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Old 2002-11-23, 20:48
ChaosFish's Avatar
ChaosFish ChaosFish is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Viking Mothership, Earth Simulator
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Exclamation Welcome Back MBN!!!

The MBN is back and I'm HAPPY.
For those who didn't know what was wrong here's an explanation by wacko:
20/11/2002 16:59 by wacko
Hello MBN members,

You might have noticed the MBN is down. As you probably know, the site is
hosted on El_Muerte's server which uses the college connection of the
University Twente. Well, this morning the central computers building with
switch and routing servers burned down for a large part.

I thought you'd like to know this, so I'm sending this mail to a lot of the
MBN members, thanks to Firephoenix who sent an email to all RMP members

What we currently know:

- El_Muerte is very likely safe. The burning building is far from the
student flats.
- No victims. No hazardous fumes.
- So very likely also no data loss on anything on El's servers.
- HP is supplying emergency network material
- We have no idea when UT will be back online

The IRC channel is still active. Feel free to visit anytime for current
Channel: #lba
Network: EFnet


~ wacko

--- More info -----------------------------------------------------------------------

First official newsbulletin (Dutch)
Second official newsbulletin (Dutch)
News posting on SlashDot
News posting on Dutch computers related website
Related forum thread (Dutch)
News posting on other Dutch website
I'm glad that El is ok, and more importantly: the MBN IS OK!

Mods are welcome to make this thread sticky.

Last edited by ChaosFish; 2002-11-23 at 20:55.
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Old 2002-11-23, 20:49
/LUkAS\ /LUkAS\ is offline
Magic Level: Green Ball
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Location: The PC in my bedroom :p
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Talking Yay!

Whoo Hoo!!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
[b]With Windows XP on the net is the same as a car parked in a bad part of the town, doors unlocked, the key in the ignition and a Post-It on the dash saying, "Please don't steal this."b]
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Old 2002-11-23, 20:50
Reek's Avatar
Reek Reek is offline
Party animal
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Location: israel
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Hope you didn't inhale to much smoke El!

Finally order is restored.
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Old 2002-11-23, 20:51
wacko's Avatar
wacko wacko is offline
Magic Ball Master
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 9,409
Er, yeah it's back, you addicted freaks
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Old 2002-11-23, 21:12
Double-J's Avatar
Double-J Double-J is offline
Magic Ball Master
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 14,953
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Old 2002-11-23, 21:18
wacko's Avatar
wacko wacko is offline
Magic Ball Master
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 9,409
Tragic moments today in #lba
(check the timestamps )
[18:56] <[wacko]> omg
[18:56] <[wacko]> mbn is aliiiive :p


[18:58] <ElMuerte-> the MBN is back
[18:58] <[wacko]> pas de merde ;)


[19:08] * [wacko] changes topic to 'It's alive!'


[19:10] <GAZogem> THE MBN'S BACK!


[19:12] <CrazyBee> is that fire real?


[19:15] <Homeless> YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




[19:29] <Anakkin> I'm so happy..
[19:31] <Anakkin> Group hug everyone!!


[19:39] <ChaosFish> but there still isn't MBN
[19:39] <ChaosFish> >:*(
[19:39] <Medur> [ChaosFish]: it has returned
[19:39] <ChaosFish> NO!
[19:39] <Assassin|> YES!
[19:39] <ChaosFish> GOD
[19:40] <ChaosFish> YOU'RE RIGHT!
[19:40] <ChaosFish> PARTY ON!
[19:40] <ChaosFish> :)
[19:40] <ChaosFish> :)
[19:40] <ChaosFish> :)
[19:40] <Assassin|> :D
[19:40] <Medur> ;)
[19:41] <ChaosFish> I'm making a Welcome Back MBN thread


[20:04] <SolidFlam> Is the MBN back?

Last edited by wacko; 2002-11-23 at 21:24.
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Old 2002-11-23, 21:41
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!
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Old 2002-11-24, 10:03
kaderoboy's Avatar
kaderoboy kaderoboy is offline
Local Pro (haha :p)
Join Date: Jul 2001
Posts: 6,129
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Lol at some of those time differences

Heh the MBN's an addictive drug, once you take it away, things start getting ugly
---[COLOR=orange-red]Art! or "Free Hardcore Porn" of course[/COLOR]---
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Link 9: Keds - Colourblindboy (Added 25/12/02)
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- Kadero
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Old 2002-11-24, 10:10
Assassin's Avatar
Assassin Assassin is offline
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We should be happy noone got hurt .
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Old 2002-11-24, 11:30
Homeless's Avatar
Homeless Homeless is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 3,934
Yay !!!

LBA Speedruns
Personal Best - LBA 1 - Any% PC - Time: 01h 04m 23s
Personal Best - LBA 1 - Any% Android - Time: 01h 04m 35s
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Old 2002-11-24, 11:55
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Simon Simon is offline
Pony A-sploded!
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I come from the land of taxes
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Old 2002-11-24, 18:17
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Firephoenix Firephoenix is offline
Wish of eternity...
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*Oh happy dayyyy...*
Live your life as if you had to die tomorrow.


Take a time to visit the Relentless Movie Project page.
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Old 2002-11-24, 19:59
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