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General The general chatting goes on in here. That means talk about the LBA games and its world.

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Old 2023-05-28, 08:01
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Twinsen and Zoe are the same person!

I have just uncovered a secret that solves all the arguments we have been having - not just here recently on the MBN, but in the whole world.

The truth that Frederick Raynal has been hiding from you, all this time, is that Twinsen and Zoe are like ying and yang, two sides to a single powerful coin. Just like Black and White from the anime series, “two” characters who are really two halves of the one consciousness, so too Twinsen and Zoe were conceived of as the one person, but the two aspects of their periodhood.

The signs are all there in the games, from the tralu’s unclear gender, to the weather wizard’s ability to bend reality, to the fact Zoe fixes the car, but the game makes the whole thing especially obvious BY THE FACT YOU CONTROL BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

Once we realise the female and male came from the same source, and once Fred comes out and tells The Secret, all will be changed! C’mon Fred - tell the world the truth! The world is waiting for Raynal’s bombshell revelation, and then the universe ends its factory!

“Twin”-Sun. “Twin”-Sen. “Sen” is close to “Zoe”, but in secret mystery form. The feminine wisdom.


Don’t you see it?
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Old 2023-05-28, 18:26
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Old 2023-05-30, 02:46
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Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: London
Posts: 2,419
Originally Posted by elmuerte View Post
Thank you for your response, elmuerte.

It is an honour to receive a response from the boss of this world.

At the same time, the image proves my point! Zoe is emerging from Twinsen's neck!

I have always long suspected that many things emerge from a person's gaping neck - other humans, school buildings, classrooms, oceans, etc.

I once saw a man walking around with a pushchair hanging out of his neck; it was emerging slowly. It was not a big pushchair, so the man could keep on walking as this object grew forth from beneath his head.

In the same way, one consciousness emerges from another. Zoe is emerging from Twinsen's neck, for she is one with him.
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Old 2023-05-30, 11:05
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Did her clothes emerge as well ?
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