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Old 2013-04-23, 23:22
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Forum Rules & Guidelines - Read before you post

A few basics:

No illegal links or uploads. Do not share any copyright material that you do not own the rights to or have permission to share.
No porn links or uploads.
Show common decency. Nothing intentionally offensive (we will decide what counts as intentional). Be respectful of other cultures and marginalised groups.
No personal attacks. Any posts that directly insults another member will be immediately deleted and infracted.
Second accounts (or sock-puppets) are strictly forbidden.

Everything else:

• Before you ask a question, please read our FAQ, it may have already been answered.

• Before you post, think; does my post add anything to the conversation? If not, don't post.
Try to leave at least one reply in between your own posts.
This is a forum, not a chat-box; give people a chance to reply before posting again.
Consider if your post might be offensive to anyone. Avoid name-calling or teasing; even if you are just making a joke, it should not be at anyone else's expense.

All posts should be in English. We do not mind if your English is not perfect, and you may post in your own language as well, but please provide an English translation.

No spamming. This covers everything from posts that add nothing to the conversation, to advertisements and links to other (unrelated) websites. This will result in an instant ban.

Do not abuse the forum system. This includes anything from using bots to automatically post, to sending lots of reports of posts that break no rules.
Before you report a post, decide if you personally are offended. If not, don't report it.
When you do report a post, quote the broken rule. If you can't find a rule to quote, it is probably because none of them have been broken.

Do not derail a thread. If a thread is going off-topic, your posts will be deleted (or moved). To avoid losing posts, open a new thread for a separate discussion.

• If your thread has been closed and you feel that it shouldn't have, or you want to carry on the conversation, do not open a new thread - we will just close it again. PM one of the mods, and if we think you have a good reason then we will re-open it for you.

Do not double post; if you make a mistake or want to add something else, you can edit your post.

Do not quote other members in your signature without their permission; if you have been quoted in a signature and want it removed, PM one of the Administrators or Super Moderators.

• Finally, respect the moderators; we run the forum according to these rules, and making a fuss about our decisions will not help your case.
If you do want to discuss anything sensibly, PM the mod concerned before voicing any public thoughts.
Most of the time these matters can be resolved privately, and it gets very tedious to read any two people filling a thread with an argument.

For details on what kind of content is appropriate for the Roofles Den, see here.
For any other comments or questions regarding this post, click here.

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