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LBA: The Great Rebellion A game, made on the LBA 1 engine, and set between LBA 1 and LBA 2, in middle of the outbreak of a mass rebellion, and Twinsen has to end the rebellion. (homepage)

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Old 2014-08-28, 01:06
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Grids audit

So I'm doing an audit on all the grids I have. Here I'm going to list just what grids are/were not OK:
1. Desert Island - Port Ludo Harbor - I had to actually find the scenario for that one since it was not along the other grids. Status: OK.
2. Desert Island - Military Base (outside Temple of Bù) Intact - I had to rebuild that scenario since the original wouldn't open with any LBArchitect version (would report either no grid present or show a corrupt grid with incorrect bricks). Status: OK.
3. Proxima Island - Proxim-City - was still too close to how it looked like in LBA 1 - improved now, "demilitarized" the paths to the runic stone, removed all traces of the old prison and added a new house. Status: OK.
4. Proxima Island - New Burg - where is this supposed to go relative to Proxim-City? Also, looks kind of ugly and not finished. Status: Not OK, most probably has to go.
5. Brundle Island - City - kind of OK but needs to be LBA'ized a bit as well as changed to what I envision as the typical post-FunFrock building style of the Northern Hemisphere - basically East Asian-style on the countryside and post-Stalin socialist style in urban areas. We already have unique styles anyway since Desert Island uses an Arabic-like style instead of the regular European style found elsewehre on the Southern Hemisphere. Status: Almost OK, to revise as per above.
6. Unknown by Agustin - what location is that supposed to be? Status: Usage uncertain.
7. Salle Test - who made that and what location is that supposed to be? Status: Usage uncertain.
8. Krotpman Island - Elevator to Tin Burg - it's supposed to be on the bottom of a mountain slope with a building with an elevator inside that takes you up but yet this grid is relatively flat. That, and the Tin Burg grid itself, should also have buildings in a more Alpine style, ie. wooden with characteristic roofs, and Tin Burg should even have snow, being on a mountain top. But we'll see about that if these two grids get even used. Status: Usage uncertain.

This is about it for now.
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