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Fan Fics Place for your fan fictions

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Old 2003-01-26, 19:55
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Twinsen Twinsen & Zoé’s Wedding Vacation – Sneak Preview

Twinsen & Zoé’s Wedding Vacation – Sneak Preview

A LBA fan fic

PG rated

Foreword – This fic is happening after LBA2

It was the day after, that Twinsen and Zoé’s got married, that the pair, and their newborn baby got flown to Zirla, by their old friend Baldino, and Twinsen and Zoé spend a whole week on a hotel on the famous, and huge safari planet, while Baldino flew home again.
While the weather wizard Bersimon took care of Citadel Island, was Twinsen, Zoé and their kid spending their first day with watching the strange wildlife in the ocean aboard a ship, that was owned by Paul’s nephew.
The two elder wizards from The School Of Magic, was sitting at a table outside the little café near Baldino’s house, and enjoying a drink, while the female bunny-rabbit wizard, a camel, and the female Quetch, was playing with a big beach ball.
The male bunny-rabbit wizard said ‘Both the Traly’s, and Funfrock is defeated, and peace is restored on the planet, thanked being Twinsen, but we will surely miss him, this whole week!’, and the other wizard said ‘But still, there’s things to be fixed, after the invasion of the Esmer’s.’.
The wizard continued ‘There are still lying many hidden mines and bullets around in the desert, and few will dare to go out, and visit the hacienda and Temple Park, and those who did, got wiped out!’.
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Old 2003-01-27, 11:58
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What is this place?
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I don't have much to say about it yet, but I just wanted to let you know someone read it

Oh and no worries about the rating

The only thing I would suggest right now, and that is a quite odd suggestion coming from me, is to pay heed to the was/were matter
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