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Old 2022-02-15, 23:13
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UFO New LBA tools and open source organization

With the LBA2 Remake team and some others, we decided to create a GitHub organization to gather various fan projects in a single place.

Meet LBA Lab!

To quickstart the initiative, I decided to make a new package editor for HQR files, as a modern alternative to LBA Pack Editor, as this one only works on Windows. I needed something easily accessible, that I could use from anywhere. So I made a browser-based HQR editor: LBA Packager. It's fully open-source, so don't hesitate to contribute more features...

This new editor relies on an NPM package that allows manipulating HQR files. We now use it on the LBA2 remake project. Feel free to use that in other projects, or as inspiration for creating more tools, it's open source too.

And finally, I also created a metadata repository, it's being used by the LBA Packager tool, and will soon be expanded to contain more data about the original games file contents.
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Old 2022-06-05, 12:48
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I just noticed this, looks like a great tool for modding! What would you recommend as an easy way to get creative replacing game assets? Are any of these formats easy to read and write?

By the way, maybe you could also integrate your lm2to3ds tool into this, as it's all file-related. I think having tools as a web app is super for portability.
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