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Old 2013-02-23, 04:48
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Bacteria and you! The three nasties edition

Welcome to bacteria and you where we are gonna look at some of the nasty shit bacteria have to offer, as editing threads has a time limit I will just make this one on 3 of the most deadly bacteria the world has ever seen in most mamals. Where to find them, what they do, signs and how to avoid an encounter with them.

Bacillus Anthracis "Anthrax"

We shall start off with the bacteria that causes anthrax shall we? Anthrax is caused by the bacteria bacillus anthracis, a gram possitive rod shaped bactera, bacillus anthrax is found worldwide in soil. Anthrax is known to infect a wide varity of organisms, but is most problematic for ruminants (cows, sheep, goats ect not horses they are not ruminants!). This is mainly due to these grass eating mamals being exposed to anthrax sores in the soil that may be surfaced during times of flooding.

Anthrax is very much a case of numbers, what do I mena by this? Well you see anthrax kills it's hosts through overwhelming sceptic shock caused by an overreaction to the bacteria in the blood vessels. The vessels during infection are literly lined with the bacteria to the extent under a microscope it's extremely easy to spot, basically it's all bacteria. Anthrax comes in three forms, respiratory, gastrointestinal and cutaneous (skin) of which respiritory has the highest mortality. Anthrax has a unique capsule, a sort of slimey layer on it's surface that prevents attack by white blood cells and it's this that makes the infection so successful. The capsule as stated is unique to anthra, this means any cross protection against it is impossible, the immune system is completely naive to it! This means the white blood cells have a harder time eating the bacteria as the immune system fails to aid in this process. Inhalation of the bacteria makes for easy access to the blood due to small distance between the lungs and the blood. This easy acess allows for rapid colonization, septic shock and death. Similarly GI anthrax has easy access to the blood stream via the intestine, but not as effetcive as via the inhalation route, often this sis acosiated with necrosis of the intestine. Cutaneous anthrax is the least dangerous and the most common, due to workers handling cattle corpse as spores enter the skin.

Anthrax is similar to other infections in it's presentation. In the case of respiratory anthrax it's known to cause severe flu like sysmptons. Gastrointestinal athrax presents like food poisoning but on a more severe level. Cutaneous anthrax presents as necrosed tissue on the surface of the skin aka black lesions are very strong indication of anthrax to those at risk of infection.

How to avoid anthrax is simple, see a dead animal leaking blood don't go near it, be aware of the risks handling death animal skins such as cattle or sheep and most importantly, do not piss off mad scientists, that work on this field of study cause they have released it in the past.

Clostridium Botulium

Yo it's botulism, you know botox!Who would have thought the most dangerous toxin in the planet from this bacteria, could get rid of them wrinkles eh? No laughing matter, botulism is deadly and is found worldwide an dis often the case of contamination of food, which it grows in and produces the toxcin.

botulism is a bacteria of simple tastes, it produces a toxcin and you die, pretty much CB in a nut shell, but lets tlak more of how this little thing indiretly kills you. I mentioend that the toxcin is the most potent on earth yes? Well thats very true, i think it's 10 nanoliters it takes to kill an adult human male and thats just tiny, itty bitty, teany weanny. It works by paralysising your nervous system, i won't go into detail, so we shall keep it simple and say the paralysis results int he shut down of every single part of your essential autonomic nervous system and it's 100% non reversible! You get this and leave it too late your screewed period.

the signs are shared with other diseases, so often if your at risk or accessed to be at risk you get tested for it, it's that simpel and scary no?

Easy enough to avoid, cook your food people! 5 minutes and the toxin is deformed and non functional. Other than this, tinned food that a non company has made or home made apple cider and things like that are rife with it at times, so luckily this bacteria smells putrid, so if it don't smell right, don't eat it.

Yersina pestis

Helllo, bubonic plauge! Actually there is three forms of the infamous plauge neumonic, bubonic and septicemic. Plauge isn't gone, not by a long shot. It may have disapeared from Europe but even the states has bubonic plauge (parie dogs are rife with it). Plauge has wiped out 1/3 of europe in the past and is the susspect of many more great pluages. It's widely acossiated with rats, but in truth rats are not the vector for disease and suffer from it as much humans. It's primarily transmited by biting fleas. Yersina pestis unlike botulism and anthrac is gram negative.

Yersina pestis is foudn in fleas and even programs the flea so it can be transmitted!. yersina pestis has unique anti antigen component that allows it to prevent it's injestion by white blood cells known as pasgocites, making ti much easier for it to multiply and longer for the immune system to adapt and like anthrax it has it's own capsule.

More cna be said about the symptoms of plauge but i'll keep it brief. Buonic plauge is obvious by pus filled black bubons where the lymph nodes are. Neumoic plaue is characterized by severe flu like sysmtoms, including chest pains, neumonia and fever. At this point, person to person transmition may exist and the patient may die before the septic phase begins. septacemic plauge may present with neumonic and bubonic, but is primarily shock, like anthra at this stage the bacteria is in the blood the immune system is overeating to it's presence.

Plague may be hard to avoid for some, but lets stick to the states, avoid rodents of any kind, all are carriers basically and even the oens that don't care. cats and dogs to be flea treated regularily, stay awya from plauge areas, normally desigated by the goverment or sign posted. Plauge is unlikely anthrax, it's easily tratible early on and rather obvious in many cases (bubons). do not take it lightly as it enters cities such as new york, rarely but it happens.

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Old 2013-02-23, 17:33
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I may never leave my house again. I'll just stick to my bubble, thanks.
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Old 2013-02-23, 19:45
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this's longer than allowe
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I lol'd at "Hello! bubonic plague!"


Yo! it's botulism! cracked me up, too.
Parece algo poco serio la verdad, poco lo es en estos dias, no lo creo, veo y no puede ser!
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