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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2002-08-28, 10:52
bunnyrabbot02's Avatar
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Smile Little Big Adventure 3 - Back To Island CX

Little Big Adventure 3 - Back To Island CX

A Little Big Adventure fan fic (The PG rated version)

Guest stars:Bunny Rabbot & Sabine (Sonic The Hedgehog)

It was one year ago, since Twinsen saved the universe from the evil dictator Dr. Funfrock, who was disguised as the god Dark Monk, Funfrock was killed.
But Funfrock's big army of over two hundreds of intelligent tanks, mechanical Bunny-rabbits and Grobbo's, was hidden in a factory under the well guarded Island CX, and that army was programmed by Funfrock to find and kill Twinsen and his family. One day on Citadel Island, did the lighthouse keeper Raph's kid Bunny Rabbot come flying on the young dragon Sabine, she flied beside her mate, that was the Dino Fly, and they landed outside Twinsen and Zoe's house.
Bunny Rabbot said 'Hi Twinsen! I have some bad news! We was on Island CX, and down there in the underground is there a car factory like buildings, where they produce battle robots!', and Twinsen said 'I can't believe it! Zo鬠I have to leave now, and go to that island again!'.
Zo頳aid to Twinsen 'You're mad! Stay careful out there, I think those machines was created to come to our planet, and find us!'. As Twinsen and his friends arrived on Island CX, and found a elevator down to the factory, where they found a place to hide from the hundreds of workers, did Twinsen whisper 'We have to return quickly, and prepare Citadel Island for a new attack, no matter what it will cost!'.
As Twinsen and his friends got back on Citadel Island, did Twinsen contact the beautiful goddess Sendell, and she said 'Twinsen, you are the only one, who are brave enough to return to Island CX, take your spaceship, and fly to Island CX!'. Twinsen said 'All my people is going to fight the robots, they have gathered all the weapons they can, and have made traps, do they have power enough to defeat those things?', and Sendell said 'I'm with them under the fight, no evil is gonna get near your house!'.
Then did Twinsen contact his friend, the Grobo Baldino on the radio, he was on the safari planet Zirla's moon, called Zarnon, and Twinsen said 'Hi Baldino!', Baldino asked 'What do you want Twinsen?', and Twinsen said 'Funfrock's new built army can return at anytime!'.
Baldino said 'If it's an emergency situation, will I return as quick as possible! I was just about to study the flower life on this planet, but that can wait for later!'.
While Baldino got aboard his falcon like spaceship, did the mechanical army on Island CX get aboard their spaceships, as Twinsen flied against Island CX.
Dino Fly and Sabine took the kids up in the mountain caves on Citadel Island, where they got hidden, while the other Twinsunians gathered on the streets, and soon, did the army from Island CX arrive on Citadel Island.
As the army came out of their space ships, did Bunny Rabbot punch the robots with her left robot arm, the wizards used their lightning and bolt spells, and the other citizens used laser guns, stones, rocks and clubs to beat their enemies back.
Twinsen came down in the industry hall of Island CX again, he sneaked around the building, got a worker beat down, took his clothes, and found the head computer, where he pushed on the button, that stopped all the machines.
As the workers saw Twinsen, did they try to stop him, but he used his lightning spell, and his saber to defeat the angry workers, and after he had defeated them, did Twinsen destroy the machines, and the robots with his Nitro-Mecapenguins.
After a long battle on Citadel Island, was the mechanical army finally defeated, few Twinsunians had lost their lives under the fight, but Zo鬊Sabine, the wizards, Baldino and Dinofly had survived, and as Twinsen returned, did the big crowd cheer, and Twinsun was saved again.
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Old 2002-08-28, 11:06
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Looks like someone has much writing time here
Keep up the good work!
Vote for Remco the Remulator!


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Old 2002-08-29, 06:27
Rabbibunny052's Avatar
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hmmmm....me likes. Very nice story BunnyRabbot.

Whomsoever I've cured I've sickened now
Whomsoever I've cradled I've put you down

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Old 2002-09-05, 03:07
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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Bah. I bet if the rebellion was on that island, that battle would have finished much earlier.

Very interesting story. I like the part where Dino-Fly had another draggon as his mate.
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Old 2002-09-14, 09:37
Lord_of_2_suns's Avatar
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Countinue With that! it was good
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Old 2002-09-14, 12:18
Atresica Atresica is offline
What is this place?
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How come I missed this?! >_<

Overall quite good indeed
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Old 2002-09-14, 23:56
Lightwing Lightwing is offline
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Atresica, I think this is the first sign of the fact that your starting to loose your touch.
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Old 2002-10-02, 17:14
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Very good BunnyRabbot.
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Old 2002-10-03, 03:31
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yrev, yrev ecin 20tobbarynnub!
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Old 2002-10-09, 18:26
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I come from the land of taxes
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