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Twinsuniverse The Twinsuniverse is a knowledge base about the LBA universe. All discussions go in here.

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Old 2012-09-26, 12:56
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Arrow Welcome to the Twinsuniverse forum

Welcome to the Twinsuniverse forum!

Welcome, I am Jack Mckalling, and I took the initiative to gather all the information about the LBA games we already have, and put it all in one collaborative base for ease of maintenance as well as lookup. This base is what we now call the Twinsuniverse (or simply KBT*).

Currently I've disabled a few features** here in this forum and at the Twinsuniverse, so that I can finish my work before we can start working on it collaboratively. It may take me a while to set everything up with this software, as this is my first time I've used it and I want to do it right.

This forum is meant for all kinds of discussions related to the Twinsuniverse, as it itself is like an encyclopedia and might not be the best place to keep them.

Some ideas we could discuss in this forum
  • Serious issues about content articles, that can't or shouldn't just be edited by yourself at the KBT
  • Design changes, different skins, themes
  • Suggestions about new ways to organize content articles
  • New template- and category techniques
  • Questions about or suggestions for certain software features
  • Extension suggestions and how/why to use them
  • General questions (please don't just PM someone, we're an open community)
  • Any new idea for a subject you like to see covered, like Characters, Enemy etc.
  • ...or anything else really.

The goal
The purpose of this forum is to keep the Twinsuniverse clean from (potentially) lengthy discussions, and still have the option to discuss issues with the community. The idea is also to host it at the MBN later, so this will eventually be the most logical place for discussions. For small requests, comments and the like, the talkpages over at the Twinsuniverse could be used.

So what's this thread for?
If you have any general question that doesn't need a discussion, or just want to post your feedback, please use this thread. I'll keep a close eye on it, and will try to reply to everyone!

*) Originally, the Twinsuniverse started as a collection of threads here on the forums, referred to as the "Knowledge Base". When it was later hosted separately with dedicated MediaWiki software, and started merging with the Encyclopedia Twinsunica, the new name "Knowledge Base Twinsuniverse" was proposed. This is where the sometimes still used abbreviation "KBT" originates from. Later it was agreed that as a continuation of the encyclopedia, it wasn't considered a knowledge base anymore and "Twinsuniverse" was accepted as the new official name.

**) One last thing, currently it isn't possible to create your own account yet at the KBT, this is intensional. I plan to open it up for you soon, after I finish some final work.
I'm currently working to import all content from the Twinsunica, after which the first stage will be completed. You may track my progress in this at the statistics page, and match it against the Twinsunica one here.
Visit the Twinsuniverse to find everything about the LBA universe!

Threads: News, Introduction, Discussion, Bugs collection || Content: Characters, Enemies, Items
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