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LbaNet Multiplayer version of LBA1

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Old 2012-05-09, 12:45
Kobold's Avatar
Kobold Kobold is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Germany
Posts: 7,214
Linux Client

How would one go about exactly in order to compile the client for Linux? I downloaded the source from SVN and am a bit lost - there seems to be a ton of folders that could possibly contain what I want. Is it Client or NewClient?
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Old 2012-05-09, 21:18
Rincevent_123's Avatar
Rincevent_123 Rincevent_123 is offline
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Hi Kobold,

Which source code did you download.
THe svn repository changed since a while, here is the place you should download the source code from:

What you need to compile is the client.
What will be a bit tricky is all the dependencies needed for compilation as you will need to install them first before being able to compile.
I can help you with that if you want, we just need to set up a meeting over skype or msn and we can do it together.
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Old 2012-05-09, 21:41
Kobold's Avatar
Kobold Kobold is offline
Magic Ball Master
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Germany
Posts: 7,214
Yeah I know, I compiled a lot of stuff from the source code on my Linux installation already and you frequently run into problems. Like the missing dependency I have that prevents me from running Little Script Adventure ...

I've got some experience programming in Java and C# and am currently getting started with C++ and the library linking is especially something I haven't quite mastered yet. Time to learn it, I guess.
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