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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2011-10-11, 20:17
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New interview ( Didier Chanfray )

A new interview of Didier Chanfray !

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Old 2011-10-11, 20:35
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Nice, can anyone translate it?
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Old 2011-10-11, 20:39
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"La réédition PC dématérialisée de Little Big Adventure est la première étape qui doit emmener Little Big Adventure vers son renouveau."

I'm not good for translate but it's good news !
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Old 2011-10-11, 20:42
TAurus TAurus is offline
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You can use google translate. Anyway and basically, they are thinking to remake LBA 1 & 2 on tablets, most likely iPad.
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Old 2011-10-11, 21:07
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Fantastic interview. Its great they have the rights back especialy

Finally it GoG.com that started it all. They had a concrete commitment (on the edge of harassment) and lots of patience.
(google translated)

I think we can take a little bit of credit there as we did get LBA up their voting list awhile back
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Old 2011-10-11, 23:14
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Very nice interview ... it's great to hear Didier talking with such enthusiasm about the presnt & future of LBA.
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Old 2011-10-12, 00:46
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I'll try to give you a translation :

Rumors about LBA return will not have well put for a long time before becoming a reality : The 2 episodes of the saga will be released on gog.com

since today, the first LBA will be available on the oldies selling website for 5.99€ 4.4 without taxes), in the exactly same version as on CDrom. The following, LBA2, will come soon at the same prize.

It's also occasion for us to discuss about those versions with his old artistic director : Didier Chanfray

G : Why did you release LBA now on gog? who get the initiative?
D : Becose since today, all conditions wasn't unified (disponibility, will,property). Finally GOG was the main actor, they had a strong will (near harcelement) and lot of patience. The dematerialised PC version is the first step to come to a rebirth of LBA.

G : Did LBA was modified for this return on gog?
D : Not at all, players who got an account on gog are passionned, they like to play original games, they like to discover this anti-conformist experience produced by old games

G : Who make this work? how much time did it take?
D : The GOG technical team, very expirimented in this domain, about the time, i don't know precisely, but i think it's about some days.

G : Could we wish a new episode of LBA or a remake on PC or another platform, as another world on IOS? Who how the franchise right (the copyright)?
D : With Frederick Raynal, we think about an IPAD remake (or another tactil pad) from LBA1 and 2, our ambition is to bring to public a comtaporain version where graphisms, accesibility(the level of dificulty) and ergonomy will be revisited, we'll took as much time as we need for this version, that will be an important step for the LBA rebirth.

The first condition for this rebirth was to obtain the copyrigh, and i'd like to thanks Philippe Delamarre, Delphine general director, who after resistance face to lot of editors, allows me to buy the licence thanks to my society Didier Chanfray SARL. Philippe knows my project, he knows how i work and my will to involve the first creation team in this crazy project. He trusted me and i'd like not to dissapoint him. We got all the cards now.

G : How do you explain the success of this licence and it aura(or will) on players? even 18 years after the release
D : About the LBA1 and 2 success, it's always difficult to answer to this question. All that i know is that i've never calculated that. we just made that with heart and we probably got lot ot things to say.
About the aura on players, even 18 years after the release, it's just inredible. It's the players themselves who create this emulation by their sites, publications, movies and other stuffs. Some passionated who were sensitive to this dreamlike universe which represent a part of us.
I love LBA, I love France !
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Old 2011-10-12, 07:04
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Thanks .
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Old 2011-10-12, 20:33
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Thanks from me too Vindish.

The dematerialised PC version is the first step to come to a rebirth of LBA.
Clearly the only remaining obstacle to a third game or remake/reboot is how well the re-releases sell.

Suitably good news for the 16000th thread!
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Old 2011-10-12, 20:39
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Great news, hopefully the gameplay and audience question is only for a Ipad reboot, but not actually for a eventual LBA3.
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Old 2011-10-12, 21:10
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So finally all the copyrights are where they belong! No excuse not to make LBA3 now.
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Old 2011-10-13, 22:32
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anti-conformist experience produced by old games
That's good news that if they make LBA 3, it maybe won't suck.
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