters that can just be button mashed to victory, like Raphael in SC. Just press Y over and over and over again until the other guy's dead. But once you get good enough with blocking and dodging, even that won't get you.
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Old 2005-06-01, 09:24
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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You don't know fighting games unless you play Soul Calibur.

It demands heavy duty strategy.
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Old 2005-06-01, 11:24
the_angry_monkey's Avatar
the_angry_monkey the_angry_monkey is offline
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I'm not a big fighting game fan. I bought Soul Calibur 2 which was largely a case of using Link then doing, Bow, Bomb, Charge out of ring... Far too easy! However I did enjoy Soul Blade when with my cousins and also somewhat peversely Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha....which is by far my favourite fighting game ever for some reason. I still wou;dn't play one alone though
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Old 2005-06-01, 13:52
wacko's Avatar
wacko wacko is offline
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Soul Calibur is lovely. I played it a bunch of times with a friend last summer vacation and since neither of us ever played the game before we were equal in skills, also as we gradually got better at it. The basics come down to knowing a few simple combinations 'that work', and then applying them to your enemy with good timing.

The most challenging thing imo is when an enemy is constantly attacking you and you're forced to stay blocked all the time, to find an opening and counter-attack. It's pretty hard to get out of a block like that.

Soul Calibur happens to have a lot of diverse characters with very different fighting styles, for example if you're fighting an enemy with a long spear as weapon you need to keep your distance and adjust your tactics accordingly.

I never really got into fighting games either and Soul Calibur is one of the few ones I somewhat like, I don't own the game, but I really enjoy playing it with friends every once in a while.
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