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Old 2003-07-28, 19:55
morshem's Avatar
morshem morshem is offline
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An article (may interest Lgr)

Yesterday I opened Maariv (the second largest newspaper in Israel), and found this very interesting article about converting to Judaism. The article discussed the tests those who want to convert have to take, and how difficult these tests actually are.
When reading it, I immediately thought of Lgr, who said once he wanted to convert to Jusaism. Well Lgr, I don't know if you know that, but these tests are actually very hard. I was able to answer like less than a third of these questions...

I didn't bother translating the whole article, but here are the questions they gave there as an exapmle (Israelis- the whole article may be found here):

1. Who was the first Jew? Who were his sons?
2. Who were Isaac's sons?
3. How many sons and daughters did Jacob have?
4. What was the name of the daughter?
5. What happened at Mount Sinai?
6. How do we know that this was a real even, and that Moses didn't make it up?
7. What is the main proof to the truth of Judaism against Christianity and Islam?
8. What other principal differences are there between Judaism and Christianity?
9. How many people were at the Revelation of Sinai?
10. What did Moses receive at Mount Sinai?
11. Where does it say in the Torah that you have to celebrate Hanukkah and Purim?
12. How do you know you should listen to wise men?
13. Are there wise men today (who should be listened to)?
14. When was the calf sin and what happened there?
15. How many commandments are there?
16. How can they be divided?
17. What are commandments special for women?
18. What are commandments depending on the land?
19. What are tithe of tithe? Who were they given to in the past? What do you do with them nowadays?
20. [skipped since I didn't know how to translate the keyword of the question ]
21. When is a woman not allowed to have sex?
22. For women: if your boss wants to speak with you and will ask you to close the door, is that OK?
23. For women: a guy suggests you to travel together in his car, is that OK?
24. How many prayers are there on weekdays, and which ones?
25. And at Saturday, which prayer do you add?
26. How many blessings are there in the Amidah prayer?
27. What is the very first prayer at mornings?
28. What is the meaning of the verse "Shma Israel Adonai eloheinu Adonai echad"?
29. At which days do you read the Torah?
30. For how long do you finish the Torah reading cycle? When do you start and when do you finish?
31. How many books are there in the bible?
32. What was last week's "prtion of the week"?
33. How much time do you wait between eating milk and eating meat? Why?
34. How do you know that tefillin have to be black and not red?
35. Where do yuo put a mezuzah, and who can set it?
36. At which festival do you read Ruth's Megillah?
37. Why do you use two hallahs at Sabbath?
38. What do you bless about Sabbath candles?
39. At festivals, which other blessing do you say about candles?
40. What commandments are there on Purim concerning philanthropy?
41. Do you do philanthropy because of a moral feeling or because it's a mitzvah?
42. List the Jewish fasts during the year.
43. List all Jewish festives during the year.
44. How many temples were there and who razed them?
45. How many years passed since the destruction of the second temple?
46. Complete the sentence: "Lecha dodi likray kala..."
47. Complete the sentence: "Poteach et yadcha..."
48. Where did the Maimonides live?
49. If the Jews are so good, why is there anti-semitism?
50. Can you state the following statement: "I take upon myself being a loyal person to the Jewish people, keep and fullfill all Torah's mitzvot and all wise men's mitzvot and all custom of the Jewish people and believe in one God."?

Now, I have absolutely no idea what these rabbis think, but I was able to answer a very small proportion of these questions, and so did my mother (I didn't expect too much from my sisters ).
Yet another proof that the Jewish religion sucks....

What do you think?
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Old 2003-07-28, 21:14
Darkflame's Avatar
Darkflame Darkflame is offline
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IMO, no test of knowledge should have anything to do with what you believe, or how you should act.

The main point as any religion is that you belong to a certain belief group and act a certain way....who cares if you cant pass some stupid test, you are already a member if you share their beliefs.
If your not "officialy" in, what does it mater?

IMO. No religeon is perfect, so in my view you should just be content in your own beliefs and not even try to conform to a "standared" religion.
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Old 2003-07-28, 22:50
Gustav Sweden's Avatar
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Useless question, but they are pretty funny.
But lgr's convertion things were probably just teenage revolt things. I think that he might be dead, btw.
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Old 2003-07-29, 00:14
Bushmeister's Avatar
Bushmeister Bushmeister is offline
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Harhar, how can you test religious devotion through knowledge? Anyway I'll stick with Christianity thak you very much.
'But when push comes to shove, you gotta do what you love. Even if it's not a good idea.'
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Old 2003-07-29, 00:22
Firephoenix's Avatar
Firephoenix Firephoenix is offline
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lol, if suddenly every jew had to redo the test, there wouldnt be any jew anymore

Indeed religion hasnt to be the stupid memory of thousands nammes, dates, events. That's good for history (arh arh arh 08/20 at the bac in history) but religion is supposed to be slightly above that.

Uhm syncretism rulez that's it ? If no religion institution is perfect, since we're all humans, the truth carried by a religion can be. Get rid of all the cultural and traditionnal stuffs sticking to a religion (ways of dressing, texts to recitate during prayers, songs, added dogmas) and then wether you get a pure invention, wether you get the absolute truth.
The "good way of acting" isnt necessarily a human standard, it can as well be the universal way of acting to reach happiness and peace.
Live your life as if you had to die tomorrow.


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Old 2003-07-29, 10:31
Drecon's Avatar
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Yes, just imagine, you'd have to pass a test to become a real jew. Great idea from FirePhoenix.
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Old 2003-07-29, 11:54
Atresica Atresica is offline
What is this place?
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I think only the 50th question really makes sense
(whoohoo, at least 10 questions good, does that make me 1/5th jewish? )

Well, the only thing is that the questions are quite, how to put it, in a "Jews are great, fill this in please" manner.

Ah well, I don't mind old customs, they have a significant value if you ask me (but then I'd go into occultic theory and some people here rather don't want their religion to be connected to occultism )

As for the "truth", as always, I think it's a mix between all the different theories

Anyway, great list
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Old 2003-07-29, 13:35
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Haha lmao. Guess I'm not a Jew then.. :O
"All men dream, but not equally.Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible." ~Thomas Edward Lawrence

"When you were born, the world rejoiced and you cried. Live your life, so that when you die, you will rejoice and the world will cry." ~ Indian Saying
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