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Fan Maps LBA themed maps for other games (Unreal, Half Life, etc.)

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Old 2008-06-17, 16:36
DarkOnistar's Avatar
DarkOnistar DarkOnistar is offline
World Designer: Colozen
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I've fixed the trees so they are level with the ground now.
The saw blades that were unable to be picked up have been removed.

I need to add a light source but I'm going to have to read up on that, since its not as simply as adding a light source in 3DS Max.

I found you can export maps to a dwf format.
I've got a dwf file of the map uploaded here.

Anybody who has a DWF reader can view the map. (pan, zoom, orbit, walk)
DWF readers are free but I'd like to note that theres no textures on the dwf version and might be slow due to the amount of objects required for doing texturing in the map editor.

Heres a dwf reader.

I'm so close to releasing the map now for Deathmatch mode.

I've got to read up on entities since thats the only thing thats really stopping me now.
After I've finished the Deathmatch version, I'll try building the insides of buildings and have teleporters link them to outside and vice versa, so it can be an RP map on Garry's Mod.
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Half-Life2: Citadel Island
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Old 2008-06-23, 22:34
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Very nice man. I don't play half-life2 myself. (used to have it, but its such a pain to install I can't be bothered anymore).

But very awesome going.

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Old 2008-06-29, 16:50
Torch's Avatar
Torch Torch is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
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Looking good! It's a shame that TF2 won't work properly for me (lags loads), but the map is looking great... I haven't got round to using the SDK, but is there any way you could somehow modify it to work for Zombie Master when you're done? I reckon it would work very well, especially if you could have some traps to spawn LBA-type stuff; like a supergrobo, or have objectives that require everyone to spawn in the prison, then make their way to Twinsen's house, then escape to the docks or something? Just an idea though...
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Old 2008-06-29, 19:11
Gray-Fox Gray-Fox is offline
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Now, here's a good reason to start playing HL again! Has been such a long time since I've played it...

Some ideas when you get further into the map:

- No kill trigger for the near water... it could be fun if it was possible to swim in the water in the shallow water and around the harbor. The longer you'll get out the more your life starts to decrease (or is that Battlefield?)..
- Pharmacy should have health dispenser and shop should have weapon stock and suit charge. Same for the tavern.
- Stationary mg-posts at keypoints where it seems similar to LBA (I know there's not an mg post on Citadel Island but near the entrance to the harbor and the street where the guard is behind the sandbags.
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Old 2008-09-02, 16:08
panadol's Avatar
panadol panadol is offline
Panadol It's My Choice
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looking great DarkOnister, how's it coming along>?
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Old 2008-09-03, 10:13
DarkOnistar's Avatar
DarkOnistar DarkOnistar is offline
World Designer: Colozen
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The project seemed to of stopped for the time being.
I'm trying to sort out what's happening at college, which has required me to do alot of home learning.

Progress so far.
The map layout is complete.
Theres several errors though but looking at other maps, I don't think I've done too bad.

I need a lighting system added, since any cheats or console commands will just kill the lights completely and you'll be walking in black.

I've considered perhaps making the water slightly deeper, but if I could figure out this kill script then it wouldn't be required and it would be like the LBA series where you can't swim. (you can then push people in the water to kill them).
I'm sorry to say that this project is going to be dead for a while until my schedule settles. If you want I can send you the map as it is, thats if anybody wants to take up the task of finishing it. (I just want to be atleast credited for the work I've done).
LBA Fan-Projects:LBAnet: Colozen world (thread)
Half-Life2: Citadel Island
Lord of the rings / LBA2 Spoof videos
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Old 2010-10-12, 16:55
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Polaris Polaris is offline
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I like TF2 and would love to see that map in payload mode !!!
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Old 2011-11-24, 07:48
hoangtran hoangtran is offline
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I played HL since 2001, I would love this game
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