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Old 2015-06-26, 21:37
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LBA Package Editor Will Not Run

I am not exactly sure why the LBA Package Editor is not working.

I believe that there are a few reasons why it will not work, but I cannot be sure.

Here are my reasons:

1.) My computer's operating system is Windows 10.

2.) When LBA Package Editor opens up, Windows warns me that I should not use this application. However, I checked the box to run it, and ran it anyway.

3.) I receive this error message when LBA Package Editor continues to open up, "Exception ERegistryException in module LBAPackEd.exe at 0003ACB6. Failed to create key .lpp."

Why is this? Does LBA Package Editor not like the new operating system? Does it require specific specs that other operating systems used? I originally used Windows XP, and had been using it for another year after Microsoft had stopped producing service with it.

The reason I ask this is because I intend to rip all LBA 2 models, and convert them from LM2 format to 3DS format. I have been trying to find this for a long time, and have finally found it. But, now I can't even rip the models because they are all saved in the HQR, and I need LBA Package Editor to extract the models. While I have been able to get island and scenery models in the past from people who have already converted the models, I have not been able to get the actual objects that are interacted with in the game such as: Twinsen, Zoe, Funfrock, you name it.

If this program does not work either way for me, I would appreciate it if someone could use the program created by MBN user, "Link", in addition with the LBA Package Editor, to be able to extract all of the LM2 models and convert them into 3DS files.

Thank you for your time and patience. I am looking forward to an answer.
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Old 2015-07-04, 09:37
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Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
Why is this? Does LBA Package Editor not like the new operating system?
The new operating system does not like LBA Package Editor. It seems that the registry access has changed in Windows 10 (or earlier, but the backward compatibility has been dropped just now). I don't have Windows 10 (yet) to try. The problem is that LBA Package Editor tries to register associated file extensions on run, and the new Windows won't allow this.
What you may try:
1. Try to disable file associations manually - open the file LBAPackEd.ini in the program directory, and find the section "[Associations], Lpp=1, Hqr = 1, etc...", and change all of them to "Lpp=0, Hqr=0...". If you don't have the LBaPackEd.ini file in the program dir, see the attached LBAPackEd.txt file. change its extension to .ini, and put it in the program dir.
2. If the above does not work, in addition try to run the program as administrator (I don't know how to do that in Win 10).
3. If that does not work too, give me some time and I will try to produce a version that works. (Not less than two weeks, because I leave for a trip tomorrow).
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Old 2015-07-05, 01:19
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I've tried on mine and it worked follow Zink advice to take the association from the ini file.

Another thing that doesn't work is the drag and drop, but open from the dialog box worked like a charm.
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