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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2000-11-01, 16:46
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I know that u might already know this info about LBA 3 but here it comes:
October 05, 2000

Plans for Little Big Adventure 3

We have found out that No Cliché (formerly Adeline Software) is planning a sequel to the highly succesful action/adventure Little Big Adventure 2 (released as Twinsen's Odyssey in the US). The working title of the third installment in the Little Big Adventure series is "The Stellar Entity Genesis".

Creative Director Frédérick Raynal was particularly pushing for this project, and has already finished the full script. Production may begin early next year.

Adeline Software was acquired by Sega in 1997 and became No Cliché, the first 100% owned European studio for Sega. Little Big Adventure 3 will therefore be released for the Dreamcast console first, and probably for the PC a little later on. We will keep you up-to-date on developments around this project.

Please visit my page!


I come from the land of taxes
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Old 2000-11-01, 17:52
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Exclamation who told you this?

You better ask raynal himself

but I don't know if it comes on the dreamcast
remember he said "we will not do lba3 in house"
this was said in the first email i founded on a forum that doesn't excists anymore. it was THEY who found out about nocliche
and via that forum i told everyone where adeline was now today
so you see it will not be nocliche (as the name then,) it will be another team leaded by raynal and chanfray under the good old name Adeline.

IF plans aren't changed

but it could be a part of the deal, like: raynal and chanfray may only work for delphine (the main company, including delphine soft) if they create it also for the dreamcast (pretty logical, sega didn't hired them for nothing).

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Old 2000-11-01, 19:13
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Simon Simon is offline
Pony A-sploded!
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Posts: 1,765
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Unhappy Well...

I found this facts in adventuregamer, it was news for October 05 2000 on their page..
Well thanks for telling me, Im gonna mail Frédérick and ask.

/$ ][ ][\/][ [] ][\][
I come from the land of taxes
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Old 2000-11-01, 23:32
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elmuerte elmuerte is offline
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I will always keep this thing going on, Fred mailed me with the information that LBA3 will be a Adeline game...
A lot of other emails of other people confirmed that...
But anyway, you will find out your self...
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