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Old 2020-11-23, 21:17
elmuerte's Avatar
elmuerte elmuerte is offline
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Support for LBA1 now available in ScummVM

ScummVM announced that support for LBA1 is now available in the development builds.

Once upon a time in the past - around the year 1994 - a software company called Adeline Software International released a game titled “Little Big Adventure” or “Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure”. This game, a classic pseudo-3D action adventure game with an epic story set on a fantastic planet, has now entered the testing stage in ScummVM. Please, note that a few features of the original game are not implemented yet. However, we also added a few features which are new for the game.

Features not available yet and known issues:
  • The holomap is not yet available
  • Changing the rendering details is not supported yet
  • The credits sequence has a few rendering bugs

New features:
  • An option to disable wall collision damage
  • Improved UI navigation

This was all made possible by the people behind the TwinEngine project and the LBA community.

Please test the game with the latest development build and report any issues you find on our bug tracker.
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Old 2020-11-23, 21:36
Kiddo's Avatar
Kiddo Kiddo is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
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Posts: 30
This is great news!
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Old 2020-12-11, 16:04
JP1977 JP1977 is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 2
Awesome! Love SCUMM for all the old Monkey island, Sam and Max, Day of the Tenticle games etc.
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Old 2021-03-17, 11:27
BardBun BardBun is offline
Magic Level: Yellow Ball
Join Date: Sep 2019
Posts: 12
I always wanted to see the 3D ingame graphics in a higher resolution and with Anti-Aliasing! I hope this project continues and maybe they someday can implement support for LBA2 as well!
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Old 2021-03-21, 10:24
xesf's Avatar
xesf xesf is offline
Magic Ball Master
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Location: Dublin
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Support to LBA2 will be added at some stage. The team is working on adding the missing features from the old TwinEngine, like the Holomap.
So far the progress and code refactoring is pretty promising. I've been following the developments and testing the engine.

@BardBun in the meantime you can play LBA2 in the browser with new features here: https://lba2remake.net (keep in mind is a work in progress)
LBA2Remake v0.4.0 released - open source re-implementation of the LBA 2 original engine for the web.
[Play on Browser]|[Changes]|[Github]

The Sacred Carrot website
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Old 2021-03-24, 15:41
elmuerte's Avatar
elmuerte elmuerte is offline
Master of Science & Magic
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Netherlands
Posts: 8,910
From the looks of it, the holomap is finished:

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Old 2021-03-24, 18:02
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Polaris Polaris is offline
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Can you post a screenshot ? I got so many tracker blockers, I don't want to turn them all off x)
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Old 2021-03-28, 19:07
elmuerte's Avatar
elmuerte elmuerte is offline
Master of Science & Magic
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Netherlands
Posts: 8,910
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